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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

New reward tiers unveiled, SLICKPAK, Linux support, and new reward tier perk unlocked!

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

A few new reward tiers have just been unveiled! They mostly center around the brand new SLICKPAK. It includes some fun Midnight Crew items like a tote bag, spade t-shirt, a set of pins, and sticker sheets. It also comes with something pretty new for us, which is a deck of Midnight Crew playing cards! The cards themselves will feature some pretty slick MC art.

The Scalemates have been quite a popular item in this Kickstarter, so we've shuffled things around a bit and added a few more slots to the $255 SNOUTPAK tier. There's also a new $1,000 that nets you all PAKS in the Kickstarter, plus an exclusive set of signed game concept art and special thanks in the game's credits.

And just a heads up: there's one more big round of reward tier updates coming up a little later in the Kickstarter!

The Stretcheladder has been updated to reflect all the goals unlocked so far. We've now secured Linux support for the game, and a reward tier perk of a Sburb House keychain has been added for all tiers of $105 and above. Next up is EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) language support! New stretch goals will be revealed after we reach the $1,000,000 mark.


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    1. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Crystal on

      I'm kinda pretending he's also going to put their names in the game somewhere, maybe on a pedestal or something, though he might just mention them in the news when their troll comes up or their Soul Portrait is made.

    3. Sterling Ericsson on

      I have been informed that, yes, you can have more than one Kickstarter account if you'd like to make it easier to just buy Paks separately. You just need to use a different email address, but it's perfectly fine to use the same Amazon account for the money transfer.

      This is apparently something that was done by a numbers of fans at the Order of the Stick kickstarter.

      Thank Peter Cohen for the info.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      It seems as if giving the in-game credit thanks to only the 1000 pledgers is a little silly. Why not the ten and five thousand pledgers also? They are giving more money, after all.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jani Ruotsalainen on

      Really excited about the playing cards, but also worried about the quality - I'm still definitely going to get the pak no matter how crappy they are, but it'd be absolutely great if they were of good enough quality to be used repeatedly in home(stuck) games or card tricks. Could we get some clarification on this before the kickstarter finishes, maybe even detailed specs of the kind of deck you're going to use?

    6. Ricci on

      @Taylor Miller You could always get to the $335 pack. It's an extra $80, sure, but you get what you want (as well as some Strider swag).

      Speaking of Strider swag, I wouldn't mind some Lalonde swag... maybe some Mutie stickers, or a passive-aggressive thank you note. ;p

    7. Paddock on

      That is a pretty rad keychain.

    8. oneiricMenacinger on

      @Samuel Driskill If that was possible, I have no qualms over robbing a bank. Or taking out a massive loan. Or anything of that nature.

    9. Missing avatar

      Taylor Miller on

      I need a 255 pack that includes Gamepack2 the Slickpack and the MSPA Funpack. I need it so badly!

    10. Joseph MacKie on

      Enough to bribe the Gods of the Outer Ring. And we don't have that kind of scratch, son.

    11. Missing avatar

      Samuel Driskill on

      So how much do you think we would have to raise for the game to really bring us into it like sburb, and cause a reckoning? =D

    12. artisticVulpes on

      @Steven W. If the items here in the Kickstarter sell well, he's planning on releasing them MAYBE to What Pumpkin.

    13. Missing avatar

      Steven Weyback on

      I don'e even want to know how much I would pay for a deck of Midnight Crew playing cards...
      anyone know if he plans on selling them (or by extension anything else in the paks) by themselves at any point?

    14. Missing avatar

      QDQQ on

      Yes! Go, Fandom! Go!

    15. Missing avatar

      Spencer on

      Now we aim for $1.25 mil before he can update. Go go Fandom.

    16. Banni Ibrahim on

      Aaaaaaand we managed to even hit the 1,100,000 stretch goal not only before they even mention the 1,000,000 goal, but before the 1,100,000 goal is even announced.... wow, just wow.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gabrielle McMillan on

      So if I backed 105 dollars before the updated rewards, then do I still get the new stickers and key chain?

    18. Kyle Kolander on

      Would love to get ahold of the Slickpak but... sadly no gamepak2.

    19. Krystal on

      Man I'd loved the SlickPak but....that would mean I would lose my physical copy. The pins and stickers are neat,but I'd want the deck more. If this stuff ever gets to the What Pumpkin store Id be all over them.

    20. Missing avatar

      matthew turner on

      yea, i kinda want to go to get the slickpak, but id lose the gamepak2...

    21. Missing avatar

      Chas Evans on

      Honestly, I REALLY want that deck of MC playing cards. I've always been a huge fan of the intermission. But, unfortunately, $130 would break the bank for me... If I had a bit more saved up, I'd be on it in a flash. If those playing cards ever get offered in the What Pumpkin store, I'll definitely buy them, so it's my sincerest hope that they are. Otherwise I might have to poach some on eBay or Amazon.

    22. Bobby Liu on

      Hmph.. will there be Asian Language support after a certain level?

    23. AyeAye12 on

      Oh wait. We ARE going to have language support! :D

    24. AyeAye12 on

      I really want to get to 1M; that way the glory of Homestuck can get to the rest of the world easily.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kumiki on

      OrangeAipom: It's the only sane solution I see to sign 3000+ prints in 3 months without going crazy.
      Too bad we won't get the "you're welcome" stamp.

    26. Tristan Frodelius on

      Best $1,000 I ever spent.

    27. Stobohobo on

      You reached that c,ooo,ooo.l million mark. now UPDORT plz

    28. Missing avatar

      OrangeAipom on

      kumiki: he probably has a stamp with his signature.

      that'd be the smart thing to do

    29. Missing avatar

      Kumiki on

      @OrangeAipom I guess they would. This tier sure sold out fast!

      With all these signed prints and then the physical copies, Hussie's wrist is going to die multiple times. That may be the reason why most tiers only offer Gamepak 1 lol.

    30. Elizabeth Frederick on

      Ah they found my true weakness, playing cards. Was planning on pledging eventually but not this soon.

    31. Missing avatar

      OrangeAipom on

      Do tiers above $1000 give you special thanks in the game credits?

    32. Missing avatar

      sean williams on

      if i could get this reward pack with the poster id be all up in there

    33. Missing avatar

      Calvin D'Andrea on

      @Luna, what you're describing is the $105 GAMEPAK2 tier

    34. Pat O on

      damn I was all for emptying my bank account for that 1k pledge but it sold out before I could do so. I wanted to see my name in the game...

    35. Missing avatar

      Jace Whitaker on

      1 million dollars... wow.

    36. Luna Socks on

      If I get the $80 reward tier, will I also get the print from the $55 reward tier?

    37. Fiolina on

      I really wish I could give more, but I can only afford my Snoutpak. :(

    38. Missing avatar

      Crystal on

      Upping to $500 pledge so tempting but super want!

    39. Arlene Benningfield on

      Oh my god I am just going to dump way too much money into this! That $500 tier is too tempting... I want that deck of cards, augh! What *fantastic* new tiers, and what an... incredible fandom. Not one day later and we're already at the next goal... (So happy for EFIGS, too.)

    40. Zebby Orchard on

      Consider my pledge upped. I only wish I could afford the $1000 tier so I could have all this AND the concept art book. /wistful sigh

    41. Nikolardo Flamingo on

      "New stretch goals will be revealed after we reach the $1,000,000 mark."
      Okay Andrew, let's see them. You post new awesome merch, bam, next stretch goal reached.

    42. Nikolardo Flamingo on

      Maybe a GAMEPAK2 + MC CARDS tier would be pretty cool. There's just so much cool merch, though that it would be absurd to try to put up combinations that pleased everyone. I'm just hoping that the Scalemates, the Canopy T, and the MC Cards are available after the Kickstarter.

    43. Eireni 'Fikia' Moutoussi on

      Don't be all... but to be honest, I just want the playing cards. Possibly the stickers. But not so keen on the shirt etc.

    44. Colten Schimpf on

      I second this Oliver fellow

    45. Eyferann on

      i would really like to upgrade to slick pack but would like a physical copy too. I hope there will be a tier for GAMEPACK2 + SLICKPACK as $330 is out of my reach.

    46. Razia B on

      Holy shit, I'm totally upping my pledge to get that Slickpack now. $100 more ain't that bad I guess :3

    47. Evil Midnight Lurker

      My wife and I combined our financial forces to get the $405 level already... with this, I think we'll just wait until a couple of days before the end and see if we can afford whatever the final all-paks tier is.

    48. Salmonking on

      Yeah, srs. I wish that there was a way to get the print plus one of the paks. I'm about ready to hand 55$ to my flatmate and say "hey, you, fetch me this thing."

    49. Bryan on

      Maybe this goes without saying, but there are a lot of comments about how people want to give more money, but don't have an appropriate option to do it. This seems like a very relevant time for add-ons.