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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bren

      So I saw the email about receiving the codes via email? But has anyone else gotten the survey? I double checked my pledge and I haven't gotten it.

    2. Thomas Chan on

      five fucking years, man. i don't even care about homestuck anymore.

    3. Krystal on


      I don't have the survey option in the 'view pledge' tab either. Is there another way to change my Address?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dove on

      Oh sorry I scrolled down, figured it out

    5. Missing avatar

      Dove on

      Will there be another survey given out? I've moved a few times since donating.

    6. Theo on

      Hi! Really glad the game is coming out so soon, but I've moved since the Kickstarter happened, how can I change my shipping address?

    7. Kaitlyn Raya Miller on

      so i got the download like for the soundtrack but not the game?

    8. Audra on

      Hoping that I still get the physical copy when it becomes available since I pledged more than 80$.

    9. Missing avatar

      Karin Quiles on

      I did a pledge for this under two different emails, and one was considered "cancelled" though I paid for both! When I enter one email address it says "pledge cancelled" but i had paid for both, and recieved the physical prizes for both. How do I get access to a key for that second email?

    10. Brandon Chevalier on

      Nevermind, I read down a bit.

    11. Brandon Chevalier on

      Thanks for that, I almost lost Sonic Mania due to mailbox shuffling not too long ago and was worried it would happen to Hiveswap too.

      Do you know if both parts are shipping individually? or are they going out as one disc/usb when part two releases? It's been awhile since I came over here to check up on things.

    12. JayC

      I don’t get that option, and I’m pretty sure that it only works if you use the kickstarter survey platform.

    13. CFitzp on

      For those who are worried about having the reward game shipped to an outdated address:

      It seems that you can update your shipping address under the "Survey" tab that can be found by clicking the "View Pledge" button.

      Hope this helps.

    14. Missing avatar

      Taylor Anglemyer on

      They've said that the physical game won't come until they release all the parts. Considering how long part 1 took, good luck anyone who hit that tier.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dove on

      Will we be receiving a survey to change addresses if needed? I've moved since I initially backed the project.

    16. JayC

      Similarly how do we update address changes?

    17. Jennifer Robinson on

      If the game will be released in acts, when will the physical game copy be released for those of us who shelled out for that tier?

    18. Missing avatar

      Veronica on

      thanks for the links to the interviews, they make me more optimistic, wish they cared enough about us to post about them here too though, last update here was in May...

    19. Rick Terr on

      Soooo, bout them interviews,

      yeah thats what i figured

    20. RyanG on

      I'm pretty sure too many people complained about the interviews and not getting substantive updates so they just decided to do them all on reddit or whatever now.

    21. Stephanie Rainey on

      Is it really that hard to even just post a link to the interviews here...? Like. Just a link. Come on guys. Throw your backers a bone.

    22. RyanG on

      I wonder if we'll hit the 5 year make before we see this?

    23. Hussie Zahhak on

      ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
      ..........''...\.......... _.·´

    24. Carl Nelson on

      @zach, they already have our money, it's the OTHER people they have to convince to care about homestuck again years later.

    25. Missing avatar

      Zach on

      The dev team's inability to post the rest of the interviews here (which admittedly I don't care about) seems like another sign of them not giving a shit about their backers.

    26. Thomas Chan on

      Gimme mah game!

    27. Missing avatar

      carmela on

      May I please have my game now?

    28. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    29. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    30. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    31. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    32. Jason on

      I'm Tired.

    33. Jason on

      I just want an apology at this point honestly. I'm so tired.

    34. Jason on

      I do not care about interviews with the people who made the game. Hell, I don't care about homestuck anymore. I have left comments here which obviously Hussie or whoever is in charge of this doesn't read, but even so let me spell it out for you. We do not care about status updates. We do not want interviews with programmers, art directors, animators, anyone. There is only one update any of us care about and that is the update that says "The game is finished and coming out tomorrow, here is your download code". We have waited 5 years and all we have gotten is the reach around from Hussie the whole time. Enough is enough. You've wasted your face bases time and money. No more filler BS updates. Give us the game.

    35. Missing avatar

      Chuck Testa on

      Alright Huss I finally found that lengthy blog post explaining what happened to the money. It's interesting that I found this out now in 2017 and not back when it happened, what in 2014? I have been reading all the backer emails, ok. I had not the slightest inkling when I read "house developer changes" that what happened was the game had to be started over because $700k of costs were illegally squandered. Damn. Yeah, business is vicious, I easily see that happening. I get that it's better for you & your company if less people know that. I get that you may even consider it justified, in using other sources of money to release a game later. What gets my panties in a knot is you never showing the appearance of having done anything wrong. "Oops guys, the game is delayed!" Lol what? No, you've clearly just went and burned a bunch of my money.
      And if you decide to hide your face, pretend and make this big show that nothing serious happened, contingent on a weak moral that it was an accident and the game's coming out anyway, well here's what happens Huss: I won't know what I'm waiting on, I'll forget about it, I'll find out about it years later all over again, get mad, leave a salty comment on the page, and then be fresh out of shits to give. Peace

    36. Danni Hone on

      It's hard to interpret comments as "salty" or "inconsiderate" or even claim that people are unaware of "what happened to the money."

      This shit has been inconsistent since day one - even in 2013-2014, we were only getting backer updates every six months. That /should/ make people uneasy or wary. Game development takes time, sure, but transparency doesn't.

      I think you're allowed to remain hopeful, but judging others for being disappointed or annoyed just seems wrong. We're all backers here, we've been here since 2012, let's just acknowledge that sometimes companies fuck up and we're allowed to criticize them for it.

    37. Cer_Neuf on

      It's really heart breaking to see all these sad/angry comments :(...

      I am grateful for Homestuck and that they are still working towards finishing up the game, despite the many difficulties. Unfortunately, while I am still a diehard fan, many other fans have moved on & have become bitter about the whole experience. However, kickstarter doesn't work just as a preorder--it's about supporting the creator to create a dream, with the guarantee of eventually getting it (if you've backed that level).

      Unfortunately, The Odd Gentleman stole the kickstarter money and for legal reasons, the Homestuck can't go into more detail. However, all the physical rewards beyond the game have already been given out. IF there were to be any refund, I'd imagine it would be the amount for the game itself--excluding the physical items that were already given out. (Yes, I know the physical items don't add up to the overall total, BUT part of the included cost was the exclusivity of some items and supporting the game itself.) HOWEVER, the team doesn't have the money to give a refund because the money was stolen by The Odd Gentlemen and anything that they have would be used towards making the game to make it right.

      I do agree that more updates would be nice, but understand they are trying to keep some element of surprise & excitement...however, the deadline keeps stretching out...

      I'm hoping that maybe it will be released 6/12 Hivebent Day--or at the very least we have another update, but I think everyone's patience is running very thin. If there are concerns regarding the quality, would it be possible to release a demo and/or beta testing that is kickstarter-only on 6/12?? As a way for there to be more open communication and also way for the backers to provide feedback on the game quality//to check for bugs?

      Also, I believe that the right thing would also be for The Odd Gentlemen to give a digital download of King's Quest to all the Homestuck kickstarter backers due to them selling the money for the King's Quest Game, but I realize that a company/developer/The Odd Gentlemen with the morals to steal money from a kickstarter holding the hopes & dreams of its fans for another game, also won't have the morals to try to alleviate, apologize, &/or make it slightly better for the fans they stole from.

      IF the Homestuck kickstarter really was trying to steal money from its fans, it would not have shipped out all the physical rewards so quickly (or have had physical rewards as those increase the cost greatly due to shipping fees) AND they would not still be trying to make it right & produce the game, despite the many difficulties they have faced.

      So thank you for continuing on. Please keep us backers updated and if you are worried about the quality, maybe we can help do a beta/demo testing to get all the kinks out before it's 'officially' released?

    38. Missing avatar

      Taylor Anglemyer on

      People aren't salty because they're impatient. People are salty because the team keep making vague assurances and failing to follow through.

      -Dec 15: We were give a launch date for January but that passed without a peep.

      -Feb 7: The game was "just about done" in and needed "several weeks" to finish testing and iron out the bugs, but they were intentionally waiting to release it with some secret, undefined second project that hasn't been spoken of since then.

      -April 13: It was "nearly done" this time, along with promises of "parting the curtain a little more" via interviews with the game team "over the next few weeks" and yet we've seen nothing of the sort.

      They are three years past the initial launch date, and four months behind the last one we've been given. These tongue-in-cheek "We won't give you any real details, but we swear we're working on it and it's almost done! Honest this time!" non-updates are not cutting it.

    39. Missing avatar

      Zach on

      I know full well what happened to make the game take so long and I don't fault Hussie or any of the people currently working on Hiveswap for it. What I do fault them for is for not being open about the game taking longer to make (I know that they couldn't legally share the specific reasons but they could have said something) and not communicating with their backers about this newest delay.

    40. ShiChara on

      look at all these salty salty people who probably dont even know what happened to make the game take longer to be made. google is your friend, people.

    41. J.G. on

      Talk about a way to murder a fanbase.

    42. Missing avatar

      FelipeGBotero on

      Fuck off. You literally lied about the quality thing since you openly said you were changing the art style back to 2D who knows how many months to a year ago since you got all our money stolen when you had that falling out with Whatpumpkin. This game is gonna be shit, you're shit. I didn't even read the last part of Homestuck because this shit put such a bad taste in my mouth but I imagine it's happened pretty much like this kickstarter did. It built up a lot of steam only to pass a rather heated and lengthy queef into the face of the fans from a bloated, chunky, and pallid vagina built on lies and continues to make it seem like it was worth it all. But, as you take your medicine for your extreme case of pink eye, you know deep down it wasn't. I was young and dumb when I supported this kickstarter, and now older, jaded and cold to happiness I realize my mistake. You have taken part of what made my childhood fun, and you are burning it in front of me. Never forget this comment. When you release the game, put this comment on the box. The people need to know. I am not the only fan who feels this way, and I will not be the last. They need to know, this is how you break a fan. This is how you hurt someone without even wielding a weapon. May whatever being you believe in take mercy on you for hurting those who loved you this way. Also Jade is still best girl, never forget that either. Good luck on the rest of the game, I'm probably not even gonna play it.

    43. Thedude3445 on

      The lack of apology for completely missing the previous release date window and the lack of any transparency as to why these things occurred. Good PR is vital when you want to release a game like this and acting aloof and distant is not going to create that PR. Delayed Kickstarters always get the type of comments that proliferate this comment section, but this particular Kickstarter project is seemingly doing everything it can to give itself a worse reputation among the people that helped make it happen. Transparency is not a bad thing!

    44. Alexandra Jones on

      As someone who has backed numerous projects, this isn't even the longest or the least amount of communication I've seen. When you back on kickstarter, your are essentially "donating" for the prospect of a reward. There is no guarantee you will get said reward or refund to be had. Though more transparency was needed with backers, the fact that we are seeing more means the track is back on and I'm personally excited to see more!

    45. Thomas Chan on

      I hate Homestuck now. It's been too long. I don't even want this game anymore. Give me my money back.

    46. Kevin Murray on

      Seeing as how the Asylum playing card game was fined $1000 per kickstarter backer in civil penalties for violating the state Consumer Protection Act (plus they had to pay court fees) some lawyer sure could make a lot of money taking Mr. Hussie to task.

    47. RyanG on

      Based on the update and the fact that they'll be releasing "interviews" (plural) leading up to the release, I'm guessing we're looking at the release date being months off.

    48. Rick Terr on

      yeah...i hope you enjoy swindling money from people like myself...not even a demo ..a demo of some game would have been nice but nope nothing, your update in feb ..its april and no nothing no pics, no videos nothing, you sir are a good swindler well done, i hope you did good things with the money you took from people. 5 years you milked this thing...just say we just couldnt do it here is your money back sorry.

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