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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sam on October 26

      I still haven't received my download instructions. Has anyone else received them?

    2. zangothedino on September 23

      Shoulda read down a bit. how do i change my address for its delivery?

    3. zangothedino on September 23

      Where my physical copy at tho?

    4. Jamal on September 22

      i meant to pop in earlier but eh... i doubt many people came back after they resolved it. any way all the keys should have been sent long ago and if you didnt get yours and definitely didnt just "miss" it in your spam box its probably because you changed your email in the last 5 years. go figure. but was pretty speedy and got me my copy after an extra day.

    5. Missing avatar

      Samuel Wells on September 22

      search your mail inbox for humble instead of homestuck.

    6. Tom Kingery on September 20

      Where's my game!? if pirates can play it and I can't, there's a problem!

    7. Sally Rose on September 20

      umm i dont know how to get my game , no email in my in box

    8. Carl Nelson on September 19

      So i also paid 100 dollars for a physical copy of the game. and now everyone is playing and i'm... waiting another year or two it sounds like? really?

    9. Missing avatar

      Steve Ross on September 18

      spoopy, in my reminder email from the 12th, it says "Just a reminder, physical copies of the complete HIVESWAP will be distributed after all four acts are released."

      So it looks like you've still got quite a bit of waiting to do for that.

      I'd personally just like to play the stupid thing. It was a huge insult not to have the game in our hands before any random person could just download it.

    10. spoopy on September 18

      Does anyone know when the physical copy will be mailed??? I haven't received the digital copy and no one will message me back, so im just hoping i can play it soon...

    11. Kylie Kinion on September 17

      Just as a follow-up to my situation, I emailed What Pumpkin and got in touch with support (Julian helped me; a very nice and helpful person).
      For me, changing my email address to my current one seemed to be the problem. Julian said that once the change to my current email address went through, I should receive my download email.
      This was Friday at 7:30 PM EDT.
      I figured that the change wouldn't go through during the weekend, but I'm still disappointed I haven't received my code.
      I will probably wait until 3-5 PM tomorrow, and if it hasn't been sent, I'll email them again.
      My advice to anyone who changed their email address: even if you've been receiving Kickstarter updates, this might not be the address WP will send your code to. I would suggest emailing WP and making sure they have your updated address. I personally was never sent a survey about my email/physical address, either.

    12. J.G. on September 16

      From what I understand, you paid for Hiveswap and its acts. Hauntswitch is the (theoretical?) sequel that will be made upon Hiveswap's completion. It is a different game, so yeah you'll have to buy it.

    13. RyanShyfte on September 15

      To answer my own question: the last tier was achieved. Anyone who got a GamePak will get a digital copy of the entire Homestuck webcomic when they get a physical copy of the games in the mail.

    14. Missing avatar

      DaveKap on September 15

      I'm curious if anyone knows the answer to this. I read on the Steam Store page that after Hiveswap is Hauntswitch. As a backer, am I getting both of these or is Hauntswitch going to be a separate game I would have to pay for again?

    15. Kylie Kinion on September 15

      I emailed WP yesterday and got a reply late last night. I emailed them back about three hours ago (12PM CST), and haven't heard back since.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyle on September 15

      I got in touch with a representative via Tumblr about my lack of code and I was told to email Hope this helps anyone experiencing the same issue. Have not heard back from them yet but at least it sounds like a step in the right direction.

    17. J.G. on September 15

      Sent WP an email. Still haven't gotten my code.

    18. Kylie Kinion on September 15

      Kyle, I'm the same, I never filled a survey out, but I've been receiving email updates, so I figured everything was in order.
      Again, I emailed them, but haven't heard anything back.

    19. Kylie Kinion on September 15

      Ana, I'm in the same boat, then.
      I emailed and tweeted WhatPumpkin at 7PM CST, but I think it was too late in the day for them.
      The only probably I can think of on my end is that I changed my linked email a few weeks ago to my current one, because it's been so long that I don't use the old one.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ana Sánchez on September 15

      Kylie yes i did, it has been an awful long time though and the survey doesnt exist anymore. It was just to update the email address the code was supposed to be sent to. If you still have access to the one linked to your kickstarter account the survey shouldnt be an issue. I have access to both and none of them have my code yet :(

    21. Missing avatar

      Kyle on September 15

      I have not filled anything out, but I have been receiving update emails this entire while and just assumed the code would arrive today. I don't think I missed any sort of instructions to do anything else...

    22. Kylie Kinion on September 15

      Kyle, Ana, have you ever filled out a survey that was supposed to be sent out if you pledged? I don't remember filling that out, and I still haven't gotten my code, either.

    23. Missing avatar

      Ana Sánchez on September 14

      due for digital download code too, i have no idea whats happening

    24. Missing avatar

      Kyle on September 14

      I'm due for a digital download copy code also, it hasn't arrived yet to my email that is set up with Kickstarter here and it is not in my spam folder either... Am I alone in having this issue?

    25. Missing avatar

      Eric Jenkins on September 14

      Was there anything in any of the updates about the Linux version? I just put my code in to Steam and found there are only Windows and Mac versions available.

    26. Kylie Kinion on September 14

      Tina, I still haven't gotten a reply yet. I'm not sure they'll get back to me today. :(

    27. RyanShyfte on September 14

      Does anyone know about the last 'tier' on the stretchladder being fulfilled or not since all the paypal-backers were separate due to KS not supporting paypal payments? It's been too bloody long and I don't recall.

    28. crickettier on September 14

      thank you, Kylie!

    29. Kylie Kinion on September 14

      Tina, I'm experiencing the same issue. I've emailed WhatPumpkin, and I suggest you try the same I'll keep you updated with what they tell me :)

    30. crickettier on September 14

      it doesn't show a survey it just shows a question if I got my rewards yet and giving me the option to add notes

    31. ShiChara on September 14

      click the 'view pledge' button next to the banner near the top of the page

    32. crickettier on September 14

      where is this survey people are talking about? I haven't gotten one

    33. ShiChara on September 14

      according to twitter the emails have been done being sent out hours ago? it has almost been 6 hours, and i have not received mine. i am using the same email as noted in the survey.

    34. Max Saffel on September 14

      Computers take time to send things guys, settle down

    35. ShiChara on September 14

      hi so it has been 3 hours and 30 minutes and i still have not received my email with the code yet

    36. crickettier on September 14

      Hi I'm still waiting for the email with the code

    37. ShiChara on September 14

      hi so its been 3 hours and i still have not received the email that contains my code

    38. Brandon Chevalier on September 14

      Steam means you can get acheivments and stuff at the cost of having it locked to you and your account.

      DRM free (The better choice IMHO) means you forgo trophies and can modify, move, and give away copies of the game files.

    39. Calmodee on September 14

      Why do we have to choose between Steam and DRM-free? Which should I choose? I hate choices.

    40. Missing avatar

      Laura on September 14


    41. Missing avatar

      Laura on September 14

      Not to be rude, but where the heck is the code, please

    42. Brandon Chevalier on September 14

      It's been a long time, can't wait to finally play this game.

    43. Mr. Shiny (Jeff Carey) on September 14

      Oh wait today is 14th! Never mind!!!!

    44. Mr. Shiny (Jeff Carey) on September 14

      Anyone else not get a code yet?

    45. Missing avatar

      CSDragon on September 14

      "At 12PM EDT, Kickstarter backers will begin receiving their download emails. Humble Bundle is processing these backer emails manually, and they’re very good at what they do, so it won’t be long before you receive yours. "

      Y'all read the update before you complain you haven't gotten your key yet. Expect it in 9 hours.

    46. Bren
      on September 14

      So I saw the email about receiving the codes via email? But has anyone else gotten the survey? I double checked my pledge and I haven't gotten it.

    47. Thomas Chan on September 13

      five fucking years, man. i don't even care about homestuck anymore.

    48. Krystal on September 12


      I don't have the survey option in the 'view pledge' tab either. Is there another way to change my Address?

    49. Missing avatar

      Dove on September 11

      Oh sorry I scrolled down, figured it out

    50. Missing avatar

      Dove on September 11

      Will there be another survey given out? I've moved a few times since donating.

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