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Marie Porter returns to craft the kind of Canadian cookbook that could only be written by a Canadian living “away”...
Marie Porter returns to craft the kind of Canadian cookbook that could only be written by a Canadian living “away”...
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Checking in! (I should try and get more creative on these titles)

Posted by Marie Porter (Creator)

Hey guys.

WHEW.  What a looong couple weeks.  Figured I should check in and let you know what's up.  I'll include some photos, but UNEDITED ones.  As always, ignore the cat hair :)


DONE.  Fussy group of recipes to develop, so glad to be done!

I just want to say that homemade Viva Puffs, using blackcurrant jam instead of raspberry just might be the best thing ever.  So, SO good!

Which brings me to a point I wanted to address:


So, here's the thing. I am really good at accuracy, when it comes to replicating foods.  If you've ever made my Chicken Shahi Korma recipe - and are acquainted with the source material - you know this.

The thing is, when it comes to snack cakes, and chocolate bars, and things that are mass produced to have ridiculous shelf lives... accuracy is very, very difficult.  Leaving out a lot of the industrial ingredients, using retail-quality products, etc... they don't taste exactly the same. I mean, they do, and they don't.    They taste right, but better - cleaner, maybe?  Like you can tell it's the same thing, the proportions are all right... but used better ingredients.

I've been assured that they definitely hit the right spot, soothe the urge, etc... but I just wanted to address that they're not *perfectly* accurate. 

Hope that's OK with you all!


This was an interesting challenge with this cookbook:  Replicate a food that I CANNOT STAND.

I'm not a picky eater at all, I think sweet pickles (in any form) are my only "NOPE!" food... but they're a big thing in Newfoundland.  They're also hard to find outside of Canada, and were the focus of the "great pickle crisis of 2016".  I'm not making that up.

So, I got my hands on a jar of source material, whined to a friend for a bit (I had to work up to even opening it!), and tasted... and spit.  I'm sorry!  It's like my body has an instant reject function.  This gets real fun when I accidentally bite into a sweet pickle - it's out before it even registers what happened.

So, yeah - definitely a challenge I've never faced before.

It took some fussing (and tears!), but I nailed it.  Just got the confirmation from a BIG fan of sweet mustard pickles today - more on that in a bit. :)

I swear this will be the only recipe in the book that I don't like.  I just... can't handle sweet pickles. I'm sorry!


This is my week, this week, summed up in one photo:

Do you see your favourite in there? :)

I have so much fudge, caramel, and chocolate bars here, it's kind of insane.  They're all going to work with my husband tomorrow.  Between the snack cakes last week, and this stuff this week... I'm sure he's becoming a popular guy, LOL!

Earlier this week, I tackled something I've been meaning to do for a while: All Dressed Seasoning.

A few years back, we were playing around with the idea of doing a popcorn cookbook, and developed two very Canadian seasoning mixes: Ketchup, and Dill Pickle (yeah, I'm 100% ok with dill pickles!).  Both of those will be in the book, along with All Dressed!

The All Dressed seasoning is fantastic, just has the same "issue" as some of the other things: using whole ingredients, good quality... kinda screws with the accuracy a bit.  It tastes fresher and more... real?... than the source material. It's *absolutely* obviously All Dressed, though.  My husband and some friends are all coming up with crazy lists to use it in - mac and cheese, potato skins, etc.  I think it would work well in fried chicken, personally!


Today - a cool and overcast day in Minneapolis - I met up with a Newfoundlander friend of mine, in a parking lot.  There, we made an exchange: a case of sweet mustard pickles, for two big things of Mt Scio Savoury and a chunk of Salt Beef.

... I'm pretty sure it was THE most Newfoundland moment in Minneapolis's history, and I sort of feel like we need a Heritage Moment about it. That could be the sugar talking, though.  Figured I'd share.

She was SO excited to get the pickles, and tried one on the spot - LOVED IT.  

So.  No challenge too weird or intimidating for this book!

WEIRD COOKBOOKI was thinking about this the other day... More Than Poutine is going to be a WEIRD cookbook.  Most cookbooks are either cooking or baking, you know?  Here's what's going on in More Than Poutine:

Cooking, Baking, Canning, Brewing, Curing, Smoking, Candy Making

... and I'm sure I'm missing some categories, just going off the top of my head.   I think it's cool, though!

So, I think that's about it.  My current challenge is convincing my husband that we need to drive up to Thunder Bay to buy a doughnut (source material, per a request!).  That one's not going so well, LOL!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Haley Sembaluk

      :D this is great!

    2. Marie Porter 6-time creator on


      I haven't had them... that said, if you know any way of getting a hold of some and getting them to me, I can definitely take a crack at it!

    3. Laurie Foster on

      Holy crap, these all look fantastic and probably taste better than their packaged versions!

      I have no idea if we're allowed to make suggestions...but I would be curious to know if Montreal Cheese Bagels are or were anywhere on your radar or if you'd tried them? :D

      They're a Jewish (I think) sweet cheese-filled flakey pastry shaped like a horseshoe (literally nothing to do with bagels) that I've only ever seen in Montreal to my knowledge.

      I would absolutely die and be forever indebted to you if you were able to figure them out and immortalize them in your cookbook! Hahaha.

      Thank you again for making this book. <3