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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Zatch 7 days ago

      I'm at the point where I don't really care about getting the game anymore, I just want updates man. I do understand that TOG embezzled funds from Andrew, and I can understand that there may be a non-disclosure agreement of some sort keeping him from coming out with it, but it does not excuse him or What Pumpkin from not keeping people in the know about the progress of the game. They haven't updated their Facebook, Twitter, Devblog or Official Site in over a year. I believe the last real update we got was on the MSPaintAdventures site when Homestuck was drawing to a close. It's really disgusting how poorly they are managing their communication. If they would just say something on at least a monthly basis then it would squelch my curiosity about the game's progress. Heck, even YandereDev can update us on his game twice a month, and he's doing most of the work himself with some help coming from volunteers.

      All I'm saying is, while there may be hiccups, keeping everybody in the dark about it does not help in the slightest.

    2. Kumori Katie McMahon on July 13

      You people really are impatient, demanding refunds just because the game's taking longer than expected after the money was stolen. And while I get that quite a chunk of the backers aren't interested in Homestuck anymore, it's ridiculous to expect a refund because of that. The game is still coming, Andrew is working on multiple things right now after all and has to balance his time between this and other projects. It's also been nearly four years, you're not getting a refund that long after the project ended. I'm looking forward to the game when it comes out, even though I'm not as into Homestuck as I was when I backed it. I still have faith, and I can't wait to play the game!

    3. J.G. on July 9

      undertale murdered homestuck, or at least looted its corpse

    4. Rachel White on July 9

      Is there any chance of a refund for this?

    5. Here Fishy Fishy on July 7

      It's sad that it was this delayed... who's gonna even play it now when it finishes now that the fandom has drifted elsewhere? Also going to 2D after seeing those cute 3D models made me sad.

    6. Missing avatar

      sanoadono on July 3

      Update please!

    7. Missing avatar

      Adrian on July 2

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    8. Hussie Zahhak on July 2

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
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    9. James Hovell on June 30

      Whelp, I've resigned myself to the fact that this won't be coming out, especially with the accusations of the misappropriation of the funds. This is very much a lesson learned... that lesson being never back games by small inexperienced new developers, since this kind of thing happens time and time again. I would still like to be wrong, but I'm going to chalk this one up as a loss and move on =(

    10. Audra on June 10

      Wish I could get my money back on this :/

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Castro on June 9

      I wish I hadn't backed this almost 4 years ago. I stopped liking Homestuck a while ago. Lesson learned - don't trust a kickstart.

    12. Daniel Wonsowower on May 27

      It would be lovely to have any info on what exactly is going on. even bad news is better than no news. Hopefully someone still sifts through these comments

    13. Missing avatar

      Katie Guardino on May 21

      TOG should be sued or some shit. I want my money back.

    14. Evgueni Baldin on May 16

      I want my money back! v.4.0

    15. Michael Abi Daoud on May 15

      Refund please - I'm sorry the money was stolen and all, but the game is 2 years late. I'm so done with Kickstarter. 3rd project funded that's tanked. :-/

    16. Evgueni Baldin on May 10

      Still no refund :( v.3.0

    17. Missing avatar

      PassedPawn on May 10

      Hey in case any of you werent aware WHY the game is taking so long, its because The Odd Gentlemen (the game dev studio who was hired to make the homestuck game), decided to just steal the money, so Hussie has no doubt gone to court with them over it, many times which not only halted the progress of the game being made, but also the comic. I doubt he has been able to actually get the money back though, so he moved game design in house and what pumpkin is now a game dev studio, the game will come out eventually just be patient, and in the meantime direct your hate all at The Odd Gentlemen

      source :…

    18. Elegan Pralia on May 6

      I need to change my address for the eventual release, does anyone know who I can contact for that?

    19. J.G. on May 1

      I mean I'd take a refund at this point but it's just not happening. Kickstarter is risky by its definition & What Pumpkin is pretty much entirely radio silent and difficult to reach.

    20. Shane James Michael Hillen on April 28

      I want a refund. Please give me my money back.

    21. Saranuu on April 16

      Can't wait for the game! Still as excited for it as ever

    22. Missing avatar

      Shannon on April 12

      I don't blame people for wanting refunds, all the stuff what was backer exclusive is up for sale on their stores which was what grinded my gears.

    23. Missing avatar

      William Ritchey on April 12

      I really wish we could be considered for refunds with this. The suggested arrival date is 2014. It's 2016. This is ridiculous.

    24. Evgueni Baldin on April 12

      I want a refund. v.2.0

    25. Robby on April 6

      "I'll finish Homestuck some time in 2013." -- Well, this step is finally happening, so, progress!

    26. J.G. on April 2

      I have to imagine we'll get an update sometime after Homestuck concludes.

    27. Brandon Chevalier on April 1

      Nope, last was in December.
      Maybe with any luck we'll get one during Summer.

    28. Rocketsniper
      on March 29

      Any updates? Been a few months...

    29. Brandon Chevalier on March 17
      Make sure to type something along the lines of
      "Kickstarter backer, Change of address"
      In the subject field, might help you get noticed.

    30. Aliesha Farrington on March 16

      how can I change my address? My pledge included a disc with the game, and if it does arrive in hard copy, I have moved since backing it. Thanks

    31. Rosie on March 15

      I do understand that TOG is garbage and everything and I feel bad for Hussie but I just don't care about Homestuck anymore.

    32. Rosie on March 15

      I do understand that TOG is garbage and everything and I feel bad for Hussie but I just don't care about Homestuck anymore.

    33. Rosie on March 15

      I am not at all interested in Homestuck anymore, I've grown past it, so at this point I seriously regret having backed it. Too bad the game didn't come out when I still cared.

    34. Evgueni Baldin on February 28

      I want my money back.

    35. J.G. on February 26

      They aint offerin shit. Backer beware.

    36. Evgueni Baldin on February 21

      I want my money back. What can you offer?

    37. J.G. on February 20

      Nah it hasn't. Game was estimated to ship in June 2014 so it hasn't even been 2, let alone 4.

    38. Alexandra Urbina on February 14

      its been 4 years passed the due date...

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian on December 26, 2015

      That's not how it works. You took the risk by spending money on something before it was finished. The risks are listed at the bottom of all Kickstarter project pages. It's still being made; it's not canceled...

    40. Zoe Zander on December 25, 2015

      Can I have my money back? Like seriously. It's been years. Way passed the due date. And you don't even know when we'd get it. I want my money back.

    41. Tina on December 25, 2015

      Man, so many people lacking in patience! I mean, this new update, WOW! I liked how the game was looking originally, it reminded me of old-school computer games from my younger days, but it definitely was a departure from the feel of Homestuck. THIS THOUGH. This looks downright MARVELOUS!!! I love the change in direction, and my anticipation for the completion of the game is renewed! Keep on chugging you guys, your fans are still behind you!

    42. Jayden Lawson on December 25, 2015

      My $1 investment to watch progress on this was worth the investment :D

    43. J.G. on December 11, 2015

      I gotta admit, them plugging all of their social media at the very end of the last update post and then going immediately silent after that is kinda hilarious.

    44. RC on December 10, 2015

      Still interested in the game but seriously disappointed in the lack of updates. It's been six months since our last update with a promise that we'll hear more soon... and the latest update was four months before that. If we can't even get a rough completion estimate any longer, are we going to add another year to this long wait period? Two? I understand that you can't give us any dates set in stone, but the Hiveswap team really needs to make more of an effort to keep your backers appraised of any updates, no matter how trite you think they are. Half a year of silence reads as dead in the water with your funders' money out the door.

    45. Barbara Boehme on December 10, 2015

      Kind of wishing there was a way to get some of my money back, at least the cost of the game since I'm not all that interested or invested in Homestuck anymore. Can't even try to sell off my other rewards at this point, since WP turned around and sold the leftovers anyway.

    46. Alex Jachymek on December 10, 2015

      At this point I'd honestly just like my $80 back. I pledged at $105 and okay, I got the print so I can suck up $25 for that. I still love Homestuck and I realize the issues that happened with the production of the game, but to not even have an update on this from anyone actually involved with the game is ridiculous.

    47. Missing avatar

      Tracy Dickens on December 4, 2015

      I completely forgot about this project O_O for almost a whole year.

    48. Missing avatar

      Linknik on December 4, 2015

      @Maria and Lang:

      There will be a way to update your address before the physical games go out, don't worry.

    49. Missing avatar

      Lang Strife on December 1, 2015

      Just like the comment before me by Maria Terentieva, I changed adresses too since the first batch of rewards. How can I update my adress before the USB gets sent

    50. Maria Terentieva on November 24, 2015

      Hey there! So I realized that since the first batch of rewards, my address has changed! I ordered my game as a USB so since I assume those will be physically sent out, I was just wondering how I could go about updating my address before then?

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