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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

September 14th Release Details

Here’s what to expect for the September 14th release of HIVESWAP: Act 1: 

HIVESWAP: Act 1 goes live on the Steam and Humble Store at 2PM EDT! 

At 12PM EDT, Kickstarter backers will begin receiving their download emails. Humble Bundle is processing these backer emails manually, and they’re very good at what they do, so it won’t be long before you receive yours. 

As you’ll see detailed in your email, every backer can choose between a Steam key or a DRM-free Humble version of HIVESWAP: Act 1 and, depending on backer level, the soundtrack. These keys can be entered as soon as you get them, although HIVESWAP: Act 1 will not be playable until the stated 2PM EDT release time. 

Just a reminder, physical copies of the complete HIVESWAP will be distributed after all four acts are released. 

For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to email
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    1. Scott Lowrie on November 23

      im still missing mine, iv emailed asking

    2. Missing avatar

      eliudthorn on September 25

      I thought that I hadn't received it, but it turns out it went to the email address that was being used when backing it, not the email address I had changed the kickstarter account to use recently before. I got the emails from there fine, and the links worked properly. So, if anyone else hasn't gotten their emails yet, check to see if you changed what email you have associated with your kickstarter at any point since the kickstarting, and check whether it went to the email you were using before.
      Also, the support at the inquiries email was very helpful

    3. Jamal on September 22

      just popping in to mention that yea, i finally got it- no it wasnt a matter of waiting- if you didnt get it STILL, go ahead and shoot an email to and ask for a resend... and if you dont get it in a day they'll manually forward you the HB links; thats what had to be done for me when after verifying all my info i got HB's Promotional ads instead of the humble bundle link for my backer rewards.

    4. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on September 20

      Only checking in cause I'd heard (through tumblr) that there was a release. I backed the $15 so long ago that I'd kind of lost hope. Now the days edge on and I still haven't received an email... Maybe they are doing them in batches... but it almost seems to me like they're going down the list via who backed recently -> older vs who backed first -> earliest. Then again, I am within the 10k batch of backers... but still. Six days later makes me wonder how many people are getting an email a day when games with even smaller development teams release to their backers faster :/

    5. Missing avatar

      Myles Barnas on September 20

      I pledged $25, am backer 19,600. And there's 24,346 backers total. That IS quite a lot of e-mails to send out. I imagine HB has a daily goal of e-mails they try and send out daily..? So I can understand wait. It's the 20th (8 days), I have currently not received my e-mail, but it's already been 5 years, what's another week (maybe)?
      Fellow pledgers, please don't riot XD

    6. Rick Terr on September 19

      "physical copies of the complete HIVESWAP will be distributed after all four acts are released. " losers have to do that and cant give us copies of each copy, eh whats the point anymoe, you have our money , nice to know il never get what i paid for, by the time all 4 acts are out it will be waaaay past the point i care, im happy you guys came out with something playable but for those who paid for ....oh look at the shiny keys

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve Ross on September 18

      4 days after release, still no email... I don't really know what I'm expecting by this point

    8. Chelle S on September 17

      It's been three days and I've yet to receive my key. Received all the other Kickstarter updates on it so I'm guessing it just hasn't gone out yet. Meanwhile my Twitter feed is full of people who've already played through the whole thing... I've not complained once about the wait since backing the game but I'd really like to be able to play it now that it's finally out.

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefan on September 16

      Alright, so in my experience, AOL (I know, I know, AOL haha... But this account was made over 5 years ago... In another time.) hates you and hates your emails for this game, so if you're using AOL and haven't gotten your email, make sure to contact the What Pumpkin support.

    10. Jamal on September 16

      alright thanks- i'll give it another day or so before doing any handleflips

    11. Callie D on September 16

      Yup, got it. If anyone is having trouble, it's probably because they haven't gotten around to emailing your key yet.

    12. Jamal on September 16

      ..i still dont have it. have any of you who didn't get it on time actually get it later yet? i kind of don't want to start complaining if its just a matter of waiting.

    13. Daniel Kivatinetz on September 15

      hello! im sorry but i find heavily offensive the game was launched before all kickstarter pledgers could have access to it? i've being waiting along other folks for some years. what's up? please

    14. Angel on September 15

      I don't love that I have to choose between Steam and DRM-free. Flexibility of having a steam key but being able to have my own copy of the game would be ideal.

    15. Missing avatar

      Lindsey Kocin on September 15

      Still no email for the game for me :c Was really hoping to play today

    16. Missing avatar

      Dove on September 15

      Are the emails being sent in staggered groups? I still haven't received mine, but I received the LP!

    17. Danny Nichols on September 15

      So far no e-mail yet. :(

    18. lunneus on September 15

      Never mind, I found it! It was just chopped off on my screen.

    19. lunneus on September 15

      For those who pledged for GAMEPAK 1, will the digital download of the soundtrack be given once all acts are finished or as soon as they are released?
      I ask because I noticed the Hiveswap soundtrack is available on bandcamp, but I only have the Grubbels LP available for download on humblebundle.

    20. Tristan Wemm on September 15

      Over 24 hours now, still no key. That's an entire day.

    21. Delaney Page on September 15

      When you say shortly, do you mean I should have already received it and am having an issue if not? Or within the next few days?

    22. Missing avatar

      UWBW on September 15

      At this point it's been about 20 hours since I was supposed to get my key... and yet, still no key.

    23. Judge Sol on September 15

      Hey, so I got my email, and the game boots up fine, but then I hit new game and it stalls on the menu background. Any help will be appreciated!

    24. Josh Morrissey on September 15

      Still no email :( Any updates on how long we should expect this to take?

    25. Sarah DeWolfe on September 15

      wait, no, it was just hiding from me because outlook is dumb! Anyone else who's having trouble, trying using the search function for 'Hiveswap'! Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to the game!

    26. Sarah DeWolfe on September 15

      hi! I'm still waiting on an email as well! How can I verify that you folks have the correct email, just in case I missed updating it?

    27. Tristan Wemm on September 15

      Still no email, it's been 12 whole hours since they started going out, now. I'm getting pretty concerned that it might never arrive at all.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kiara Pyrenei on September 14

      It's 11pm central time, and still no email. Should i be concerned? I was hoping to start playing the game today, it will be sad if i have to start later than other people. I'm already seeing spoilers on my dash :C

    29. Missing avatar

      Ana Sánchez on September 14

      I havent gotten my password yet, i filled the survey for updated email a while ago, does that have anything to do?

    30. Elena Barbosa on September 14

      will backers only receive the first act of the game or all acts?

    31. Hiku on September 14

      I haven't received any email ): how long should I expect to wait?

    32. Missing avatar

      Shin Kerron on September 14

      I backed this with a Hotmail email address, but hotmail is kind of dead nowadays. Is there a way I can get my pledge rewards with a new email address?

    33. Missing avatar

      SoporCupcakes on September 14

      its about 5pm EST, and im still waiting for my game key. Is humble inputting the emails by alphabet (since is mine is near the end) or is it just chance? It's not in my spam...

    34. Robin Andersson on September 14

      just picked up my copy from humble, im actually sort of looking forward to this, sure 5 years is a tad much for development but not totally unheard of. Even if this is just middling I'll probably enjoy it for nostalgias sake

    35. Kelseigh on September 14

      Game is on Steam now, but only Windows and Mac. You took my money for a Linux version, so where is it?

      Or are we going to be a Divinity: Original Sin situation where you're telling backers to wait a year or two, maybe you'll get around to it?

    36. Rick Terr on September 14

      1.9 gigs, i hope this is worth it jus for act 1, i exepct nothing from this as i dont care about this series or hussie but i paid for it so i might as well play it

    37. Tristan Wemm on September 14

      No email yet, in spam folder or otherwise. What gives?

    38. Avi R on September 14

      Just got my download! (Had to check my spam folder)

    39. Missing avatar

      Katarina H on September 14

      I haven't gotten my email at all ? How am I supposed to play the game ?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ashley Price on September 14

      Still not seeing any email for my copy, are they still being handed out?

    41. Brandon Chevalier on September 14

      Picked up my DRM free version.
      Now to wait the prerequisite 5-12 hours for it to work it's way through the atmosphere down to my computer.

    42. Jose Nieves on September 14

      Any news on when the promised Linux version will hit the Humble page? Chose the DRM-free version but it's not there, so I can't play it yet (no WINE available on system to play Windows version).

    43. Percy on September 14

      Thank you all for your hard work. I just finished downloading it and I can't even say how flippin excited I am!!!! I know this wait will be well worth it!

    44. Bonpri on September 14

      Thank you for the update! � I'm excited to play Act 1, all the preview art for it has been very charming.

    45. Missing avatar

      Paul Wheeler on September 14

      disregard previous comment. Didn't parse the post properly

    46. Missing avatar

      Paul Wheeler on September 14

      Still waiting for my email from Humble Bundle. Should I still be waiting?

    47. Kitti Lumpo on September 14

      lol we're alive >u< i'd say "i can't wait!" but i think all of us know that isn't true, all too well.

      ican'twaitforact2tho OuO

    48. Courtney Chavez on September 14

      Didn't receive my key via email. ???

    49. Rick Terr on September 13

      its been 5 yrs, i have moved on, i dont care but it is my money so ill play it i have no expectations for this , i doubt this game drops it will be ohhh we have bugs sorry look at the shiny keys, but if it comes out ill check it out since i gave you people $100.

    50. MS Paint Adventures Creator on September 13

      Thanks, everyone! <3

      For CD/USB, we'll likely follow up around the Act 4 release with a survey to get updated shipping address info along with CD/USB info.