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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

One million and beyond!

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)
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Another double stretcheladder update! In one night we shot past the 1 million dollar mark and reached the next stretch goal, which means we've got EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) language support, as well as an added reward tier perk! This perk adds one of the signed Kickstarter prints to all $105+ tiers that didn't already include one, plus everyone at $50+ tiers gets to beta test the next Homestuck mini game update.

Plus: we've beefed up the availability of the MSPA FUNPAK tier, and shuffled some numbers around to add a few slots to the SNOUTPAK and $1,000 tiers as well. 

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far and helped push us over the $1,000,000 milestone! You guys and gals continue to absolutely floor us with the support you're showing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    1. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Missing avatar

      Cathy R on

      "This perk adds one of the signed Kickstarter prints to all $105+ tiers that didn't already include one"

      Can we get confirmation on this perk? I upgraded my pledge from the $55 option to the MSPA Funpack as soon as it showed up, but the reward tier descriptions were on the main kickstarter page were never updated to mention the addition of the print to $105+ tiers (even though they *were* updated to include the sticker sheets and keychain), so I want to make sure I haven't misunderstood. I *really* want to make sure I'm signed up for a reward tier that includes that awesome print.

    3. Missing avatar

      Abby on

      In the GAMEPAK1 when applied to higher donation tiers, what are we getting? Just the digital download, or the highest GAMEPAK1 level?

    4. Crystal on

      Considering he actually seems to be checking and replying to his Kickstarter mail, I'm shocked he is managing to update anything at all. O_o This doesn't stop me from being eager to see the new stretch goals though.

    5. Connor on

      for the 'beta test the next Homestuck mini game update.' does it apply if we donated today, after it was released to the other backers?

    6. Edgar Mauricio Lemos on

      It's clear that Hussie is completely swamped with work. I think we all underestimate (including Hussie a month ago) the amount of work that creating and maintaining a successful Kickstarter is until we go and make one.

    7. Wes on

      I'm sad that hussie hasn't updated the kickstarter yet :(

    8. Missing avatar

      Jamie Asher on

      In my dream i was a backer;
      it was me.

    9. Benoît on

      Oh god am I making it happen?

    10. Missing avatar

      John Smith on

      This is amazing.
      I hope an update comes out soon with news about the usbs and discs.

    11. Missing avatar

      TheAdhesiveKnight on

      Around 300 B.C., the As was a Roman monetary coin. The plural word for the As was Asses.
      We have kicked 1,250,000 Asses.

    12. Tate Sliwa on

      We kick gratuitous amounts of ass.

    13. Kalyxia on

      Good god, we kick so much ass.

    14. Citronrobotlord on

      check it out we've reached 1.250.000

    15. Missing avatar

      Kimber on

      I really hope we make it past the $1,750,000 mark. I want that art book.

    16. Missing avatar

      Turtle13 on

      I like the homestuck game and yet i hate that the story is ending and yet i like the rewards, and yet i hate that it will be so long to make, and yet i lovve *cough that being said i win again

    17. Missing avatar

      Jamie Asher on

      Homestuck forever!
      however i just thought of something. Considering Hussie said he was going to end the homestuck story and it wont be until 2014 we get our game, theres going to be like AN ENTIRE YEAR without new canon homestuck .... im not complaining or anything, but thats gona be one long year :(

    18. Missing avatar

      John Smith on

      Woah, we're almost at the next reward tier!
      GO FANDOM, GO!

    19. Clifford Guerrero on

      god when we hit 3 million will you make a army with the uniforms as trolls

    20. Missing avatar

      Cynthia on

      i just think we shouldnt think about getting "our money's worth" because we really aren't paying for homestuck merchandise here.

      we are getting REWARDED with homestuck merchandise for DONATING. it's a BONUS.

      you should just donate how ever much you want. If you end up getting a signed print or some stickers, that's just a lovely bonus.

      I'm just happy I'm helping this amazing story branch out and and go beyond just the internet.
      Because I don't know a single homestuck offline (despite the god tier hoodies/tshirts and caliborn shirt i often wear at school and in public) and I would really like that to change.
      Hussie deserves more recognition for his successful writing and spectacular ideas; this game could make that happen.

    21. Michael Abi Daoud on

      I'm not sure if this was asked, but will this game be supported with the Ouya?

    22. Missing avatar

      Mana Gement on

      Ditto-ing both Mary and Sophia, the FUNPAK, SLICKPAK and FUN+SLICK options are in dire need of GAMEPAK2 upgrade options. Can you add those in on your next expansion?

    23. Missing avatar

      Sophia Tat on

      :( Can you make a GAMEPAK2 + MSPA FUNPAK for people who can't afford that much?

    24. Missing avatar

      KMHM on

      I noticed there are a lot of complaints about the paks -- Although I don't know how you'd fit it in, I think What Pumpkin gift certificates may be a fine offer to make for a new pledge or tier addition so that those of us who are unable to get our heart's desire could visit the store in the future. :>

    25. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      Also, can we have a new reward tier somewhere between 180 and 255? I wouldnt mind getting more than 180 but 255 is stretching it. :c

    26. Tristan Frodelius on

      If you plan to add more $1,000 tier slots, I think 413 would be a cool number of them to have.

    27. Missing avatar

      Taylor Miller on

      Seriously though, there needs to be a GAMEPAK2, MSPA FUNPAK, and SLICKPAK pledge. That would make my year.

    28. Sterling Ericsson on

      Posting the same comment up here so hopefully more people will see it.

      "I have been informed that, yes, you can have more than one Kickstarter account if you'd like to make it easier to just buy Paks separately. You just need to use a different email address, but it's perfectly fine to use the same Amazon account for the money transfer.

      This is apparently something that was done by a numbers of fans at the Order of the Stick kickstarter.

      Thank Peter Cohen for the info."

    29. Missing avatar

      Kelsey on

      When it comes to being "greedy", it is merely a fact that the $105 reward tiers are unbalanced now. And maybe I'm strange for thinking of it this way, but I see my pledge as more of a purchase than anything, and I want my money's worth. Of course I'm still happy to contribute to this project, and I'm grateful that this is happening at all, but saying we're greedy for wanting some sweet rewards is just silly. I probably would't have pledged as much if it weren't for them, because I'm not exactly rich!

    30. Pat O on

      I hope the next reward tier fills that ??? on the 1k donation, I had to take out a second mortgage for my imaginary house to be able to afford this.

    31. Missing avatar

      Triggernometry on

      I hate to say it, but you COULD increase your backing....

      Also, USBs are much more durable and reusable than CDs. Just saying.


    32. Luke Schussler on

      Yeah, you're right, people are getting too greedy. I feel bad about being upset earlier, but I do think it is annoying how the other $105 tiers got the print while Gamepak2 got nothing else. Still, the main thing I care about is the game, and it being the best it possibly can.

    33. Missing avatar

      Cynthia on

      remember, it cost money to provide all these rewards.
      i would prefer most of that money going toward the actual production of the game, not duplicates of a reward like the physical copy (a cd and a usb is basically the same.)

      i wouldn't mind to pay for the art book separately either because art books are hella expensive.
      i just want it to exist ;(
      people are getting a little greedy.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      We have to chose between a CD or USB? Can't we have both? I really don't want to have to choose between two, and I don't think it's all that fair.

    35. Julia on

      I wonder if we do reach 1.75 and the art book gets made, will we get a copy as backers?

    36. Fen on

      I'm thinking maybe the GAMEPAK2 should include the USB and the CD? It's still only the physical game but that way we don't have to choose between the two and the GAMEPAK2 gets something else cool that people only getting the digital game won't.

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris Domnick on

      Will we receive the beta through the email given on our Kickstarter account?

    38. Luke Schussler on

      I really hope they add something to Gamepak2 to give it its value back. Because I REALLY want the physical copy, but can't spend over $105, and don't think Gamepak2 is as fair a price as the other $105 tiers now that they have the print. Anything like having both the USB and CD would be awesome.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kumiki on

      I thought it was weird for the kickstarter-exclusive print to be offered in less than half of the tiers, but now I understand it's because it was planned to be a bonus for when we donated enough. Yes, it is a good thing to add it! The problem is as you said.

      Before the update, the $105 tiers were physical copy & print vs Kids rewards vs Striders rewards
      Now it's just physical copy vs Kids rewards vs Striders rewards
      So yeah, the Gamepak2 lost a lot of its value compared to the other two $105 tiers.

    40. Frank on

      PAK2 had two unique things about it that nothing else offered, the signed print and the physical copy. It now has 1 thing that makes it unique...the physical copy. People were under the impression that it was unique to PAK2 up until now, so yes, it's because of the decreased value.

    41. Jessica on

      I don't understand how adding the signed print to all $105 pledges isn't fair. Is it because GAMEPAK 2 loses value or...? I don't mean to be rude but adding a signed print to all $105 tiers seems like a good thing...

    42. Missing avatar

      Kelsey on

      I agree about GAMEPAK2, which is the tier I selected. I'm hoping there will be something to improve it, but as of now I'm disappointed.

    43. spellhorn on

      I think it would have been cooler if the print had been something completely new so the gamepak2 people would have gotten a second print. What can you do though.

    44. Frank on

      @Luke I'm with, it seems like the lower tiers offer more rewards I'm interested in at this point with a bigger variety of combinations for cheaper. I'll keep where I am for now to see how things develop, but I would be a lot happier with it if they brought the decreased value of GamePak 2 back up.

    45. Luke Schussler on

      Seems pretty unfair to gamepak 2. I really want to keep the physical copy of the game, and was considering upping to gamepak 2 for the print, stickers, and keychain. Now all the other rewards get a nice bonus, but gamepak2 loses some of its value... I just feel a little upset about it.

    46. Frank on

      It kinda sucks that they offered the thing that GamePak 2 (which was pretty pricey to get) offered which I really wanted (the signed print) to all 105+ values now. Cheers to those people, but I kinda feel like GamePak 2 doesn't really have much unique anymore to warrant the almost 150 extra that the combo packs include it with. I hope they give 2 something unique coming up to restore my faith in making that choice...

    47. Mara Whatevs on

      I wish there was a way to get the funpak + gamepak 2 without shelling out too much, I was really hoping for a signed copy of the game.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kumiki on

      William: I chose the Gamepak2 at first but now I feel the Funpak has more value so I changed to that for the time being.

      I would like a troll stickers sheet too. It already exists (the Snoutpak has two of them!) so I can see it as additional reward.

    49. William T. Carpenter Jr. on

      Kumiki: Yeah, the Gamepak2 is the one I pledged for so I'm kind of conflicted right now. Wish the MSPA FUNPAK came with the signed copy of the game.

    50. Missing avatar

      Kumiki on

      William: Yep, just like the stickers and the keychain, every $105+ tier will include one signed print. This makes the physical copy the only extra the $105 Gamepak2 has right now, I hope it'll get another bonus the next time.