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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
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Hiveswap is coming!


First, here's a website for the game, including a little press kit of art and screenshots. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter there, too.

Also, a few social media links, if you are interested in tracking updates on the game: Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr (This post covers a lot of the basics.)

The takeaway from this deluge of hyperlinks is clear: the game is imminently ramping up to be a thing in the real world that people can actually buy and play. Pretty exciting stuff! If you glanced at those shots, I must impress on you that as nice as it looks, all that is actually quite a small slice of everything this game embodies. It's all looking fantastic I think. The team's done a great job conjuring this feel I had in mind, somewhat reminiscent of the simple style of the comic, but heavy on atmosphere and other nice rendering qualities that help pull you into the world.

Being privy to all the work being done, I can tell you it's not only looking great, but it bears mentioning how FAST all this work has been materializing. To put this in perspective, recall that last Fall I mentioned we switched tracks and brought all game development in-house, under the What Pumpkin banner. We thought this was the best move for the future of the project, but realistically it also meant nearly a total production reboot. The move involved some risk, requiring an entire dev operation to be assembled from the ground-up almost overnight. Back in October of last year we hadn't even bought, like... computers. There weren't even computers yet, ok? You kind of need those, people kept telling me. But in the few months since then, somehow this crazy game making machine appeared out of thin air, caught fire, and now most of an episode has been drawn, modeled, textured, animated, all that. And the weird thing is, not just how quickly it's coming together, but considering the speed it's like... freakishly good? It shouldn't be this good.

All I can do, aside from mumble to myself like a wizard just played a trick on me, is give credit to the fantastic people on WP's dev team, and James and Jess (senior producer and creative director) who brought all these people together so quickly and are keeping everyone on task. I've spent some time with the crew in NYC, hangin' out, watching them work, making a total nuisance of myself. Just an all around great team of people, very skilled and very passionate about making games. I do think there's something else going on here, that makes this situation kind of special. Maybe unique. While in development, a very good dev team has sort of collided with the other creative side of What Pumpkin, a lot of great artists many of whom came up through the Paradox Space project. We've tapped a bunch of them for concept art and other kinds of creative input. These are phenomenal artists who are also really knowledgeable about Homestuck and really enthusiastic about this world in general, and they've been putting their creative touches into the game too, which I think is giving the content a lot of energy and depth. There are a lot of great elements coming together here.

So that's the news on that front. The front that's basically, "will there be a game soon and will it be good?" and the answers are yes and probably. News about what to expect from the game itself? I guess you can gather some tantalizing stuff from the visuals there. We'll release more tidbits like that as it gets closer. But what other DIRT can I reveal??

Alright, here's one little thing. Remember I said the story is tangentially related to Homestuck canon? It fits into canon events, but has very little direct involvement with what we know as the Sburb saga in the web story. So logically it takes place before 2009. Well, here's exactly when. Joey and her brother there (in that treehouse shot) are both kids from the 90's. That's when it takes place, at least the Earth portion of the story (Alternia didn't have the 90's). So its relation to Homestuck canon is something readers can piece together from clues in the game, as it ties into the backstory of Skaianet's roots, mysteries related to the guardians and their curious involvement with all that stuff. Learning all that isn't "the point" of the game, but it should be some fun stuff for people who've read the story to notice.

Events on Alternia also take place in the past. Exactly when is more nebulous though. Could be decades, could be centuries. Long before the time of Karkat and his friends, but the same basic Alternian culture. Planet populated only by kids, hemospectrum class system in full effect, all that. There's a different ruling Heiress. (I will not spoil who the 1st best at memes is, sorry.)


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    1. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    2. Ari LaTourette on

      Does anyone have a link to the backers only development blog? I've been watching for a while, and somehow I don't think I ever got access.

    3. Ryan Huff on

      I would almost literally kill somebody for some of this original art. This is looking beautiful. Thank you.

    4. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, and I can't wait to hear more!

    5. Jackie on

      So if we backed it and paid money for the game and soundtrack, we won't have to pay a second time? How will we get the digital downloads of the game and soundtrack?

    6. Unclever title on

      Yeah, this news seemed quite quick when I found out about the Hiveswap site yesterday.

      All I can say is capitalize on WP's freakish speed and maybe the mysterious prank wizard won't have the last laugh? I'd love to see What Pumpkin take off and continue to develop more games beyond Hiveswap and it's sequel

      Hmmm... What Pumpkin. Wizardly Prankster. It looks like your company was the wizard all along. DON'T LET YOURSELVES HAVE THE LAST LAUGH.

      Give that to us. Let us have the last laugh.

      I am swiftly losing knowledge of what that implies.

    7. Matthew Halls on

      The hype is steadily building! Very interested to go looking for all those Homestuck easter-eggs throughout the story (expanding on Skaianet seems particularly interesting).