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CamCuff is a sleek, studded leather cuff that secures your camera to your wrist. Are you ready to shake off your neck strap?

CamCuff will ship with everything you see in the video (minus a camera!). Includes the leather cuff, nylon strap, and simple instructions to help you attach the strap to your camera body in less than 2 minutes.

We are excited and humbled by the response to the CamCuff in our project's first weeks on Kickstarter.

Now that we've reached our original funding target, we are working towards two stretch goals for 2013. If we reach these stretch goals, we will launch CamCuff with a bigger production run and make a great product even better...

We are currently working towards this goal to upgrade the strap assembly.  Very exciting!!!  We are introducing a cord loop to refine the look and make it easier to attach to a wider range of cameras.  Check out drawings and join the discussion on this project update page.

We would cast custom hardware to replace the current clip.  This would require us to open a mold to cast the metal pieces, but opens up endless fun possibilities for finish and detailing.  We would lower the profile of the clip, add branding, explore coating parts of the hardware with a powder black finish.  We'll shoot for this goal if we are successful in tackling the strap assembly re-design first.

Stay tuned, keep on sharing the project page, and join our FB page!

For years, I would wrap my neck strap around my wrist when I was

 shooting. As I’ve traveled, I’ve seen people all over the world who do the same thing. We’d all rather hold the camera in our hand than hang it around our necks.

So I figured, why not make something designed for how people want to hold their cameras? Something easier, more attractive, and far more secure than a neck-strap wrapped around your wrist.

While the top-grain leather we’re using is already strong, we’ve also reinforced the inside of the CamCuff with nylon webbing for incredible strength.

We’ve drop-tested the prototype repeatedly with an 8 kg (17 lb.) weight attached to the camera strap. For context, a camera body like Canon 5D Mark III, or Nikon D800, weighs less than 2 kg with a normal zoom lens attached.

I’m happy to have the CamCuff on all day. When I’m ready to start shooting, I clip my camera back onto my wrist and pull it out of the camera bag.

If this project is successful with the black studded CamCuff, we might also pursue other looks in tan or brown leather without studs, we are exploring vegan leather. If these future options might appeal to you, please back the project (for $1) to join the conversation so you can get updates.

CamCuff fastens to your wrist like a belt with a solid, satisfying roll buckle. The tongue has four holes to accommodate a range of wrist sizes.

Find your wrist's circumference on the table below to see how the CamCuff will fit:

The CamCuff team is a group of friends, mentors and advisors who have lent their expertise to this product over the past six months.  From design help, to manufacturing advice, this network has brought the CamCuff from an inspired idea, to this point.

In prototyping this project, we started with the hardware. We wanted to make sure there is a secure connection between the wrist and the camera. To keep the camera safe in its bag, we wanted to keep any heavy metal parts on the wrist, not the camera.

After generations of fabric prototypes to get the hardware right, we nailed down functional design specs that we shared with four different factories. It was valuable to be in Shanghai for this step, as we were able to meet our vendors and make revisions face-to-face.

After a month of sampling, we settled on the best producer with a strong reputation. We’re working with a mid-sized factory with about 40 employees in Shenzhen China (right across from Hong Kong).

The prototype you see in the video and images is our production prototype from the factory.  I’ve been traveling with it for two months now and I LOVE the look and the functionality.

We launched a company called byWanderlust to produce the CamCuff.  In our dreams for the company, byWanderlust will produce other travel products in the future. We are very excited to learn from the Kickstarter community as we launch our first campaign for our first travel product here.

Please keep in touch by backing this project and by subscribing to our Facebook page...

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

By taking the time to make a true production prototype at the factory that will produce the CamCuff, we have mitigated many sources of risk. The major risks that remain are about timing, not about feasibility.

Risk #1: Finding the right leather. There is a 20% chance we could run into problems finding the right leather, which could cause a delay of 1 to 2 weeks.

We need to get the grain of the leather right. Since we’re expecting a small production run, we’ve selected a great mid-sized factory that has good relationships with neighboring belt producers. Belts tend to come from the center of a cowhide where the leather is thickest and you can get long cuts at 3 to 4 mm thickness. The CamCuff will be cut from the sides of the cow which don’t offer long enough or thick enough cuts for belts. Our top piece is 2 mm thick while the second component is 1.2 mm. We will not pull the trigger on production until we have the right leather. It’s available now, but supply in the leather markets changes daily. The biggest risk caused by this uncertainty would be a delay of 1 to 2 weeks while we source the appropriate leather with an excellent grain and feel.

Risk #2: Production timing. There is a 10% chance we would need to wait a two weeks to get on the factory's production schedule.
We can't hold time on our factory's production calendar until we have made a deposit for the first production run. This risk of a short delay is a small price to pay for getting to work with an excellent producer (which is why they keep so busy). We can offset this risk of delay by making our deposit as soon as we hit our fundraising target on Kickstarter, even if the campaign is still open.


  • To keep the CamCuff lustrous, moist and flexible for years to come you'll want to clean and condition the leather at least once a year. If you wear the CamCuff a whole lot (as I do) or if you've been sweating profusely while shooting in a hot or humid climate, you will want to clean and condition the leather more frequently. Clean the leather with warm water or a commercial cleaner. (I like Fiebing's if you go that route.)

    Once the leather is clean, allow it to completely dry. Next, condition the leather and to moisturize and seal it the grain. You can use a commercial product with beeswax, or you could also use beeswax itself - and apply a bit more elbow grease to rub it into the leather.

    Step-by-step instructions for using beeswax here:

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  • Based on the great feedback from backers, direct messages and comments from the far corners of the web, it seems there's solid interest in at least two other options. Neither is going to be ready in the next two weeks during this KS campaign, but we wanted to share our excitement about what we're looking into:

    1) Tan/brown leather. I saw some great tan/brown leather at a supplier in Texas over the holiday last week. There were some really nice sides of chrome-dyed chap leather and one a supple, somewhat elastic bison hide. Each looked great and paired really nicely with brass buckle and hardware. This will take awhile to prototype since we'll need to adjust for the qualities of the leather. Once the leather is settled, we will match the nylon and fittings accordingly.

    2) Vegan leather/synthetics. Thanks to a few interested vegan photogs, we've started exploring synthetic leathers like Lorica. This has been a really pleasant surprise since the synthetics have been used in some great looking designs and they are far more predictable than natural hides. This has the possibility to open up some fun and wild color palettes.

    Either one of these could become a future kickstarter project as soon as we can adjust and produce a functional and beautiful prototype. Or they might appear on our forthcoming commerce site in April or May. To keep tuned, follow our FB page, or become a backer here ($1) to get all project updates.

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