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An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
24,346 backers pledged $2,485,506 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Bro Strider just now

      Coming out of Comment-section retirement just to back up Pat O here;
      I'm not sure what you were expecting out of this, those of you who are complaining about what they've seen so far, but honestly I'm seeing a lot more than I ever expected from this game in those few brief minutes of concept art. I mean come on, an entire troll society flush with characters from all arms of the Hemospectrum? A deeper exploration of troll culture and run-ins with the dreaded, thus-far enigmatic drones? a human character pretending to be a troll in a hoody and fake horns to survive life on Alternia?!?
      This is some good shit right here!
      So have a little faith, manage your expectations graphically (like they're really what matters in a game like this....) and know that what Hussie will deliver is what the massive nerd always delivers; I goddamned fantastic story wrapped up with intrigue, heartbreak and endless shenanigans.
      Keep it real everybody,
      Kickstucks still going strong.

    2. Creator Victoria Avera about 2 hours ago

      Hey i am sorry if this is a silly question, but how can i see what the convention list will be. Like which conventions they will be at?

    3. Creator Carl Nelson about 7 hours ago

      Fan trolls in game, that's pretty awesome

    4. Creator ilovehomestuck413 (matt) on March 15

      Thank you, Pat. You just said what I had been fuming about so perfectly.

    5. Creator Pat O on March 13

      Well I think it looks awesome. As for all you people whining about 'wasting' money?

      I paid $1025 for this. I paid that much money KNOWING it'll take a long time. I thought a release in 2014 was rather unrealistic, so I was unfazed when Dec. 31 rolled by and it hadn't come out yet. Do I regret paying that much money? No. No I do not. Making a game does not happen in a few months. Games take YEARS to make. Look at Kingdom Hearts, it's been over 10 years since it came out and KH3 isn't even out yet. And that is with a huge, professional staff. Hussie had to change the company entirely and decided to bring in AN ENTIRELY NEW CREW, building it up from nothing, to make this game. Frankly, the astonishing part is that after doing that, it is going to come out THIS SPRING. Well, the first part, anyway. That means in less than a year from changing the entire staff, they made 1/4 of the game and almost finished that part from beginning to end. As for the people who claim it looks like shit?

      No it doesn't. If you look at the first page of Homestuck and then look at this game, and still think that, there's no help for you. Homestuck has had some unbelievably shitty art in it, and some really incredible art in it. This art? Somewhere in the middle, which matches the spirit of Homestuck perfectly. The level of 3D modeling I've seen in the screenshots of the game are comparable to some Zelda games, and are definitely better than another indie game out there. I believe it's called.... 'Minecraft'. I can't for the life of me see why this is 'bad'. If you're expecting Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls from HOMESTUCK, then you've been reading the wrong webcomic this entire time.

      Having a game with graphics better than Minecraft (granted, its charm is in its simplicity, but whatever) from a tiny company that was thrown together within the past year is AMAZING. Indie rarely gets this good, at the size they're at staffwise. I just wish I could've contributed myself. As someone who has experience with 3D modeling programs, I can assure you that making backgrounds like the ones I've seen is NOT easy. And the backgrounds are static images that don't move! The objects cast shadows, have light sources, and have different textures depending on the material used. I see polished wood desks with slightly reflective surfaces, I see carpeting, I see cloth, I see metal, I see paper. Sure, it could all use a bit more polishing, but that's probably what they're doing now. Preliminary images do not always stay the same when the game comes out; it's perfectly possible that in the last few months of production, they're working on making it look as fantastic as they're able, and we'll all be blown away. If it comes out looking like it does in the screenshots on I'll still be happy, because making games is not easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it.

      Make a game yourself, and then complain about how long it's taking.

      Now, rant aside... I think we will get physical copies of the game right away. They could provide the preliminary data that you install and play on the physical CD or USB, and then they send access to patches. That's how many games are going these days, like Diablo 3 and so on. All you need is to have the original game, and updates will follow. There's no need to wait until they're all done to give us the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parts of the game. I'm still getting patches on my Sims 3 game, after all, despite only buying the CD(digitally) the first time.

      Oh there's a good comparison graphics-wise. The Homestuck game is comparable to Sims 2, possibly Sims 3. Yes good.

      Ok tl;dr, the game looks awesome, I am pleased with my purchase, give me game now.

      (Oh... I also had a change of address and haven't gotten confirmation either, which is a problem since I am supposed to get signed concept art sent to me. I hope they do send out another survey requesting address updates, this is important)

    6. Creator Carl Nelson on February 19

      Let's be realistic. This game was either going to look really good and be incredibly short. Or be a decent game and not look perfect. That's the budget.

      Did homestuck look perfect the whole time? No.

      Did you love it for the characters and the story? Yes.

      Also a reminder that since USB and CD include the whole game and a complete copy of homestuck it can't ship until the game ends, we'll probably get steam keys or something to start with. (you could send the first half of the game but unless homestuck is over you can't send that stuff...)

    7. Creator Ryan Huff on February 19

      Wow, such childishness. Unbelievable.

    8. Creator jessica on February 18

      Hussey, your game looks like shit and I cant believe that I spent 100 dollars on something that is never going to exist "in the real world" and if it does is gonna look like a flash from the early 2000's. fuck you andrew hussey and fuck homestuck especially

    9. Creator Tina on February 17

      There is a webpage now~!

    10. Creator Gavin Grey on February 4

      I donated over $100 to this in my first semester of sophomore year. Now its my second semester of senior year lol. I hope it comes this year at least!

    11. Creator mordhau5 on January 26

      Has anybody had any success contacting WhatPumpkin for address change?

    12. Creator Tyler on January 22

      @Jennifer oh good. im not the only one doing that.

    13. Creator Jennifer "JAK of all Trades" Klettke on January 20

      I'm fondly remembering watching this project take off while watching the Kickstarter page for Exploding Kittens. Ah, memories.

    14. Creator Emily Kilbourn on January 20

      It's been three months and the comic is officially on pause, so I think it's time for another game update!

    15. Creator Bret Phillips on January 12

      On the KS FAQ:

      "Can Kickstarter refund the money if a project is unable to fulfill?

      No. Kickstarter doesn't issue refunds as transactions are between backers and creators directly. Creators receive all funds (less fees) soon after their campaign ends. Creators have the ability to refund backers through Amazon Payments (for US projects) and Kickstarter (for non-US projects)."

      So no, you basically cannot get a refund unless Hussie feels like it. You could always try legal action...

    16. Creator Nabeed Hassan on January 9

      I want my money back. There's two and a half million dollars poured into this project and we have heard and seen nothing of its progress which is frankly absurd because Hussie asked for this money on our good will and not because he was actually selling jack. It has been two years and I'm honestly sick of waiting and would really like a refund.

    17. Creator Carl Nelson on January 4

      @Cherry this will probably happen but they had to ask everyone in 2012 because a lot of people got rewards in 2012( early '13)... so it was necessary.

    18. Creator CherrySaki on December 30

      Also waiting on this game. I've moved twice since I backed this project. They really should send an e-mail to people when this game is closer to finishing product. Just a simple little "have you moved?" And a link to change the shipping address on file for you. Cuz asking people in 2012 about what adress to ship the game to.... Not very helpful.

    19. Creator Mr. Shiny (Jeff Carey) on December 29

      Will 2015 close this out?

    20. Creator Matthias Dallas on December 19

      I *REALLY* hope they pay attention to the address change email I sent. If not, my ex-girlfriend gets the game and I wasted a GIANT chunk of money I could have used at this moment in time.

    21. Creator Jennifer "JAK of all Trades" Klettke on December 12

      May we never get farther from it.

    22. Creator Carl Nelson on November 30

      One month closer to homestuck adventure game.

    23. Creator Brandon Chevalier on November 1

      Oh Wow i hdnt even heard about The Odd Gentlemen being kicked off the project,
      that would kinda explain a bit of the massive delay so far
      btw this is probably the last im posting for awhile because i broke my damn computer again,
      the screen is flipping out more by the minute so im going until i get another terminal up.

    24. Creator Linknik on October 31

      The incredibly poor reception of Wayward Manor can't have helped The Odd Gentlemen's case.

    25. Creator mordhau5 on October 30

      @peter drinovac....could it have been that they weren't a real outfit? For the longest time they only had a tumblr ffs. Domains are cheap, and chances are if you have the resources to build a game one of them knows the basics of web design...even if it just links to the blog. I think they have a landing page now, but I know for a fact it wasn't around when they were announced.

    26. Creator Peter Drinovac on October 30

      I just wonder what happened that made them have to get rid of The Odd Gentlemen.

    27. Creator Dilbert the Animated Series on October 30

      What Pumpkin is making the game now. Andrew was pretty straightforward with that.

    28. Creator Peter Drinovac on October 30

      Are The Odd Gentlemen not making the game anymore????

    29. Creator Carl Nelson on October 27

      lol they sent out the swag, they are delivering on the goal. you can't get mad if a kickstarter misses it's deadline it's kickstarter after all. i've just heard people say it's been so long they don't like home-stuck anymore but how is that their fault

    30. Creator Linknik on October 26

      @Jason hahaha, what happened? What are you even trying to report this project for

    31. Creator Jason on October 25

      I want my money back. I have tried reporting this project to kickstarter multiple times but cant because probably because it has been to long. I am so mad and Andrew Hussie and homestuck.

    32. Creator Plaxinov on October 19

      contributing to this project at the level i did is one of my few small regrets in life

      homestuck is bad

    33. Creator Dilbert the Animated Series on October 17

      The only times I've seen people get pledges back (besides when the project creator willingly refunds) is when a bunch of the backers join together in a class action lawsuit.

    34. Creator mordhau5 on October 14

      @Brandon have you tried that yet? I've emailed them twice with no response

    35. Creator Brandon Chevalier on October 11

      Also others have asked about the moving thing, if you still wanna try to contact someone
      try here
      there's an email link directly to the right

    36. Creator Brandon Chevalier on October 11

      (Btw im not an employee) Sorry man, but unfortunately I dont think you can get a refund,
      Your moneys already part of the budget and theres no getting it back
      What basically happens with Kickstarter (all project not just this one) is that you make a >Donation< to a project you're interested in at the time and in exchange you get goodies, possibly even including a free copy of whatever is produced, but since it is still technically a donation with an incentive, that cash is unrecoverable now, if you've lost interest in HS the only thing you could really do is to give away or sell your reward when it arrives.

    37. Creator Daniel on October 10

      How would I go about getting a refund for my pledge? Anyone I can email to? I am no longer even remotely interested in HS and am planning on leaving my country for work abroad.

      Is there an easy way to contact someone or am I going to get shut out?

    38. Creator WIll Woods on October 9

      I am sorry that you are disappointed mordhau5! Some seem to share your sentiments:

      One of the things that I have always liked about the Homestuck universe is that such a complex game-mechanic instrumentation would be impossible to faithfully create visually with art assets for a mass userbase within our current technological capabilities as a global society, due to the scale of personalization variability possible between planets, items, modus options, weapon-sets, costumes, enemy prototype modifications, dialogue trees, sprites, power-driven environmental shifts, etc. (even with the potential ability to plug-in search engine image search results or hand-draw each feature, for the individual it quickly approaches entirely recreating Homestuck singlehandedly). For instance, The Alchemiter allows you to take any object in the game-universe and attempt to hybridize it with any other item in the universe (often also stylishly combining and color-coordinating effortlessly with your personal logo), and then further hybridize that hybrid with the original item or any other item in the universe over and over again with different results, which you can then further combine with other objects or people to make an (always awesome looking) tutorial ghost or unique weapon-class with unique attack-protocol which begins to quickly balloon into trillions of different possible outcomes (many of which have never been visually conceptualized before by a human being).

      Proper challenge-craft and difficulty-setting for the gameworld (or classpect assignment) would also seem to require inordinate psychological and intellectual insight into a player in order to properly encourage the emergence of teamwork, epiphany, and social evolution (with emphasis on independence from character parental-figures), together with puzzles and obstacles measured both to the individual and to the interactive potential of the player's larger team or teams, which while flattering in attentional resources dedicated, would also be rather invasive for non-fictional people, and likely often lack the signature tonal cadence and narrative flow of Andrew Hussie's storytelling (as more of a mechanically challenging yet generic grind-campaign that perhaps bores players eventually more than the agony of the HS protagonists, or ends up as a weak and shallow reflection of source-material like Caliborn's worldbuilding attempts so far).

      The Huss has imagined himself through Homestuck as something approaching The Ultimate Game Designer, with infinite rendering resources and perfect knowledge of his players, which is amazing to watch as a piece of speculative fiction, but not necessarily worthwhile as a gaming experience given the current limitations upon our game-design abilities or early-stage neurobehavioral mastery.

      Thus in the interest of having something entertaining and meaningful produced, associated in some respect with the sphere of ideas already touched upon within Homestuck and with tolerable pacing, I personally prefer the character-driven methodology decided upon to make this adventure game through Kickstarter. As many commenters have mentioned in the past, the money donated is not enough to make a AAA title unfortunately, though if the visibility continues to grow for this series, the future holds all sorts of possibilities.

      I believe also that the 10k rewards were related to having fan-trolls appear in the Homestuck comic, and not the game.

    39. Creator mordhau5 on October 9

      @will I'd agree with your point about being satisfied with participating in a really cool initiative if I could. I really would...this is my first kickstarter and the first time experiencing the rush of being able to see the difference you can make in helping the project of your dreams off the ground. I'd say it was quite the ride... if the project didn't mean so SO much to so many people...some of which sacrificed a lot for something that may never show and is rarely updated. A (mostly) united and loud voice spoke from under the floorboards and tripled the goal funds. Almost all of my first paycheck at my first "big-kid" job went toward donating to this thing cuz I wanted to be able to experience the game that influenced me so deeply as a GAME. And yeah you can say we got the minimum we were to expect (the physical rewards promised)...but remember 2 people donated 10K!! for something that's supposed to happen IN GAME. And wasn't one of those guys a soldier overseas who said Homestuck helped get him through his days there? Like FUCK this is so disappointing.

    40. Creator WIll Woods on October 5

      I actually consider this to be the most exciting time to be a Homestuck fan, because the series is at a critical crossroads in its development.

      If The Huss can deliver a logical and coherent end-game that ties up loose ends in the magical system, bridges unresolved plot points, emotionally challenges the audience, and relays the larger purpose for the existence and creation of the adventure and the tests of this multiverse brought upon all protagonists, then this IP promises to hold popularity and the acclaim of many for decades, in much the same way that Stan Lee began from humble obscurity, and now is rolling in cash with movie cameos and entire schools of creative disciples.

      On the other hand if The Huss follows J.J. Abrahms in the series "Lost" or Aaron Diaz ("Uh... Dark Science is magic everybody!") with lame excuses, lazy plot-glue, cascading retcons, awful characterization, and hand-waving, then this IP will likely die an obscure and well-deserved death with only a few lonely fans left to make esoteric Etsy-style tea-cozies from their nursing home Craft Rooms for ignored future-Tumblr bulletin boards.

      There are of course many midpoint localities in this hypothetical spectrum, but none which are markedly boring to consider.

      I personally see the main threats in the title's evolution to be:

      1. Ryan North helping to write the game when he may no longer have the drive to be truly edgy or funny after finding the esteem and emotional validation of marriage and financial stability.

      2. Fortune Magazine listing Tracy Fullerton within "10 Powerful Women in Videogames" for her work upon The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom, where perhaps The Huss was expecting her contributive spirit or oversight in future Odd Gentlemen titles that will not be present (as the critically panned "Wayward Manner" may suggest that we may be heading toward as the team refocuses on the next "King's Quest" for Sierra and delivers a "Yogventure"-style trainwreck).

      3. The unnamed problems that Andrew Hussie has had in the last year returning in a worse form.


      4. Author distractions via games, shows, comics, movies, books, tweets, and Patreon (or a worldwide disaster).

      Whatever the outcome, we should surely be thankful for the opportunity to be part of this enterprise and for the sacrifices made on our behalf.

    41. Creator Brandon Chevalier on October 4

      I have damn near Buddha levels of patience
      but even Im starting to wonder just what they're doing with our $2,485,506
      You'd think they would have hired some more staff or something
      or at least commissioned some 24k gold statues of Jack Noir (which totally would be worth seeing in exchange for the wait).
      Anyway,made some new files, drew an alchemitizer, made a fort of generic objects, Then broke my mouse code, Now restarting from scratch, Really i have no clue how to design any game regardless of genre or graphics requirements, What ive got right now is basically a mish-mash of jumbled art assets wedged into possibly the worst coded game engine ever concieved.

    42. Creator ilovehomestuck413 (matt) on October 2

      Updates on the game would be much appreciated

    43. Creator mordhau5 on October 2

      Hussie can make a pretty good web comic and that's about it. Complete shit at managing a crowd-funding project. He could could come on here with updates saying "Sorry guys my grandma died..." and "I got cancer, sry" on alternating weeks and that'd still be better than making fun of the people who gave him support to build something he wanted to do. Nobody cares that you don't want to make excuses (yeah I read the mspa update), making them is better than not saying anything at all. At least when it comes to projects like this.

      Demanding updates for a free webcomic is one thing, but expecting them from a project that raised 2.4mil in support is not so ridiculous.

    44. Creator ilovehomestuck413 (matt) on September 29

      Gigapause ends soon!!!

    45. Creator Carl Nelson on September 29

      Guess who is back, jack is back.

    46. Creator Brandon Chevalier on September 27, 2014

      Yo, just checking in,
      This page looks emptier than usual today,
      Oh well, i guess ill post again when i have anything to talk about

    47. Creator Lodi on September 16, 2014

      lol the card I used for this game has already expired.
      I wonder what's going on with this game..

    48. Creator Dilbert the Animated Series on September 8, 2014

      @Kiki Do you mean address changing? Just contact What Pumpkin and give them your new address. Considering Homestuck hasn't ended, and we haven't even seen gameplay footage yet, the game is still probably not coming out for several months.

    49. Creator Lizeon on September 7, 2014

      I can't believe I forgot to come here on the 2 year anniversary of it starting. All day I felt like I was forgetting something.
      I also can't believe it's been 2 years
      Happy late 2 year anniversary Homestuck Kickstarter!!!!!!!!

    50. Creator Brandon Chevalier on September 7, 2014

      Hey Kiki theres still no date on the release of the game as far as i know and
      the comic is probably going to ship with(or on) whatever media you specified for
      the game,
      as for changing address i have no idea how well thats gone over for the people who
      have done it or how for that matter so you,ll probably have to check around or wait
      for someone who knows the answer to your question

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