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CamCuff is a sleek, studded leather cuff that secures your camera to your wrist.  Are you ready to shake off your neck strap?
CamCuff is a sleek, studded leather cuff that secures your camera to your wrist. Are you ready to shake off your neck strap?
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    1. David Malbin Creator on August 8, 2013

      @Courtney - I'm so glad to hear it - happy shooting!!!

    2. Courtney on August 8, 2013

      Got my CamCuff. Thanks David, it rocks.

    3. Courtney on May 21, 2013

      Hey, another use. Attach your handheld GPS when going geocaching.

    4. David Malbin Creator on May 19, 2013

      Hi Courtney! We just finalized the strap fo realz! I will post a full backer update and photos w/in 24 hours. -David

    5. Courtney on May 19, 2013

      Hey David, just wondering how things are going?

    6. David Malbin Creator on April 17, 2013

      There's definitely some progress to share! I will post an update this weekend.
      Thanks for writing, Mike!

    7. Missing avatar

      DynaM1ke on April 17, 2013

      Any updates for the CamCuff?

    8. David Malbin Creator on March 22, 2013

      Wow - have a wonderful trip, Magnus!

      I'm putting a backer update together on our progress - will be posted this wknd...


    9. Missing avatar

      Magnus Persson on March 22, 2013

      Any updates for the CamCuff?
      Will soon go to Thailand. Would really love to have my CamCuff in the bag.

    10. David Malbin Creator on February 8, 2013

      @ Courtney - Thanks for asking! I'll post an update this weekend with progress and news...

    11. Courtney on February 8, 2013

      Any updates for the CamCuff?

    12. Courtney on January 10, 2013

      Oh yeah. Though my last 3 phones haven't had loops. Perhaps with some sort of (strong) adhesive sticker to attach it. Maybe there are some cases with loops as well.

    13. David Malbin Creator on January 10, 2013

      @Courtney, that's a cool idea!

      I wonder if there's an additional strap we could make that would secure phones to your CamCuff... hmm

      The new strap design with the cord loop should work for anything with a loop. For an iPhone, looks like there might be an opportunity to make a threaded attachment that replaces one of the casing screws like this.

    14. Courtney on January 10, 2013

      These would awesome not just for cameras. Good for anything you like carrying around in your hand. Especially if you're a clumsy person! Imagine if you will, a crowded train, standing room only, & your playing angry birds on your phone. The people around you lurches & bump into you. Startled, you drop your phone & no one else notices & it gets stepped on.

      Hmm.... think I'm gonna look around for more straps!! ;)

    15. David Malbin Creator on January 8, 2013

      WOW we are so close! Thanks to the 99% !!!

      Who wants to be the 1%?? Act fast :)

    16. Marlena Harris
      on January 8, 2013

      So close now. We just need 22 more dollars. Who wants 22 decals? Or just another CamCuff?

    17. David Malbin Creator on January 6, 2013

      @Adrian, THANK YOU! I reached out to each of your suggestions to see if anyone would be interested in doing small batch production in the hundreds. If anything looks promising, I will post an update/comment as they reply. Here's hoping!

    18. Missing avatar

      Adrian M. on January 5, 2013

      @David - Sorry for taking so long to get back with you, but here are a few that I can remember, off the top of my head.

      1 - Makr Leather Goods, in Florida - Fantastic leather goods of all kinds. I have a wallet from them that has been with me for close to six years, through five countries and two continents. The saddlemaker-style finished edges are still perfect and all the stitches are holding up; it looks practically new. Makr may be a little on the pricy end, but it couldn't hurt to ask if they're available.
      2 - Mr. S. Leather, in San Francisco - Mostly they make leather for... ahem... restraining people. I don't think you could break their things if you tried. They make a mid-range cuff set for $50/pair, so I think you'd be in the right price ballpark. They invite custom work, so I'm sure this would be no problem for them.
      3 - Labyrinth Leather makes some excellent-looking pieces on Etsy, but she's in Canada. Technically fails the "Made in USA" benchmark.
      4 - JAW Leather Goods, in California - I don't believe Jonathan has made cuffs before, but I've seen some pieces of his other work, and they're breathtakingly good. He does say he's available, though there is usually a little bit of a wait time available. Usually he works in Horween Chromexcel, so I imagine that might be a "special edition" at best.

      As an extra warning, do be sure that your Chinese factory isn't planning to do what Pen Type-A's did to them: they did the first production run, started trouble to break up the relationship, and then started selling an identical knock-off product on the side. It doesn't seem to be a common problem, exactly, but it's a well-known danger with the small- and mid- size shops.

    19. David Malbin Creator on December 30, 2012

      @Adrian, Thanks for backing CamCuff!

      The most important thing is to produce an excellent CamCuff with absolutely consistent quality. At one point, I hoped to bring the production back to the USA. But as I've looked for factories here, I can't find any that would match the quality and consistency of our prototype. The factory we work with is large enough to use scaled production methods which achieves meticulous consistency for detailing, yet small enough to be responsive to our exact specs and quality assurance needs.

      If you know of leather-goods manufacturers available for hire - or if you are a leather manufacturer reading this - message me. I'd be excited to talk!

    20. Missing avatar

      Adrian M. on December 29, 2012

      Is there a particular reason you decided to go with manufacturing in China?

      There are some pretty seriously heavy-duty, made-in-USA leather wrist cuffs on Etsy (and beyond) for $50/pair or so. Even with the nylon strap attachment, I'd be pretty surprised if you couldn't find someone within driving distance of Brooklyn that couldn't do the job on time, within budget, and (probably) at higher quality.

    21. Marlena Harris
      on December 28, 2012

      We will get there yet. We are doing great. Twenty whole days to go and we are getting close.

    22. Jamiel Almeida on December 28, 2012

      80% there! (minus 4 dollars, but yay!!!)

    23. David Malbin Creator on December 27, 2012

      @ Thanks, Marlena!

    24. Marlena Harris
      on December 26, 2012

      @ Jamiel - Funny running into you on another project. These look pretty cool, don't they.

      @ David - I checked with my sister and she's not interested, but I'm glad other people like the idea of buying two. If I can think of anyone else who might be interested I'll let them know about this.

    25. David Malbin Creator on December 26, 2012

      @Jamiel: You've been a big part of that! Thanks for spreading the word!!!

    26. Jamiel Almeida on December 26, 2012

      WOOT WOOT! 60% there! Let's keep rocking!

    27. David Malbin Creator on December 24, 2012

      Matt, great question. I've had a couple other messages about this. I'm gonna add a section explaining the range of sizes CamCuff accommodates.

    28. Matt
      on December 24, 2012

      Hi David, any thoughts on the size of the cuff? I'm sure a few people will have wrists larger and smaller than average.

    29. David Malbin Creator on December 22, 2012

      Rewards should be much more clear now. Thanks so much for all the advice, messages, and comments. Based on a bunch of feedback from current backers, I've also added a couple new levels of rewards. Hope it all makes sense now!

    30. Marlena Harris
      on December 22, 2012

      Thanks for the clarification on that.

    31. David Malbin Creator on December 21, 2012

      Yup. 10 decals for the $10 reward. Sorry that isn't clear - I can't edit rewards once there's a backer.

      Thanks for asking, Marlena! I will post this clarification to the FAQ this weekend.

    32. Marlena Harris
      on December 21, 2012

      I'm confused. For the $10 level how many decals do you get? I thought it was just one. Are you saying you get ten of them for that?

    33. David Malbin Creator on December 20, 2012

      Thanks so much for backing CamCuff and for praising the 'Be Not a Tourist' image. Our graphic designer, Andrew, is really gifted!

      We'll do our best to include a sticker with each CamCuff. I can't promise because the dimensions of our packaging are smaller than the sticker/backing combo.

      Best way to get a bunch of stickers would be to back us at the $10 level and get 10 of them sent to you in a flat envelope. Since you've already backed us with the *Early Bird*, you can revise your pledge and we'll send 'em both.

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Christopher!

    34. Christopher R. Souser on December 20, 2012

      I love the sticker.. I assume those that elect to get the camcuff get at least 1 sticker.. what if we want extra stickers.. where can we get some?

    35. David Malbin Creator on December 20, 2012

      Paul, thanks for your comment and thanks for backing the CamCuff!

      First, the slider on our nylon strap is sized to be snug so it won't slip, so the prototype is functional and secure. But, I agree we could improve the look of that attachment.

      If we get to a sufficient volume, I'd like to open a mold for a custom cam-buckle. That would be an opportunity for customizing the look on the surface of the lever and ensuring the locking mechanism has teeth that grip our nylon webbing perfectly.

      For reference on a cam-buckle, here's what they look like in generic form (

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Shabian on December 20, 2012

      The handcuff design looks great, but the other part/nylon is bad especially the untied end。
      Can you improve it with better design?