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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Richard 6 days ago

      @sharpmath That would make sense if TOG belonged to Hussie or something, but they basically just failed to meet the expectations from their contract. Hussie isn't god or anything, he can't physically make people do something, and he did *try* but they barred him from their site. The real question is why he can't have a legal investigation to get hard proof and, in turn, sue them for embezzlement. The likely answer to that is that it's costly, and he can't spend Kickstarter money on it because that has to be spent for the game. Nobody is flat out saying "Hussie isn't to blame", they're just giving the information that people have been asking for.

    2. Creator sharpmath on September 29

      I love the links in some posts that try to say that Hussie isn't to blame. It's his thing. He is to blame. He has let everyone down. What a sad situation that he messed up his initial webcomic and his attempt to make a game out of it.

    3. Creator Tyler on September 23

      It almost feels like we've been cheated out of our money. At least one update a month would be nice.

    4. Creator Dilbert the Animated Series on September 23

      I like all the 14 year olds that donated to this and are now too cool for it. Gonna make a compilation

    5. Creator Mr. Shiny (Jeff Carey) on September 23

      Over 2 months since last update.

    6. Creator Proxy Noxy on September 20

      I've long since stopped reading the webcomic and I'm probably not going to bother with the game now (I backed on the 2nd day of the KS and I was super excited then but now I don't like webcomics and I've moved onto making music and drawing f/f xxx stuff, lol). Just gimme the OST and release me from this Hell.
      So far, I'm disappointed. This was the first thing I KS'd, three of my other projects have reached their conclusion perfectly, one has finally released a close to finished [WIP] of the work they've done, another "claims" that they're finally shipping their packages to all the backers and that it'd all be received this month. This is the only one and the oldest one that hasn't given me any gain so far and all I want is the music. I don't care about the game, I don't care about Homestuck, all I want are the GD oh fish shall sand trek.

    7. Creator Scott on September 18

      nevermind i found my answer xD;

    8. Creator Scott on September 18


      So i don't remember if i provided my address for the shipping information of the game or not. I pledged $80 for GAMEPAK 1 and the signed physical copy. I have since moved, and my address is different; if i provided my address before, how can i change it? And if i didnt provide it before, how are you going to collect it? via email?

    9. Creator Mr. Shiny (Jeff Carey) on September 9

      Just over 3 YEARS since this launched.

    10. Creator Trine Kia Lindberg on August 17

      I remember I never recieved my pledge package, it was the strider pack. Tried contacting you for ages and eventually gave up. What a waste of money. I got so dissapointed. :(

    11. Creator Al Romaithi on August 11

      Now what? wait and see? I am disappointed by this project. :(

    12. Creator Brandon Chevalier on August 2

      ►Well at least we know what the holdup was now, although i am a little angry that the
      Odd Douchebags got away with this shit with no more than a slap on the wrist, Hopefully now that this is back on track i can get Mother 4 and Hiveswap at about the same time, that would awesome.

    13. Creator kittyanonymous on July 15

      Thank you very much for responding, I greatly appreciate it. I am also very happy to hear that. I wish you luck in working on the rest of the game and hope that everything goes relatively smoothly from here on out.

    14. Creator J-Tin on July 15

      I have another question, since it will be in episodes, i assume its going to be much like the Telltale games, where there are about 4-5 and they are not all released at once, and just out of curiosity, about what time will we see a spec requirement for the game, around September or October?

    15. Creator MS Paint Adventures on July 14

      Kittyanonymous, backers will receive all of the episodes on the physical copy.

    16. Creator kittyanonymous on July 14

      Well, I was going to ask about about the whole Odd Gentlemen thing, but since it seems like I won't be getting a comment on that I'll ask about something else I've been wondering anyway.

      So, for backers who are getting a physical copy of the game, is that physical copy going to include all episodes once finished, or is it just going to be the first episode? (And if we actually are getting all episodes on the physical copy, will we be getting digital versions of the episodes as they come out so we don't have to wait until they are all done to play them?)

      I mean I guess I can kind of understand if it's only the first episode if this whole Odd Gentlemen fiasco is true, since a sizable chunk of the money for the game would have been stolen (and by extension a sizable chunk of MY MONEY was stolen). But I already donated a pretty heft sum to the kickstarter, with the idea that I would be getting the whole game and not have to pay even more money later to get the rest of the game. (Especially since the funds I had at the time I donated no longer exist now due to college tuition, so it would especially suck if I couldn't even afford the rest of the game that I backed.)

      I mean I don't really blame What Pumpkin or Hussie if this stuff is true. I'm just kind of bitter and feel like I've been screwed over by some third party, with the worst thing being that I can't do anything about it. But I am still a fan of Homestuck and by no means regret backing this kickstarter. I wish nothing but good things for Andrew Hussie and have nothing but immeasurable respect for him and and all the work that he's been putting into finishing Homestuck and working on Hiveswap to create an enjoyable game (not to mention all the shit the poor guy has to put up with).

      But yeah, if you could at least answer my question about how many episodes we're getting I'd appreciate it.

    17. Creator MS Paint Adventures on July 9

      Hi, everyone!

      We know it's been a long time since the last update on the status of Hiveswap, but we have one in the works for you. We can't comment on anything related to The Odd Gentlemen, but production is moving along and we're looking forward to sharing that progress with you soon.

      Thanks for your patience!

    18. Creator Sigh on July 5

      Would it be too much to ask for us to get an official word on how all of this has worked out? Even if Andrew and What Pumpkin can't actually DO anything about this with The Odd Gentlemen I think it would be a disservice to the backers to not let us know when a snag as big as that may have happened.

    19. Creator Doop on July 5

      I'm sorry to read that AH had to go through all of that, If you read the comments: Keep up the good work I don't mind waiting as long as you need us to wait for it to get done, don't stress you're doing great.

    20. Creator Plaxinov on July 4

      at approximately 1:05, an individual alludes to what has happened here in regards to TOG's development responsibilities.

      please forgive me for linking polygon.

    21. Creator Plaxinov on July 4

      i learned about the purported embezzlement mere moments after posting my deriding remark.

      TOG should be nailed to a cross. unforgivable.

      while homestuck is still bad no amount of awful could ever right the wrongs of a destitute, garbage indie developer such as them.

    22. Creator Plaxinov on July 4

      garbage franchise

      big regrets on this one

    23. Creator Lizeon on July 4

      ipgd had to take it down though, did anybody get screenshots or anything?

    24. Creator Ceetee on July 4

      So I'm not sure how often people check here, but for those who do, I thought I would leave this here. There isn't really a source, but The Odd Gentlemen are definitely backing this up through the way they have been working recently, and I dont see any real gaps in the story, so I'm inclined to believe it.

    25. Creator Peter Drinovac on June 15

      Brendan it doesn't work. All it tells me is that the survey is over and to contact them if I need to make changes.

    26. Creator Brendan Hong on June 2

      @ Seonaid

      You actually change your address. Just go to the whichever tier your pledged for and click "your response" and there should be an option to edit your mailing address there.

    27. Creator Samuel Bennallick on May 25

      Many of us have changed address and I have seen no information about how to update it.
      I've sent multiple emails, too, and received no response.

    28. Creator Seonaid Fowley on May 17

      HI, I have recently moved, how can change my address? I'm worried that once this game comes out it would be sent to my old address. Is there a way to update my address?

    29. Creator Kat Haugh on May 2

      i have recently moved and not sure if i am going to still get the game how do i change the address?

    30. Creator Unhappy Walrus on May 2

      Two years is enough time to lose interest in a bad webcomic and its rude artist, and it was certainly enough for me. I wish I could take back the good amount of money I gave to this project. Hussie has officially become the most creative scammer on planet earth.

    31. Creator Brandon Chevalier on April 29

      Hey Guys! General Disarray checking in.
      I just got back from the scenic land of holyshitibrokemycomputer.
      Does anyone know anything about the fabled backers blog or how everything is going
      Im way out of the loop and coasting in the stratosphere when i comes to recent info.

    32. Creator Krystal on April 24

      Hi. I recently moved and I'm worried that once this game comes out it would be sent to my old address. Is there a way to send you my new address?

    33. Creator Anastasia on April 21

      The soundtrack comes out with the game right?

    34. Creator Carl Nelson on April 11

      It should be the whole "Game" just like how broken age went down.

    35. Creator AyeAye12 on April 10

      Hey, sorry if already asked but will backers receive all four "episodes" of the game or only the first one?

    36. Creator Alexandra Jones on March 27, 2015

      @Pat and @Bro You both sum it all up perfectly. Honestly I'm surprised on how good the graphics are! Not gonna lie, I had expected less, but I'm happy that I'm getting these adorable figures that really bring me back to some games I used to play in my childhood. And the plot line?? Seriously, every Homestuck fan has been wanting to know more about troll culture and this is literally an entire game about Alternia!! How can you not be excited?? :DD

    37. Creator Bro Strider on March 27, 2015

      Coming out of Comment-section retirement just to back up Pat O here;
      I'm not sure what you were expecting out of this, those of you who are complaining about what they've seen so far, but honestly I'm seeing a lot more than I ever expected from this game in those few brief minutes of concept art. I mean come on, an entire troll society flush with characters from all arms of the Hemospectrum? A deeper exploration of troll culture and run-ins with the dreaded, thus-far enigmatic drones? a human character pretending to be a troll in a hoody and fake horns to survive life on Alternia?!?
      This is some good shit right here!
      So have a little faith, manage your expectations graphically (like they're really what matters in a game like this....) and know that what Hussie will deliver is what the massive nerd always delivers; I goddamned fantastic story wrapped up with intrigue, heartbreak and endless shenanigans.
      Keep it real everybody,
      Kickstucks still going strong.

    38. Creator Victoria Lindsey on March 26, 2015

      Hey i am sorry if this is a silly question, but how can i see what the convention list will be. Like which conventions they will be at?

    39. Creator Carl Nelson on March 26, 2015

      Fan trolls in game, that's pretty awesome

    40. Creator ilovehomestuck413 (matt) on March 15, 2015

      Thank you, Pat. You just said what I had been fuming about so perfectly.

    41. Creator Pat O on March 13, 2015

      Well I think it looks awesome. As for all you people whining about 'wasting' money?

      I paid $1025 for this. I paid that much money KNOWING it'll take a long time. I thought a release in 2014 was rather unrealistic, so I was unfazed when Dec. 31 rolled by and it hadn't come out yet. Do I regret paying that much money? No. No I do not. Making a game does not happen in a few months. Games take YEARS to make. Look at Kingdom Hearts, it's been over 10 years since it came out and KH3 isn't even out yet. And that is with a huge, professional staff. Hussie had to change the company entirely and decided to bring in AN ENTIRELY NEW CREW, building it up from nothing, to make this game. Frankly, the astonishing part is that after doing that, it is going to come out THIS SPRING. Well, the first part, anyway. That means in less than a year from changing the entire staff, they made 1/4 of the game and almost finished that part from beginning to end. As for the people who claim it looks like shit?

      No it doesn't. If you look at the first page of Homestuck and then look at this game, and still think that, there's no help for you. Homestuck has had some unbelievably shitty art in it, and some really incredible art in it. This art? Somewhere in the middle, which matches the spirit of Homestuck perfectly. The level of 3D modeling I've seen in the screenshots of the game are comparable to some Zelda games, and are definitely better than another indie game out there. I believe it's called.... 'Minecraft'. I can't for the life of me see why this is 'bad'. If you're expecting Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls from HOMESTUCK, then you've been reading the wrong webcomic this entire time.

      Having a game with graphics better than Minecraft (granted, its charm is in its simplicity, but whatever) from a tiny company that was thrown together within the past year is AMAZING. Indie rarely gets this good, at the size they're at staffwise. I just wish I could've contributed myself. As someone who has experience with 3D modeling programs, I can assure you that making backgrounds like the ones I've seen is NOT easy. And the backgrounds are static images that don't move! The objects cast shadows, have light sources, and have different textures depending on the material used. I see polished wood desks with slightly reflective surfaces, I see carpeting, I see cloth, I see metal, I see paper. Sure, it could all use a bit more polishing, but that's probably what they're doing now. Preliminary images do not always stay the same when the game comes out; it's perfectly possible that in the last few months of production, they're working on making it look as fantastic as they're able, and we'll all be blown away. If it comes out looking like it does in the screenshots on I'll still be happy, because making games is not easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

      Make a game yourself, and then complain about how long it's taking.

      Now, rant aside... I think we will get physical copies of the game right away. They could provide the preliminary data that you install and play on the physical CD or USB, and then they send access to patches. That's how many games are going these days, like Diablo 3 and so on. All you need is to have the original game, and updates will follow. There's no need to wait until they're all done to give us the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parts of the game. I'm still getting patches on my Sims 3 game, after all, despite only buying the CD(digitally) the first time.

      Oh there's a good comparison graphics-wise. The Homestuck game is comparable to Sims 2, possibly Sims 3. Yes good.

      Ok tl;dr, the game looks awesome, I am pleased with my purchase, give me game now.

      (Oh... I also had a change of address and haven't gotten confirmation either, which is a problem since I am supposed to get signed concept art sent to me. I hope they do send out another survey requesting address updates, this is important)

    42. Creator Carl Nelson on February 19, 2015

      Let's be realistic. This game was either going to look really good and be incredibly short. Or be a decent game and not look perfect. That's the budget.

      Did homestuck look perfect the whole time? No.

      Did you love it for the characters and the story? Yes.

      Also a reminder that since USB and CD include the whole game and a complete copy of homestuck it can't ship until the game ends, we'll probably get steam keys or something to start with. (you could send the first half of the game but unless homestuck is over you can't send that stuff...)

    43. Creator Ryan Huff on February 19, 2015

      Wow, such childishness. Unbelievable.

    44. Creator jessica on February 18, 2015

      Hussey, your game looks like shit and I cant believe that I spent 100 dollars on something that is never going to exist "in the real world" and if it does is gonna look like a flash from the early 2000's. fuck you andrew hussey and fuck homestuck especially

    45. Creator Tina on February 17, 2015

      There is a webpage now~!

    46. Creator Gavin Grey on February 4, 2015

      I donated over $100 to this in my first semester of sophomore year. Now its my second semester of senior year lol. I hope it comes this year at least!

    47. Creator mordhau5 on January 26, 2015

      Has anybody had any success contacting WhatPumpkin for address change?

    48. Creator Tyler on January 22, 2015

      @Jennifer oh good. im not the only one doing that.

    49. Creator Jennifer "JAK of all Trades" Klettke on January 20, 2015

      I'm fondly remembering watching this project take off while watching the Kickstarter page for Exploding Kittens. Ah, memories.

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