Homestuck Adventure Game

by MS Paint Adventures

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    1. Billabo on

      Oh shoot I messed up. ::::)

    2. Shell Johnson on

      Too bad it's not for Gamepak1 or any of the packs with items. I'd love to get a designated otp.

    3. Missing avatar

      CreamSoda on

      Platonix: Omg, ty so much! That has pretty much made up my mind on spending more money. But dang, I had already gone ahead and convinced my self I wanted the Bropak too! >_<

    4. Missing avatar

      FrozenShadowZ on

      i'd go for this, but i dont know how i would handle not getting johnXvriska D;

    5. Missing avatar

      Anthony Garcia on

      I still don't know if I should switch or not, and I only have 22 hours left to decide ;_____;

    6. Neu Laden on

      As unlikely as it is, it'd be pretty cool to have the comic.

    7. Logan Smith on

      If I get either TavNep or DirkJake I will die a happy man <3

    8. Missing avatar

      Lauren Weitzhandler on

      I think since they're randomly distributed, we should all trade them like pogs until we get the ones we want. That's certainly what I'll be doing.

    9. Missing avatar

      Zeljka on

      22,000 backers! :D This freaking fandom is simply amazing. <3

    10. Raelin K-Smokey on

      This is absolutely beautiful. Worth every cent... even if others think I'm crazy. They're just not in the Fandom is all. Homestuck is beautiful and nothing hurts. <3

    11. Missing avatar

      ChronoSamurai on

      Will the donations from the Paypal drive increase our position on the stretchladder?

    12. ArtisticInventor on

      I can't wait until we get access to the backers only blog!

    13. Nykia on

      ...You gotta wonder how much Hussie's hand is gonna hurt after signing all of this stuff.

    14. Christopher Edward Ols on

      man it is gonna bother me wondering what those last few blank tiers were...

    15. Kevin McDaniel on

      I don't think there was really anything planned for those tiers. It seems to me Hussie has run out of stuff to promise, so he's having to come up with things that haven't actually been made yet. Note that the picture of the patches is computer-rendered; no such patches have yet been sewn. But, it is interesting to think of what other incentives he could have dreamed up had the demand been high enough.

    16. Platonix on

      I agree that there's nothing planned yet, though my logic is simply the fact that there are no dollar amounts associated with those slots.

      The big question, at this point, really is the one that's been asked a bunch of times and not answered: will donations in the PayPal period count toward the Stretcheladder? If not, we definitely won't reach any mystery tiers, so it won't matter.

    17. Eas on

      I guess I'm pretty happy where I'm at, getting the Seer, Slick, MSPA Funpak... but if those scalemates don't end up on the WhatPumpkin site I'm going to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


    18. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      So, if the next ladder goal is reached, does that mean that those who backed with 15/25$ will have to add shipping for the physical game copy?

    19. Danielle Alessio Leong on

      @Ryan: It's a digital copy of Homestuck *the comic* that comes with any reward pack that gets a physical copy of the game. Not that reward tiers that previously only got digital copies of the game are now getting physical ones.

    20. Missing avatar

      Katja on

      @Ryan: The $ 15/$ 25 tiers don't get physical copies of the game to start with.. Those are only digital download. The lowest tiers with the physical copy is the $80 and $105 (Gamepak2) tiers.

    21. Tarri on

      I really hope the next tier is reached, despite the odds likely being not good - however it might be a close shave, depends if a hoard of Homestuckians discover Homestuck is Magic and pledge moar~
      That copy of Homestuck looks delicious~

    22. Jerry Robinson on

      Maybe those Pay Pal people will help?

      I wonder...could you donate twice with the help of Pay Pal? And get twice the goodies?

    23. Wyatt Hunt on

      Only 7 hours left, I hope we can make it to 2.5! It seems unlikely, yes, but it can be pulled off...

    24. Joy Decker on

      lets do it people

    25. Missing avatar

      Samuel Driskill on

      We can do this!!!!!!! It's a matter of fandom pride to prove we can!!!!!!!

    26. Alex Kordella on

      This amazing fandom terrifies me. We're like a frickin' force of nature, guys. Chances we can top 2.5 mil, once you factor in Paypal donators??? Pretty damn good.

    27. Ricci on

      @Jerry I'd guess so. If you've got more than one email account you can have more than one kickstarter account, so you can get twice the goodies just with kickstarter.

    28. Ricci on

      Holy crap, I think we may get to 2.5 mil. I did not plan for this.

    29. Platonix on

      MSPAFANDOM gained a level!

      IMAGINATION: MSPAFANDOM annihilated its puny IMAGINATION meter long ago!
      PULCHRITUDE: +4 favorable blog posts!

      MSPAFANDOM excelled to new rating: BOOTTOTHEHEADSTARTER
      MSPAFANDOM accrued battle technique: LV. 2500 RAKE IN THE BOONBONDS
      MSPAFANDOM accrued combat operandi: HUSSIE FLABBERGAST!

    30. Platonix on

      Hussie just posted to Twitter that the PayPal donations will apply to the Stretcheladder! Woo!

    31. Missing avatar

      Hannah on

      Proud of you MSPA fandom. Proud of you.

    32. Missing avatar

      Anthony Garcia on

      Hussie should say more stuff on Tumblr ;.; That's great news though

    33. Carly ???? on

      So close to 2.5 million, so CLOSE!

    34. Missing avatar

      Zeljka on

      1 hour and 50 thousand, can we do this? :D

    35. Allie on

      Shame we probably won't get there D:

    36. Captain Q on

      paypal counts towards it too, its a sure fit

    37. Missing avatar

      Lane Engelberg on


    38. Wes on

      We almost hit $2,500,000!!! So close!!!

    39. Ricci on

      We were so close

      We almost took a rocket ride over this mountain




    40. Missing avatar

      David Muckle on

      @Ricci Don't worry, we still have the two weeks of PayPal donations! We can rocket over this whole mountain and make it to the stars!

    41. Missing avatar

      kilameida on

      I told you bro
      I warned you about stars

    42. Missing avatar

      Tychica Postell on

      I don't see any charge on my debit card..What's happening? :[

    43. Kat Haugh on

      when i did my survey it didn't ask what patches i would like?

    44. Missing avatar

      Hanna on

      @ Kat
      The patches are given randomly, you don't get to choose. :3

    45. Missing avatar

      connor tod on

      And it's your new designated OTP! <3333

    46. Marissa Ramsey on

      did you know you have a 0.21(x)% chance of getting your actual OTP (where x is your number of OTPs)?

    47. Kat on

      wow i just
      i hope i get daverose
      or vristav that's fine too but i'm crossed fingers for daverose
      but not none

    48. Miranda Marks on

      I got Vriska x Aradia XD

    49. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´