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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
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Posted by MS Paint Adventures (Creator)

Hey! Here's an asset reel for you, including some model turnarounds, concept art, and music from the game.

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You may have noticed a few trolls in there. That's far from the full cast of them. Those are just a few of the game's NPCs, of which there will be more than 100. That's an awful lot of trolls to come up with unique designs for. We managed though. Here's a quick look at what that process was like. We messed with tons of these 2D concepts, kept tweaking and refining their details like hair, horns, clothes, accessories, until we felt good about 'em. Then our modeler Mike takes over, who is some sort of crazy modeling machine. Still hard for me to believe how well he captures these concepts, while cranking them out so quickly.

Troll Concept 1
Troll Concept 1
Troll Concept 2
Troll Concept 2

 Oh also, maybe you remember these two? They haven't been modeled yet. But they will be!

Troll Concept 3
Troll Concept 3

The original Homestuck trolls corresponded with zodiac signs, of course. You can see these ones are wearing different symbols. We ended up making quite a few new ones to create an "expanded zodiac." Around 250, actually. The majority of which won't appear in the game, but we made a bunch of extra ones I guess in case of an emergency. This can be considered the canonical extended set of troll symbols. I'll let you see them later, in a more meaningful context. If there is really such a thing as a meaningful context for 250 fake zodiac signs. If you watched the video, you may have been curious about the music. Music for the game is being made by James Roach and Toby Fox. Toby has made quite a large number of songs for Homestuck, so perhaps you will recognize his sound. Both he and James are great to work with. It's turning out to be an awesome soundtrack that I believe will be one of the more memorable features of the game. We're also working on a game trailer. We should have that ready to show you soon. What Pumpkin will also be attending a few conventions in the near future, and showing off some Hiveswap teaser stuff wherever it is exhibiting. Keep an eye out for updates on those events. 

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    1. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Beau on

      Love how it's coming along so far! :D Really excited to play episode 1.

    3. Missing avatar

      Curtis on

      Theory. The eyeless monsters are from the brooding caverns, part of the trials that trolls need to go through to be chosen by a lusus.

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Bain on

      Is it just me, or are the black enemy-creatures' mouths larger on the inside than their bodies are on the outside?

    5. Kreek on

      finally got a chance to fully read this post out

      so based on the information given here
      the hemo-spectrum covers basicly VGA colors (256) with a few colors not being represented, supposedly because, like with karkat, a few colors only show up extremely rarely due to "mutation"?

    6. Nakadile on

      Nak nak nakka nak nak naknaknak nakka nak nak.

    7. Maxwell on

      I really like the enemy designs. Perhaps this has already been answered, but has there been any news of the battle system as of yet? Will there even be one meaningfully?

    8. Alexandra Jones on

      Ahh!!! These all look amazing!! Totally hyped for this game~

    9. Josh DuJordan on

      So stoked to hear some of the Homestuck music crew are working on the game's soundtrack! This is sure to be one of my wisest purchases.

    10. Missing avatar

      MSART on

      The character models are awesome! The textures and colors of the models look really good. Nice music.

    11. Billabo on

      Love the music and character designs! Still a little uneasy about the switch to 3D, but I'm sure I'll get used to it when I start playing the game.

    12. Missing avatar

      starkaat on

      Really cool to see these. Mike, James & Toby, and other peeps are doing work. ♥

      Also check out the labels on the troll concept drawings. I was thinking the first letters on each were blood colors, but BL is an odd one out. Maybe Indigo replaced BLue (or vice versa) at some point in the dev process for these guys. Or maybe they're something else. Location names? Factions? Hmm.
      Oh, and one of them being a "rebel marshall" is pretty interesting too. Exciting!

    13. Missing avatar

      Swamp Adder on

      THE FANTROLLS!! Amazing.

    14. Missing avatar

      CC on

      way too pumped for this

    15. Paula Vieira on

      The designs are adorable, but I really have to bring up the texture rendering in these models. It feels so great! Makes me want to pet everyone, it's so tactile.

    16. Nathan Mead on

      Hells yeah Toby Fox!

    17. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hilt on

      Book-girl is currently my favorite. The models are looking great!

    18. Edgar Mauricio Lemos on

      Hah, love the pirate-themed troll with braids and cutlass-like horns. The girl with the book is super cute, too!

    19. Porcupine on

      EEEEEeeeee! *fangirling excitedly around the room a few times* (And I'm not even a girl. Just an easily excitable non-hedgehog.)