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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. ShiChara on

      according to twitter the emails have been done being sent out hours ago? it has almost been 6 hours, and i have not received mine. i am using the same email as noted in the survey.

    2. Max Saffel on

      Computers take time to send things guys, settle down

    3. ShiChara on

      hi so it has been 3 hours and 30 minutes and i still have not received my email with the code yet

    4. crickettier on

      Hi I'm still waiting for the email with the code

    5. ShiChara on

      hi so its been 3 hours and i still have not received the email that contains my code

    6. Brandon Chevalier on

      Steam means you can get acheivments and stuff at the cost of having it locked to you and your account.

      DRM free (The better choice IMHO) means you forgo trophies and can modify, move, and give away copies of the game files.

    7. Calmodee on

      Why do we have to choose between Steam and DRM-free? Which should I choose? I hate choices.

    8. Missing avatar

      Laura on


    9. Missing avatar

      Laura on

      Not to be rude, but where the heck is the code, please

    10. Brandon Chevalier on

      It's been a long time, can't wait to finally play this game.

    11. Mr. Shiny (Jeff Carey) on

      Oh wait today is 14th! Never mind!!!!

    12. Mr. Shiny (Jeff Carey) on

      Anyone else not get a code yet?

    13. Missing avatar

      CSDragon on

      "At 12PM EDT, Kickstarter backers will begin receiving their download emails. Humble Bundle is processing these backer emails manually, and they’re very good at what they do, so it won’t be long before you receive yours. "

      Y'all read the update before you complain you haven't gotten your key yet. Expect it in 9 hours.

    14. Bren

      So I saw the email about receiving the codes via email? But has anyone else gotten the survey? I double checked my pledge and I haven't gotten it.

    15. Thomas Chan on

      five fucking years, man. i don't even care about homestuck anymore.

    16. Krystal on


      I don't have the survey option in the 'view pledge' tab either. Is there another way to change my Address?

    17. Missing avatar

      Dove on

      Oh sorry I scrolled down, figured it out

    18. Missing avatar

      Dove on

      Will there be another survey given out? I've moved a few times since donating.

    19. Theo on

      Hi! Really glad the game is coming out so soon, but I've moved since the Kickstarter happened, how can I change my shipping address?

    20. Kaitlyn Raya Miller on

      so i got the download like for the soundtrack but not the game?

    21. Audra on

      Hoping that I still get the physical copy when it becomes available since I pledged more than 80$.

    22. Missing avatar

      Karin Quiles on

      I did a pledge for this under two different emails, and one was considered "cancelled" though I paid for both! When I enter one email address it says "pledge cancelled" but i had paid for both, and recieved the physical prizes for both. How do I get access to a key for that second email?

    23. Brandon Chevalier on

      Nevermind, I read down a bit.

    24. Brandon Chevalier on

      Thanks for that, I almost lost Sonic Mania due to mailbox shuffling not too long ago and was worried it would happen to Hiveswap too.

      Do you know if both parts are shipping individually? or are they going out as one disc/usb when part two releases? It's been awhile since I came over here to check up on things.

    25. JayC

      I don’t get that option, and I’m pretty sure that it only works if you use the kickstarter survey platform.

    26. CFitzp on

      For those who are worried about having the reward game shipped to an outdated address:

      It seems that you can update your shipping address under the "Survey" tab that can be found by clicking the "View Pledge" button.

      Hope this helps.

    27. Missing avatar

      Taylor Anglemyer on

      They've said that the physical game won't come until they release all the parts. Considering how long part 1 took, good luck anyone who hit that tier.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dove on

      Will we be receiving a survey to change addresses if needed? I've moved since I initially backed the project.

    29. JayC

      Similarly how do we update address changes?

    30. Jennifer Robinson on

      If the game will be released in acts, when will the physical game copy be released for those of us who shelled out for that tier?

    31. Missing avatar

      Veronica on

      thanks for the links to the interviews, they make me more optimistic, wish they cared enough about us to post about them here too though, last update here was in May...

    32. Rick Terr on

      Soooo, bout them interviews,

      yeah thats what i figured

    33. RyanG on

      I'm pretty sure too many people complained about the interviews and not getting substantive updates so they just decided to do them all on reddit or whatever now.

    34. Stephanie Rainey on

      Is it really that hard to even just post a link to the interviews here...? Like. Just a link. Come on guys. Throw your backers a bone.

    35. RyanG on

      I wonder if we'll hit the 5 year make before we see this?

    36. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    37. Carl Nelson on

      @zach, they already have our money, it's the OTHER people they have to convince to care about homestuck again years later.

    38. Missing avatar

      Zach on

      The dev team's inability to post the rest of the interviews here (which admittedly I don't care about) seems like another sign of them not giving a shit about their backers.

    39. Thomas Chan on

      Gimme mah game!

    40. Missing avatar

      carmela on

      May I please have my game now?

    41. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    42. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    43. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    44. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    45. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    46. Jason on

      I just want an apology at this point honestly. I'm so tired.

    47. Jason on

      I do not care about interviews with the people who made the game. Hell, I don't care about homestuck anymore. I have left comments here which obviously Hussie or whoever is in charge of this doesn't read, but even so let me spell it out for you. We do not care about status updates. We do not want interviews with programmers, art directors, animators, anyone. There is only one update any of us care about and that is the update that says "The game is finished and coming out tomorrow, here is your download code". We have waited 5 years and all we have gotten is the reach around from Hussie the whole time. Enough is enough. You've wasted your face bases time and money. No more filler BS updates. Give us the game.

    48. Missing avatar

      Chuck Testa on

      Alright Huss I finally found that lengthy blog post explaining what happened to the money. It's interesting that I found this out now in 2017 and not back when it happened, what in 2014? I have been reading all the backer emails, ok. I had not the slightest inkling when I read "house developer changes" that what happened was the game had to be started over because $700k of costs were illegally squandered. Damn. Yeah, business is vicious, I easily see that happening. I get that it's better for you & your company if less people know that. I get that you may even consider it justified, in using other sources of money to release a game later. What gets my panties in a knot is you never showing the appearance of having done anything wrong. "Oops guys, the game is delayed!" Lol what? No, you've clearly just went and burned a bunch of my money.
      And if you decide to hide your face, pretend and make this big show that nothing serious happened, contingent on a weak moral that it was an accident and the game's coming out anyway, well here's what happens Huss: I won't know what I'm waiting on, I'll forget about it, I'll find out about it years later all over again, get mad, leave a salty comment on the page, and then be fresh out of shits to give. Peace

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