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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. J.G. about 18 hours ago

      Talk about a way to murder a fanbase.

    2. Missing avatar

      FelipeGBotero on April 16

      Fuck off. You literally lied about the quality thing since you openly said you were changing the art style back to 2D who knows how many months to a year ago since you got all our money stolen when you had that falling out with Whatpumpkin. This game is gonna be shit, you're shit. I didn't even read the last part of Homestuck because this shit put such a bad taste in my mouth but I imagine it's happened pretty much like this kickstarter did. It built up a lot of steam only to pass a rather heated and lengthy queef into the face of the fans from a bloated, chunky, and pallid vagina built on lies and continues to make it seem like it was worth it all. But, as you take your medicine for your extreme case of pink eye, you know deep down it wasn't. I was young and dumb when I supported this kickstarter, and now older, jaded and cold to happiness I realize my mistake. You have taken part of what made my childhood fun, and you are burning it in front of me. Never forget this comment. When you release the game, put this comment on the box. The people need to know. I am not the only fan who feels this way, and I will not be the last. They need to know, this is how you break a fan. This is how you hurt someone without even wielding a weapon. May whatever being you believe in take mercy on you for hurting those who loved you this way. Also Jade is still best girl, never forget that either. Good luck on the rest of the game, I'm probably not even gonna play it.

    3. Thedude3445 on April 15

      The lack of apology for completely missing the previous release date window and the lack of any transparency as to why these things occurred. Good PR is vital when you want to release a game like this and acting aloof and distant is not going to create that PR. Delayed Kickstarters always get the type of comments that proliferate this comment section, but this particular Kickstarter project is seemingly doing everything it can to give itself a worse reputation among the people that helped make it happen. Transparency is not a bad thing!

    4. Alexandra Jones on April 13

      As someone who has backed numerous projects, this isn't even the longest or the least amount of communication I've seen. When you back on kickstarter, your are essentially "donating" for the prospect of a reward. There is no guarantee you will get said reward or refund to be had. Though more transparency was needed with backers, the fact that we are seeing more means the track is back on and I'm personally excited to see more!

    5. Thomas Chan on April 13

      I hate Homestuck now. It's been too long. I don't even want this game anymore. Give me my money back.

    6. Kevin Murray on April 13

      Seeing as how the Asylum playing card game was fined $1000 per kickstarter backer in civil penalties for violating the state Consumer Protection Act (plus they had to pay court fees) some lawyer sure could make a lot of money taking Mr. Hussie to task.

    7. RyanG on April 13

      Based on the update and the fact that they'll be releasing "interviews" (plural) leading up to the release, I'm guessing we're looking at the release date being months off.

    8. Rick Terr on April 13

      yeah...i hope you enjoy swindling money from people like myself...not even a demo ..a demo of some game would have been nice but nope nothing, your update in feb ..its april and no nothing no pics, no videos nothing, you sir are a good swindler well done, i hope you did good things with the money you took from people. 5 years you milked this thing...just say we just couldnt do it here is your money back sorry.

    9. Justin on April 13

      Not even on time for 4/13

      tsk tsk

    10. Justin on April 13

      Not even on time for 4/13

      tsk tsk

    11. Missing avatar

      Zach on March 24

      You guys said that you were taking several weeks to test over a month and a half ago with no update since. Either release the game or tell us what's going on, you have an obligation to keep your backers updated about this kind of thing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kelly Yengun on March 21

      what a colossal mess
      but what is the awful silence
      did you see anything of how that helped no man sky?
      stop lying to us and giving us stupid dates when you cant ever meet them
      tell us why theres a delay really just let us know anything
      at this point this is just disrespectful

    13. Missing avatar

      Joe Hart on March 21

      I'm with everyone, we need an update on expected release dates.

    14. J.G. on March 17

      Can you guys just say ANYTHING at this point

    15. Missing avatar

      Imre Csete on March 11

      If you are going to act all cute and release it on 4/13 to be meta, atleast drop a message, because the lack of communication at this point is totally unappreciated.

    16. Brandon Chevalier on March 7

      Just finished rereading homestuck a little bit ago.
      Still waiting patiently too, the universe will collapse before I give up on a game I want.

    17. Theresa C on March 6

      I haven't read Homestuck in years. So tired of waiting for this. Just want my money back.

    18. Missing avatar

      Laura on March 5

      Read the comments and just want to say, still think Homestuck is one of the best stories I've ever read, still looking forward to Hiveswap. yeah!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Bleak Ink on March 2

      i'm going to echo what other people have said in the half a decade this has been going on: please keep your game and give me a refund. i haven't read homestuck in years.

    20. Missing avatar

      spencer dawson on February 28

      Honestly, I'd just like to see expected release dates updated.

    21. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Rodriguez on February 21

      "Confused at the people getting angry at Hussie for not working on the game fulltime when they know the game is being developed by a team of people and not just him.
      After working on it for years, they might as well make sure it actually works as intended at the cost of a few extra weeks, surely.
      And I don't think we can blame anyone involved with the game for quietly working on it when such abuse gets thrown at them whenever they do mention it."
      This was on the latest update page and I thought it could stand to be repeated here. It even says right here as I'm writing this "Be respectful and considerate." I don't really see why people act the way they do or what they hope to accomplish with their rage. Oh well.

    22. Thomas Chan on February 19

      Nobody even likes Homestuck anymore. You're making a game for nobody. And you wasted all of our money. Give me a refund.

    23. Beatriz Canelas on February 18

      Okay. So we are past mid-February and no word about the game. I really want my money back. I don't mind at all for all this. Just give me my money back. I'm so frustrated that I don't care anymore of what kind of problems you guys had in he past to get our money robbed, because I never agreed with those studio changes in first place. So just. Give. My. Money. BACK.

    24. Zaven Rucker on February 16

      email- shoot a message to whatpumpkin. I had the same problem, and they helped me out pretty quickly.

      physical address- As I recall, there'll be another survey like the email one when they send out physical copies, but that won't be until all parts of the game have been released, since they'll be all on the same disk or drive or whatever physical version you're getting.

    25. Avigail Golani on February 12

      Hello. I've moved houses since I backed the game, and I would like to give the updated adress so the physical copy of the game would be sent to me and not to the wrong adress. Where can I fill in the adress so there won't be any mistake?

    26. Missing avatar

      The Thellere on February 11

      What if you changed e-mail and don't actually remember the e-mail you backed with? It HAS been 4 years.

    27. Zaven Rucker on February 8

      So I've run into an unrelated issue- I honestly can't remember which email I used for this. I had one personal and two school emails, and I used them interchangeably. I've since consolidated to one, but the survey requires my old one, and I can't remember which I used.

    28. Zaven Rucker on February 8

      Nevermind, I just can't recognize basic coding. All figured out, thanks @RyanG!

    29. Zaven Rucker on February 8

      Link still isn't working for me; maybe a browser issue?

    30. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Castro on February 7

      We made this kickstart happen in October or 2012. Is it possible to get a refund? even partially? I stopped following or caring for Homestuck a couple years ago. 4.5 years is too long to wait for something like this to come out.

    31. RyanG on February 7

      There's an extra space at the end of the survey link, remove and reenter.

    32. Zaven Rucker on February 7

      @MSPA- Survey's busted, help plz & thx!

    33. Carmen on February 6

      I'm prepared to wait unitl my deathbed, but id rather not.

    34. Carmen on February 6

      Welp, its February. I'm kinda glad i only gave my $25.

    35. RyanG on February 1

      Because they don't care about us until they need our money or votes on steam.

    36. Missing avatar

      Taylor Anglemyer on January 31

      They made an announcement on MSPA that the game is delayed several weeks. Why aren't they bothering to give us updates here at all??

    37. RyanG on January 31

      Welp, looks like another deadline missed. Sure would be nice if they updated their backers whenever something like this happened...

    38. Brandon Chevalier on January 31

      ∆ Almost there, I think its just getting held back for bugtesting or something, I'm really feeling the hype now.

    39. RyanG on January 29

      So, two more days of January. Are we still going to see this game released this month?

    40. RyanG on January 25

      Jeff: Seeing that you have gotten no response after asking, I think, for the third time, I'm going to guess that either that idea was scrapped or they are going to allow beta testing for a later chapter of the game.

    41. Mr. Shiny (Jeff Carey) on January 25

      What about the beta test stretch goal?

    42. Missing avatar

      Kite on January 12

      Like Zach, I need to change my address as well. How can we do this?

    43. Zach Baker on January 11

      I pledged back when this first started, since then I've moved 2 times. I need to change my address to ensure I still get this game (when it comes out)

    44. J.G. on December 26

      I'd rather have the $80 back too but at this point I think it's a pipe dream. Anyone who has lost interest in the past.... almost 5 years, is just gonna have to eat this one.

    45. Missing avatar

      Stephanie on December 17

      I really don't care about this any more, and I'm not going to play even if it ever gets released. The Homestuck crew have surely made their 2 mil back in WP sales over the past 4 years, so I think they can afford to refund those of us who want it. $55 isn't that much and I'm glad I didn't pledge more, but I'd rather have that back in my pocket.

    46. Missing avatar

      Annabel on December 16

      I've have ugh, y u no proof read annabel

    47. Missing avatar

      Annabel on December 16

      I've have moved as well since I pledged. Is there any way of fixing the address??

    48. Wren Trigger on December 15

      Ive moved since I pledged and I was wondering if ill still get a physical copy of the game and what I need to do to fix that address?

    49. Carlee Johnson on December 15

      What happens to the people who pledged 80$ for the physical copy of the game?

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