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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

2 million + 2 days!

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

Whoa, $2 million with 2 days to go! You guys are doing this thing with gusto and you are awesome.

The newest stretch goal reward has been unlocked, and there's one more on the horizon. Can we get there?? The mystery is up to you.

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    1. Billabo on

      Omg it didn't used to say Upd8 8 ::::::::) did it? I just noticed that!

    2. Gianni C. Lara (bambamboozles) on

      please be johnkat please please please please oh gog his is gonna drive me crazy.

      but donating a grand i have no regrets...but im gonna be living off of ramen noodles for the next semester at school...wih all my sweet loot packs.

      worth it.

    3. Strawberry Milky on

      if you feel financially comfortable and think that the slick pack is cooler than the bropak then do it, hell i bumped and extra 225 to get add snout to my slick/seer combo

    4. Makayla Watson on

      I'm debating if I should dish out another 25 bucks for the Seer+Slick Tier.... what do you think?

    5. Missing avatar

      Zeljka on

      Come on guuuuys, let's make it to 2,500,00 :D

    6. Simone Gonzalez Jr on

      I just boosted my pledge to the $380 one.

    7. Strawberry Milky on

      @eden: yes its only for the tiers with GP2 in it

    8. Missing avatar

      eden on

      are the patches only with gamepak2 because i have the funpack

    9. Missing avatar

      Samuel Driskill on

      do you think the tarot cards will be on sale in what pumpkin later? I really want a signed copy too, but I can't physically do 380 right now, but if they will be on sale eventually then I would up my bid a little to get a physical copy, and buy them seperately.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jesse on

      When you say a "digital copy of Homestruck", do you mean a digital copy of the comic?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jamie Spong on

      Will the money raised through Paypal contribute to the stretch goals?

    12. yiggidee ya yiggidee yoo on

      if it's not either dirkjake or erikar, i'm throwing in the towel and calling cosmic do-over.

    13. Missing avatar

      Amanda on

      well i'm not too worried. i ship almost everything....
      though at least one of the striders would be nice.....

    14. Alex Jachymek on

      please just let Roxy/Jane be my official OTP that is all I ask

      actually I'd be amazed if I get something I DON'T ship considering I ship almost everything

    15. Platonix on

      CreamSoda: You don't have to spend $380. You could just spend $260. It was mentioned a while back on this that if you can get a second e-mail address, you can make a second KickStarter account and make a separate $105 pledge.

    16. Tristan Frodelius on

      Wait, if they're random... will there end up being duplicate sets given out?

    17. Eas on

      I am itching sooo bad to bump up my pledge just so I can upgrade and get the SNOUTPAK included with my other prizes omg. I'm trying not to make myself broke though, and I'm just crossing my fingers that WhatPumpkin will start selling scalemates after this whole thing ends.

    18. Missing avatar

      CreamSoda on

      OMG hussie! Now i'm on the fence. Keep my $155 pledge and not get a physical copy (OR those darn patches) and cry now or shell out more dough for the 380 pledge and beat myself up later. Ur killin' me man. Killin' me!

    19. Missing avatar

      Isaac on

      Man, if each person added $18 to their pledge this thing would hit 2.5m.

      What's scary is this is the first time I've ever legitimately saved up $380 this quickly. And now I'm about to spend it.
      Damn it, Homestuck. Y u gotta do that.

    20. Archer Collins on

      So how many Olive Garden restaurants, complete with staff, do you think Hussie can buy with 2 mil?

    21. Isaiah on

      $2,500,000. where doing it man. where MAKING THIS HAPPEN.

    22. Ebrithil David on

      woot woot cant wait ot see my otp

    23. Missing avatar

      Cherrona on

      I'm hoping I get a really out there pairing. Like, maybe Gamzee and Rose. Or better yet maybe Kanaya and Eridan.

    24. Platonix on

      Okay, gonna go ahead and do the Breanna Loom method...
      ....Rose and Eridan.

      --Platonix's laptop has exploded.--

    25. Missing avatar

      Megan L. on

      Oh, how fun! XD
      You know what? I don't even care if it's a cracktastic pair or one I don't particularly care for, once I get my OTP patches I plan on writing a one-shot fanfic of whatever pairing I'm designated in celebration. I'll MAKE it work. B)

    26. Missing avatar

      michael pazen on

      I REALLY want Solkat

    27. Missing avatar

      Jessie on

      Wait I'm confused
      With the unlocked /perk/ of a physical copy
      Does that not apply to all 105+ ?
      I am getting the exact same pack as you
      The only different between the unlocker tier perk & the physical game in GAMEPAK 2
      Is that the GAMEPAK 2 one is signed
      That's fine by me because it's not like we aren't getting a massive lovely signed print already

      By the GAMEPAK 1 being part of our triple pack pledge
      I'd presume they would give us the lesser of the GAMEPAK 1 varieties, the $25 one?

    28. Missing avatar

      Jessie on

      Jfc if I get a pair i dont ship or consider ship worthy I will scream. I probably should update my shipping chart, to view the likehood.

    29. Missing avatar

      Lindsay Cano on

      i dont know if i want a wack pair of a awesome one hahahaha

    30. spoopy on

      I am way to exited for this for my own good. *melts*

    31. Missing avatar

      Cynthia on

      Woah if I get one of my otps (plural.... ha....) I will know it was destined.
      But this really is a good way for Huss to control our shipping.
      He can say he doesnt want [for example] any kid/troll or incestual relationships and restrict such patches from pairing up.

      Then again that would be too much work and he really doesnt care haha.

    32. Kasey Schindler on

      yaaaay Hope I get two good ones :D

    33. Jake Atkinson on

      Being 'bad at Kickstarter' would be wasting all the pledge money on making embroidered patches for everyone, imo.
      On the other hand, I like the idea of 'upgrading' the Gamepak that's been discussed here.

    34. Keianor on

      Love how the 8th update's link was worded! " Upd8 8 ::::) "
      Vriska 4 ever! Bring her back Hussie!

    35. Missing avatar

      Spiffystuff on

      ... and all $15 and up participants WILL reap the benefits of the kickstarter, which is to say, THE GAME :D

    36. Missing avatar

      Spiffystuff on

      Sara - the goal is not to maximize physical goods to kickstarter participants, quite the opposite. The more physical merch that goes out, the more time/money goes to shipping and supplies instead of making the game.
      I like the merch but the point of the kickstarter is to get the game made and have the resources to make it as awesome as possible.

    37. Toboe on

      I really wish the patches would be an 80$ and over thing at the least. I'd love to get a random otp :(

    38. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      Really? 20,233 people helped get to two million and only 3,156 reap the benefits. Because he limited the new reward perk to Gamepak 2 only fifteen percent of the backers were even affected by this landmark. How can AH be so great at Homestuck and so bad at Kickstarter.

    39. John Stern

      Remember, if you have a pak you like but want that physical copy, you can do what I did and use a second email to make a second kickstarter account and a second pledge.

    40. Missing avatar

      AughtPunk on

      Please oh please let Karkat hatemarry himself in a beautiful dream bubble ceremony

    41. Missing avatar

      Kelsey on

      oh this sounds fun, haha! good job reaching 2 mil everyone! :o

    42. Missing avatar

      Jace Whitaker on

      Watch as every last person gets their notp.

    43. Saro on

      If I get Johnkat I think I would jsut, like, evaporate with sheer joy. Aww man. I can see it now - Homestuck's swapping patches at Conventions.

      "Dude, I've got a Vriska and a Caliborn. What've you got?"

      "Wanna swap my Dave with your Vriska?"

      "Nah, I don't ship it."

    44. Kyle Robichaud on

      I just hope I don't get Gamzee. I hate that psychotic clown.

    45. Alicia on

      Omg I would laugh so hard is I got Gamkar, like the odds of getting my actual OTP. xD I would die man!

    46. AyeAye12 on

      Just noticed that the update was written by Vriska. Waaat.

      ANYway, I think Andrew Hussie has ran out of new rewards xP

    47. Robot Rainicorn on

      Oh man I hope I get one of my crack OTPs like NepSol or something else that's fun. x3 OOO~! I bet if any of us are unsatisfied we can always trade each other patches, perhaps? :3

    48. Missing avatar

      Cat on

      I am so ready for this.