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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

Funded! And still climbing.

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

The Kickstarter reached its funding goal in what seems like the blink of an eye. I must first say thank you to all who backed the project, and helped us reach our goal so quickly. I’m still utterly amazed by the response. I think a lot of people checking out this project are. There still seem to be so many people out there who’ve never heard of this story, or its phenomenally dedicated following. Maybe that will start to change soon. If that turns out to be the case, again, it’s thanks to you.

The project may have been funded already, but there’s still plenty of time left for pledges to be made. The Kickstarter will stay open for another 28 days. Every dollar raised beyond the goal will go toward improving the game. More platforms will be supported if certain stretch goals are reached. And beyond a certain point, all money will be dedicated to higher production values. $700K sounds like a lot of money, but it’s actually a very small budget for a game. Multi-platform games usually cost many millions of dollars. Increasing the budget for this is only going to make a better product.

This is the bottom line: because the project was funded, there WILL be a game. I’ll make sure it’s the best game the money available can possibly buy. The only question then is, how much is that? This is up to you. Over the next 28 days, the fans will decide how great they want this game to be!

So, here are the stretch goals we’re starting with, which represent both enhancements to the game the extra money gets us, as well as extra reward perks certain milestones unlock. As I type this, we’re already getting pretty close to Mac support. Soon we’ll add a better graphic of all the goals to the Kickstarter page.

$700,000.00 - FUNDED!
$800,000.00 - Mac Support
$850,000.00 - New reward tier perk unlocked
$900,000.00 - Linux Support
$950,000.00 - ???
$1,000,000.00 - ???
$1,100,000.00 - ???
$1,250,000.00 - ???
(??? revealed later. More stretch goals to be added if necessary.)

Also, later in the Kickstarter we’ll begin revealing some hidden reward tiers. I notice the Snoutpaks sold out pretty fast. We should be revealing new reward bundles later on that contain more scalemate plushes. Keep an eye out for them. Also remember that at any time you can increase your pledge if you ever feel like claiming a higher reward tier. Just remember to select the reward tier you want when adjusting your dollar amount pledged.

If you backed the project, thanks again for the support. And if you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll consider it, and help us make this the best game it can be!


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    1. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Crystal on

      I hope one day the really cool rewards like the Midnight Crew Deck and the Snout toys can be bought by people who don't have hundreds of dollars to spend. Either way I can't wait to see the game. :D

    3. Makayla Watson on

      Well, that didn't take very long.

    4. Frank on

      @Jaurron Crawford There IS an active mod for Garry's Mod on Steam that allows you to have Homestuck Characters, and items to play with. There is a thread on the Homestuck Forums for it, but they all have unqiue animations and Specibus' to use and whatnot if you want to get your Homestuck G-Mod pains out. :P

    5. Missing avatar

      John Smith on

      By the time we reach October 4, every other fandom will be staring at us while we just laugh at them and eagerly await the game.
      And normal people will be wondering what's going on on the other side of the fence.

    6. Michael Morris on

      By the time hussie updates well have hit a million

    7. Shankins on

      Ugh. Sorry for double posting there, don't know how that happened.

    8. Shankins on

      Thinking about the scalemate thing, don't you think if they were offered for less than 255$ a lot of ppl would cancel their original pledge in favor of the cheaper one? I don't think we'll see that. I also kind of hope if they are offered in the store later, at least they should be a different version & keep these particular ones kickstarter-exclusive. I know a lot of ppl have been throwing down hundreds of extra dollars just for that one perk. It would kind of suck if they were available for like 20$ later.
      I know that's not what's important here I was just kind of thinking out loud. This is a really amazing thing we've got going here and I'm proud to be a part of it. Knowing we have this to look forward to sort of softens the blow of the comic being so close to the end.

    9. Zylar on

      @Brendon This is going to be a self contained story with "minimal relevance to Homestuck comic canon."
      So that's probably not what's going to happen, sadly. ;n;

    10. Carl Nelson on

      can we have CAPTCHA CARDS PLZ

    11. Carl Nelson on

      @Jacob Dude that would be too perfect. FOR. THE. SECRET.
      or one of them.

    12. Brendon N. on

      What'd I like to see for the game is a remake of the original SBurb with the 4 starting kids, and have it have multiplayer. So, 4 people would take the roles of John, Rose, Dave, and Jade and play through the game as if it was a regular session. Just throwing it out there.

    13. Missing avatar

      JustAsimpleHomestucker on

      I wonder if this game will have mutiplayer owo

    14. Bro Strider on

      We're only 4 days in and there are a lot more fans out there ^^ I'm sure there are a LOT of 'em just waiting for their next paycheck before they contribute for one thing. We only need 150k more to hit 1 million with 26 days to go! It's not much of a stretch to say we'll make it easily considering progress so far. Plus slow updates on MSPA would lead to people checking it less lately so there's probably whole groups of people out there who somehow haent heard yet. Don't give up hope ^^

    15. Shonky Business on

      @Gramin, i doubt that will happen, look in the comment section for our massive debate on the subject

    16. Bro Strider on

      1 million;
      HSAG Ascended to god tier!!!
      This shall happen......

    17. Gramin the salmon on

      Hopefully the new tier reward will be something with a scalemate that's more afforable, I need one for my girlfriends Terezi outfit. If not it will probably be in the what pumpkin store sometime. Also, it would be cool to have this game on the next gen consoles.

    18. Missing avatar

      Aylin on

      I hope it hits the Linux soon.

    19. Terry Bland on

      Just hit the new reward tier!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Daniel Crowell on

      Just having a screen like "executive producers" or something with everyone who donated would be pretty cool if i do say so myself

    21. Jacob Bobst on

      I'm surprised that there's no $413 dollar pack.

    22. Missing avatar

      Tan on

      I hope there's Xbox version, my computer could play it but is very slow

    23. Missing avatar

      Alexander Swärd on

      I wish I could give more, but I had to settle for a modest 415 dollars. Just... shut up and take my money!

    24. Missing avatar

      Mana Gement on

      I'm pretty confident the response has been sufficient to make sure they'll be sold in the What Pumpkin store later. He said this was partly a test of demand for the plushes. A significant majority of the money has been raised in the two most expensive packs, which are the only ones that contain scalemates. Almost every Tumblr post that talks about the loot is plush-centric. There are almost guaranteed to be plushes in the store eventually. However, it's also in his best interest to keep them expensive for duration of the Kickstarter.

    25. Missing avatar

      Carly Overbay on

      I agree with what Gabriela said.... I don't have the money to shell out $255, but if there was a cheaper pack with say only the scalemates and nothing else (except maybe a digital, unsigned copy of the game because most of all I'm gunna stick with one that gets me the game for sure), I would upgrade to that!

    26. Gabriela Moraes Montoro on

      Gogogo Linux support!

      And I'd buy a scalemate on What Pumpkin for sure, or upgrade to a cheaper snoutpak.

    27. Missing avatar

      Kayla on

      I really want a scalemate. ;(
      255 is so much for my family! v_v

      Do you guys ever think you'll have them stocked on What Pumpkin?

    28. Missing avatar

      Siobhan Wright on

      Will the hardcopy be Mac supported as well? As in, dual platforms on one disk, or will it just be Windows?

    29. Missing avatar

      Kayla on

      Questions... :o
      Are there going to be voice actors?
      Will it be a 2d game or 3d?

    30. Missing avatar

      Anomalous Materials on

      If the soon to be released pledge packages are Lil' Cals, I will sell my body and soul to get one. That is almost a promise.

    31. Jean-Philippe Janssens on

      If you reach 1 million, Nick Cage will voice a character!

    32. Ogaday on

      Could look into Ouya. I don't know the ins and outs of what that would require.

    33. Seth Hoch on

      No no no no no, first you release the single player game based on Homestuck THEN you take what you learned people liked about it and produce the multiplayer Sburb game. Which, clearly, will also be funded by Kickstarter.

      Then 99% of civilization dies from meteors while the remaining 1% goes on to play it. A projected 68% of that 1% will be made up of game sessions that are destined to fail on every timeline and will end up lowering the number of surviving humans even more.

      But those lucky few will have the chance to fund Sburb 2 on Griststarter.

    34. Eamonn Hussie-taylor on

      The only way you could make this multiplayer is if you had it sort of like minecraft. Maybe with a limited amount in each server and each server was really just for your friends. He did say its going to be an adventure game though, mmos dont really do well with adventures and I see it making the story he is capable of weaving for this less epic.

    35. Missing avatar

      InevitablyKriss on

      $5,000,000,000.00 - SBURB is real!

      Nah, seriously excited! :D I just wish Kickstarter supported Paypal, or I would have given a lot more money. Darn it!

    36. Emily Kilbourn on

      I think the game is supposed to be a point and click adventure style game, multiplayer would be problematic. Though maybe if the kickstarter raises 2mil or something...

    37. Zylar on

      I dunno about the multiplayer. I mean don't get me wrong, that'd be amazing, but that wasn't the impression I got reading the kicker page. It seems to me this will be primarily a single player videogame.

    38. nocturnalEscapist on

      Having our own Sburb sessions would be beyond epic! If only it was possible to have a randomly generated planet for each player to explore, with advancement through the gates through house building, dungeons scateres throughout, with the different stages of Skaia and Prospit/Derse when you made your character sleep!

    39. Missing avatar

      John Smith on

      I'd really like to see this game play in multiplayer.
      Our own little Sburb sessions.
      Of course, playing in single player would be fun, but playing with friends is even better.
      Though, I doubt that'll happen.

    40. Missing avatar

      Matt Pharoah on

      Seems kind of strange to me to have Mac support and Linux support as separate tiers. I mean, if you're supporting Macs as well, that means your most likely already mostly - or entirely - using multi-platform libraries so you have to do practically nothing else to support Linux. Mac and Linux are both mostly POSIX-compliant so 99-100% of the time, you'd only need to split the code into 2 sections: one for calling Windows system calls, and one for calling system calls to pretty much every other operating system that matters. And most game engines that support more than one OS already do that work for you anyways. I can see it maybe costing a bit more because of extra testing required, but $100k seems a bit much for the (relatively speaking) minimal work required.

      Anyways, one question: will the game by DRM-free? I imagine it will, but these days you can't assume that anymore

    41. Edgar Mauricio Lemos on

      A bundle with the Homestuck books and maybe the calendars, please! AND a scalemate but that may be asking too much.

    42. Salahare on

      LINUX SUPPORT!? Omg that makes me so HAPPY. I'm looking forward to seeing if mobile or console support comes next, it would let us know if its easier to code for mobile or console these days. Mobile games are certainly making it up in the world.

    43. Dak on

      How about a reward tier between $25 and $55? Seems like there could be a good happy medium nestled in there.

    44. Clifford Guerrero on

      i agree with the scalemates and the valve plz add more scalemates

    45. Deonna Reeves on

      More scalemates PLLEEEAAASSSSEEE

    46. David LaTourette on

      I'm all for Homestuck related weapons/hats.