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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

$1.5 million!? New reward perk!

Wow, we hit $1.5 million overnight! By now you know what that means: new stretcheladder update!

We’re proud to announce the addition of these beautiful stickers made by Crowry: pixel heads of your favorite characters accompanied by shipping quadrant bubbles! The two kids’ sheets will be added to all tiers of $105 and over, and the three trolls’ sheets will also be added to all tiers over $300!

We’d also like to make a brief correction/announcement: the $405 pledge tier which includes GAMEPAK2 + SNOUTPAK + BROPAK BROPAK + MSPA FUNPAK (as it says in the images displaying all the tiers) does, in fact, come with the BROPAK PRO. For security reasons, the sidebar tier descriptions are no longer editable once someone pledges to them—so we can’t change it there, but we can clarify it here! We’re sorry for the mixup. We’re also aware of the typo of The World card in the tarot preview images—because the cards you see in the photos are prototypes, that will be fixed before the cards go to print. 

Thank you all so much for your support! 

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    1. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Raleigh Muns on

      Keep an eye on the $255 Snoutpacks (I've got one reserved). Some of us are likely to move up in the last few days to higher tiers that include the Snoutpack (e.g., the $605 level), which should free up slots in that $255 Snoutpack tier. I've already seen several become available over the last 3 weeks that way. And don't even bothering asking me when I'm going to pull the trigger! You'll just have to roll the Fluorite Octet and take your chances!

    3. Missing avatar

      Samuel Driskill on

      That may be true, but I've also seen a lot of comments on here about people wanting to wait until the last week or so to be sure they will have enough for whatever they pledge, and on top of that I bet a lot of people are also using this as their Xmas shopping. ^_^ Either way though, I'm really thrilled with how much the fandom has put into this! also I would really like to see one last double stretcheladder update! ^u^

    4. Skid on

      To be fair, there are going to be a lot of people who donate and then when it comes time to pay they won't have the money. If the kickstarter reaches $2 million, as a absolute worst case scenario it would be $1.75 million.

      Still a preposterous amount of money for polish though.

    5. Banni Ibrahim on

      One of the higher ones, no doubt, especially for games. But not the highest funded game and by far not the highest funded project. The Pebble watch for example had a goal of 100,000 and they ended up with 10,266,845. That is an absolutely preposterous amount of money.

      Still though, seems like we are on track to hit at least 2 million, that's very impressive. I am honestly very shocked (not to mention impressed) at how many people have backed this on the $10,000, $5,000 and $1,000 tiers.

      I hope the project hits at least $2,100,000 personally if not more, weird number I know, but that would mark the project being 3X funded. :)

    6. Neil Grieb on

      Oops. Bah! Ignore my above comment I found a whole dream bubble's worth of higher funded projects. But considering how low the original goal was (compared to where it's at now), still really awesome. Fandom should be proud.

    7. Neil Grieb on

      Wow. It's not even done yet and it is already (as far as I can tell) the second most funded project in Kickstarter history. The only funded project that was higher had over 10 mil pledged (again that I could find, I could be wrong) I don't think we can beat that one. But still. Impressive.

    8. April Perez on

      i finally donated i feel so proud

    9. Missing avatar

      Samuel Driskill on

      @ Miyuki I know right!? and now the art book is going to be made too! >u< I'm so excited!

    10. Isaiah on

      Ahh this is so exciting! X3 I bet the game is going to be fantastic! The stickers are so cool too. I really wish I was a millionaire just so I could donate a ton of money heehee!

    11. Luke Schussler on

      @Aleksander the song is "Dance of Thorns" from the album Strife! which was released close to two years ago. You can check it out at

    12. Joselyn Palmer on

      @Aleksander The song from the advert is called Dance Of Thorns, and it's already available on Homestuck's bandcamp in the album called Strife!

    13. Missing avatar

      Aleksander on

      Dude its awesome that you got a million way to go!

      Any chance the song from the advert will be on the soundtrack?

    14. Missing avatar

      Samuel Driskill on

      We're so close to the next tier! GO FANDOM GO!

    15. Laurence Kerr on

      I'm having trouble getting the game. The link that was sent to me in the email just redirects to the adventure game post, not to the game itself.

    16. Missing avatar

      Zack.P on

      Anyone else have trouble with the sound? I couldn't hear a thing

    17. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Ah, thanks for clarifying Hollie. Hopefully it won't take long for the update to be available for everyone.

    18. Missing avatar

      Hollie Walton on

      @Alex. The "all backers" on the perk tier refers to beta testing the actual homestuck adventure game due out in 2014. The backers who pledged over $50 (and only those who did so before the beta link was distributed a few hours ago, it seems) currently have the opportunity to beta test the next mini-game style update, which will of course be released later (and, it would seem, with extra content and no/fewer bugs) to the homestuck readership at large.

      I got confused about it all at first, too.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I backed it and never got it. :(

    20. Missing avatar

      Gallo on

      @ashley - well i'm thinking at the moment yes. i'm going to guess that we might just get it a bit later then the people who donated earlier then us.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ashley Abbott on

      I pledged after the beta was released and I haven't received it, so does that mean only people who did it beforehand get it?

    22. Missing avatar

      Gallo on

      that could be it idk

    23. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Maybe it's buggy or Hussie is staggering the testing so nothing breaks? There's a lot of backers.

    24. Missing avatar

      Gallo on

      @alex, ya i shouldn't be but i actually donated $80 and i didn't get the game.

    25. Missing avatar

      Madsion on

      I thought all pledgers were gonna get the beta game to test....OH WELLLLL

    26. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      It says "all backers" so it shouldn't be limited to the ones who pledged 50+

    27. Missing avatar

      Gallo on

      i didn't get the beta game O.o oh well i guess

    28. Missing avatar

      Kumiki on

      From the message I got, the beta testing for this mini-game, the next one, and the adventure game is reserved for 50+ pledgers.

    29. Missing avatar

      Morgan Wall on

      is the beta only for people at the 50 and above level? my friends and i are backed at the 25 level

    30. Sorceror Nobody on

      The beta isn't the entirety of the update, so there is some left unspoiled.

      I'm an admin on the MSPA wiki, and I kind of facepalmed at people adding info from the beta, when really we should wait for the update to be released properly, but I and one of the other admins agreed it'd be pretty pointless to try and lock pages and undo edits now.

      I don't approve of people spoiling it, but it was kind of inevitable, and Hussie made no request for people not to, so I guess he's not that bothered about it?

      @Marina: The only way to get the link, unfortunately, is to be sent it via your Kickstarter inbox. It's set up in such a way that the link only works if you are signed into KS and click the link in the message, so it's impossible to distribute the link. If you aren't sent it, you aren't getting it, I'm afraid.

    31. Missing avatar

      Marina on

      I pledged a bit after the link was distributed, apparently - I don't suppose anyone would know how I'd go about getting a link?

    32. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      people who spend over $50.00 are allowed to beta test the flash game that will be distributed later on in the series. I do NOT like that the backers who are over $50.00 are being disrespectful and actually posting spoilers, i consider this opportunity to beta test a high honor.

      the unfinished update was giving to us by Hussie to beta test, we did not just "somehow" get a hold of it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Kat Lyon on

      woops sorry guess i was a bit late

    34. Missing avatar

      Kat Lyon on

      @Hollie Walton I'm sure the game isn't in beta already. People are just blogging about the update. somehow, they've gotten a hold of it before its been officially released and are posting spoilers all over. This isnt the Homestuck game, its an update that has yet to happen.

    35. Missing avatar

      Hollie Walton on

      Never mind, I'm a fool. All backers get to beta test the actual homestuck adventure game, over $50 backers get to test the next game update. I should've caved and bought that seerpak a few days ago...

    36. Missing avatar

      Hollie Walton on

      @Samuel. Some people have started blogging about the beta test, so it must be available. One of the bloggers posting about it said it was only for backers who pledged over $50, though. I must have missed where that was written - or else perhaps those who backed more get sent the beta test link before the lower tier backers?

    37. Missing avatar

      Samuel Driskill on

      @Martin I was wondering that too.

    38. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Um, does anyone know when the beta-testing begins?

    39. Joselyn Palmer on

      Good Work Internet

      Bang up job on these comments

      Absolutely nothing here that makes me embarrassed to be associated with this fandom, nope

      Really, just, excellent work all around.

      But seriously, these stickers are awesome and I can't wait to decorate my laptop with them. :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Mana Gement on

      I am so very happy about these stickers. Not just that they're wonderful in their own right but that they demonstrate What Pumpkin meant it about already planning to broaden representation in the official swag. I love seeing art that puts my brain through all the permutations of what our blank template heroes can look like.

    41. Sorceror Nobody on

      @Chelsea: Well, it's possible the plot will be kept out of it. Beta testing is really for the engine, to find actual programming bugs, and we may get a version of the game with a "fake" plot, if one at all, to avoid spoilers about anything other than the game mechanics.

      Hussie could also make it a legal clause that if you beta test the game you agree to non-disclosure. And if he chose to do so, it would be legally binding and anyone not adhering to it could legitimately be prosecuted for it. But I'm not sure whether he'd bother with that.

      There are possibilities either way on this issue.

    42. C. A. Melendez on

      Does the beta testing apply to backers who don't fall into any of the reward tiers?

    43. Matt LaChance on

      The more I look at the stickers, the more I like them. I only wish I could have two Karkats for more-realistic shipping.

    44. Missing avatar

      Alexander Bennett on

      I know what to talk about! The new making-of art book! Let's go for $2 million guys!

      What, why the hell are you talking about stickers? Oh, right, no good reason. Well then, let's talk about literally ANYTHING ELSE. For example, what did y'all like most about the little Meenah mini game? I liked the part where she grinded down the stairs. That was pretty sweet.

    45. Kenny Chow on

      if you don't like the ADDITIONAL FREE stickers you've been given,
      you can like,
      not use them.
      or just give them to someone who will.
      it's that simple.

    46. Toboe on

      People are still complaining?

      Jeez thats disappointing.

    47. Proxy Noxy on

      THEY ARE STICKORS! We already have the game funded, and you... what else do you guys want? An actual... like... warhammer of zillywoo? we're all part of the same fandom so just get along, peeps! they are blank/white. that's canon.

    48. Calli on

      None of us should be allowed to beta testers. this is just gonna cause disaster and spoil it for everyone who has not pledged, and the spoilers are just going to fly around tumblr regardless of what the people who ask everyone to not spread spoilers.

    49. Paddock on

      What an awesome update!

    50. Nil on

      Suggestion for future tiers: Sheets consisting of only the ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ stickers. Like, a whole page full of them. Hardcore shippers will not be sated with such paltry numbers.