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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
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Changes at What Pumpkin and game news

Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

There are a lot of changes taking place at What Pumpkin. These are mostly good things! But one consequence is an inevitable delay in Hiveswap's release date.

As you may know, What Pumpkin has been primarily concerned with selling merchandise related to Homestuck. Recently, we've partnered with We Love Fine to handle all future merchandising, and have been taking steps to put the company's focus solely on game development. This little restructuring phase means soon we'll be able to put all our resources and attention into games, ensuring that not only will the Hiveswap series be the best games they can be, but that we will be able to pursue other game projects in the future. The transition is keeping us pretty busy as we wrap things up at the warehouse, and make all kinds of other business adjustments.

Meanwhile, as our warehouse winds down, things at the studio are trending very much in the opposite direction. So much so that we'll be moving to a bigger office. What Pumpkin NYC launched last fall with just a handful of people in a tiny office on Wall Street, but since then we’ve grown so much, we literally can't fit everyone in the room anymore. So an office upgrade is definitely in order. We'll be moving somewhere that not only can sustain our current operation, but accommodate future growth as well.

All this is putting a dent in our development schedule, but the truth is, having more time to spend on fine-tuning the game isn't going to hurt at all. Act 1 of Hiveswap is turning out to be quite a deep adventure game experience with a lot to explore, and thus, there’s a lot to perfect before release. It really feels to the whole team like we're making something special here, so we don't want to rush it just for the sake of nailing a particular release date. So we'll be taking the little adjustment period this month to revise the schedule and come up with a new date to reflect the amount of polishing and testing we think the game could still use.

We'll announce a new release date once we're sure the estimate will be final, and you will be the first to know once we do. Thank you so much for understanding! We’re so grateful to our fans and supporters for giving us the time and space we need to make a really great game. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more updates. We'll still have a lot of cool things to show you between now and the launch, like concept art, screenshots, behind-the-scenes insight into the development process, and more. Be sure to check out our dev blog, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date.

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    1. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Saranuu on

      I think everyone should read Tony Lozano's comment even if its long. I'm seriously so outraged and disgusted. TOG won't get far with this for sure, I hope.

    3. Tony Lozano on

      I'm advocating BUYING USED COPIES OF THIS GAME, Reminding that Piracy should hurt this game's sales, LEAVING NEGATIVE COMMENTS on any of the videos and sites below, and sharing these links as often as possible.
      Stealing 700k+ of Kickstarter backer money is BEYOND CRIMINAL.

      I've gone into every possible major place to leave negative Public comments expressing outrage at this abuse.
      Please feel free to open all or as many tabs as YOUR RAGE can reach and tell "The Odd Gentlemen" Team exactly how you feel about their blantant theft of Kickstarter funds.

      Details on the issue below:

      So there has been this rumor going on, that claimed that TOG (the Odd Gentlemen) stole money from the Homestuck Kickstarter to make King's Quest. I am enraged when I heard this. Today I was doing a crap load of research on the subject and I found several proofs.

      Lets take a look on what we KNOW.
      Ok first of all, did you guys notice how the gigapause was superlong?! I am sure it wasn't for "the comic pages" because the gigapause lasted for almost a FULL YEAR, and the pages after it were, pretty average in quality. (ok the animations and a couple pages after GAME OVER were pretty good, but then the art began to downfall again, sorry Andrew) He mentioned it was because they were working on the Hiveswap Game, and that it was being developped by the Odd Gentlemen. Ok cool.

      A couple months later, Andrew Hussie claimed that they were moving into an in-house development. Hmm... kind of strange? Then comes the Hiveswap Teaser Trailer, remember how disappointed we were with that. 15 FPS video, Cringe-worthy animation, and texture bugs. (though I admit, I loved the ARTSTYLE, it wasn't ALL too bad). It was indeed disappointing, especially with the fact that they were given 2 million dollars!

      At this point i was already getting suspicious. But then I found out that one of Andrew Hussie's friend: (Who goes by the name of Ipgd, he works with Hussie in Homestuck, and I believe that because not only did he claim to, he also talks very frequently with Andrew Hussie) Wrote the following in his Tumblr page:

      hide spoiler

      "i’m sure that everyone has noticed by now that the homestuck game is very, very late. boy, do i have a fun reason why!

      you may remember that what pumpkin announced that the game studio “the odd gentlemen” was originally attached to develop the game, and you may also remember that they quietly moved to in house development in 2014. what they didn’t tell you: the reason they did this was that odd gentlemen stole kickstarter money and spent it on king’s quest.

      i imagine most of us who backed the homestuck game kickstarter are pretty curious about what was going on there. i’ve done some work on the comic and talk to andrew from time to time, so i tried asking about what happened and got some very cagey non-responses. eventually, he tells me he actually can’t tell me anywhere but through kickstarter because of a settlement he signed (already fishy). so, i sent in an inquiry through KS and what i got was a big steaming load of bullshit worse than anything i could have imagined. i’m talking multiple counts of embezzlement and fraud.

      according to the timeline in the doc i got, WP gave 788k to TOG in 2012 to develop hiveswap. they then proceeded to do next to nothing, completely blowing off the dev schedule that they agreed to. (the game was supposed to be done by oct 2014. instead, that was when WP ended up having to switch to in house development and start from scratch.) the doc included a detailed rundown of everything TOG actually did. in summary:

      “Over 8 months of development, TOG produced exactly one “playable build”. It is a single room, involving one character, no animation, and almost no other key features. Virtually nothing works properly. It was submitted in February of 2014, and no improvements or additional versions were submitted beyond that date.”

      a link to it was included in the doc. it’s… probably the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my life?? if you try to click on ANYTHING, joey runs into a bookcase and flies into the air and the demo gets stuck. the only thing that distinguishes it from an out-of-the-box adventure creator demo is its very subpar models and the fact it is unplayably bugged.

      at some point TOG apparently just completely gave up working on hiveswap, because they were tapped to develop king’s quest (you can see them admit this in public here at about 1 minute into this video). however, instead of dropping out of developing the game, they decided to just… not tell WP, and proceeded to spend the money they were given on KQ’s development instead.

      eventually, after months of platitudes and refusals to communicate (at one point andrew even moved across the country to be able to visit TOG’s offices and get the ball rolling on development, but they wouldn’t even let him come in), WP realized that they’d have to drop TOG, so they terminated the contract in late 2014.

      at that stage, TOG said they had 390,000 dollars left of the money WP gave them that they hadn’t spent on “development” or taxes. but, get this – in the 7 months it took them to agree on a settlement for returning the money, they spent 170,000 of it on king’s quest. seriously. like, they didn’t even try to hide it – they straight up spent it after they’d already officially stopped working on the game, and were just like, haha, whoops? pay you back later i guess.

      this isn’t acknowledged in a binding settlement like the king’s quest embezzlement is, but i’m pretty sure most of the 190k they claim they spent on hiveswap’s development before they picked up KQ went into neil gaiman’s wayward manor. they picked THAT up at around the time they were supposed to start working on hiveswap, and admitted the workload was conflicting with their ability to devote time to hiveswap. given the egregiously overstated man hours claimed for how little work they actually did, and the fact they admittedly stole the money for another game, i think it’s a pretty obvious conclusion to reach.

      it doesn’t look like there was ever a point where TOG wasn’t funneling homestuck’s KS money into another game. it’s unclear whether they EVER actually intended to seriously develop the game. they straight up signed up to steal money from us.

      andrew mentioned that this was one of the biggest reasons for the gigapause, and that all the logistics of dealing with TOG’s incompetence meant he couldn’t get much work done on the comic in that time.

      why am i posting this? well, king’s quest was developed with stolen money, so it’s probably in your best interest to know this before you buy it. all things considered, it’s a miracle that hiveswap is doing as well as it is – at this point, i think hiveswap has moved past this fiasco and isn’t in any danger of falling through. it’s uh, pretty late, but from what i’ve seen, they’re well on their way to an Actual Game that may be Actually Good despite getting jerked around by a circus of incompetent clowns for 8 months.

      at this point, i’m not sure what to DO about this. what pumpkin is bound by the settlement they had to sign if they wanted to get any of the money back at all, so there’s not much that they themselves can do to retrieve the money TOG stole from us. i actually tried messaging sierra, the company that licensed KQ to TOG, but they don

    4. Missing avatar

      Linknik on

      It's funny that the last exhorts us to follow What Pumpkin's social media outlets and yet there has been total radio silence on all of those links ever since this post went up, four months ago. At least I'm 'up to date' on nothing being said about this game for almost half a year!

    5. Missing avatar

      Meredith Godbee on

      Any update at all, even just a "Hey we're still alive and working on it" would be nice, lul.

    6. Alana Graves on

      I paid $180 for this and seriously its getting a bit much.

    7. Contemplar on

      It does seem like a new update would be a good idea to quench concerns.

    8. Kristen Stewart on

      This is getting a bit ridiculous, guys. Like, I know developing a game isn't easy, but we're HOW far past the original release date? It's been forever since an update as well. I hate to say it because I used to really love the webcomic (I haven't read it in about 2 years now), but I'm starting to feel like we've all been scammed.
      At least update us a little bit. Let us all know you're still even working on the project. We haven't heard anything in months now.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hunter on

      I can't wait until my grand children play this game haha. No but seriously looking forward to the game still

    10. Missing avatar

      roguedubb on

      Really looking forward to playing Dateswap in a time far from now.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mercedes Savage on

      are the kickstarters EVER going to be delivered?????

    12. Missing avatar

      Rabscuttle on

      What is the situation regarding problems with WhatPumpkin merchandise orders? I've had an issue that's been ignored since the start of June. I've sent a couple of e-mails and used the form on the WP site (that's now redirecting to WLF) - but have heard nothing back.

    13. Daniel Cavalcanti on

      This is bullshit... I've seen people hating a lot of kickstarters that didn't deliver on time, and just now I'm finally on their shoes. At the get go I've been OK with not getting anything done in a year or two - that's something I felt the creator did, not by being careless, but the opposite. Now I'm really annoyed by this project, I'm not looking forward to it and I just don't care anymore... Especially when merchandising is something I'm not even interested in... I feel like all Kickstarter did was injecting money on his business, not to create a product, but to be used for merchandising production.

    14. Robin Andersson on

      happy to hear its going so well you need a bigger office ;)

    15. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys! Looking forward to hearing where everything's at once you've had time to settle in and figure it all out!

    16. Paula Vieira on

      Best of luck in your move!

    17. Wrapto on

      As a QA tech in the UK, I can tell you I understand 100% of why this post is happening. If you're ever looking for skilled external testers, I'd happily help with bugfinding. NDA-adhering and all. Best of luck with expanding the studio and here's hoping you don't pull a Double Fine and overexpand!