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Marie Porter returns to craft the kind of Canadian cookbook that could only be written by a Canadian living “away”...
Marie Porter returns to craft the kind of Canadian cookbook that could only be written by a Canadian living “away”...
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Checking In! (Spoilers: I'm Alive.)

Posted by Marie Porter (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Sorry about that last update - DEFINITELY a snag I didn't see coming!  I've since been released from the hospital to heal up at home.  Have been doing a lot of sleeping - who knew that such a small organ could mess a person up so much?

Anyway, wanted to check in with a bit of an update on things.

1.  The Ketchup Aux Fruits.

Everything happened so quick on Wednesday, I didn't even get to check if the jars properly sealed, once cooled down.  I'm happy to report that they're all properly sealed, safe, and tasty! 

There was a lot of produce (especially for being January!) in that recipe, so I would have been pretty mad if it went to waste. Yes, I was considering the possibility while laying in my hospital room - priorities, right?

Here is what it turned out like (Unedited photo, sorry!)

Ketchup Aux Fruits
Ketchup Aux Fruits

2. Photos

As you can tell by the photo above, I got a bit antsy about not getting anything done, and we shot a couple recipes.  Nothing I needed to cook for, now - apparently stirring pots won't be a good idea for a few days - but we got the ketchup aux fruits done, as well as two of the wine recipes.

... and that involved cracking one of our two last remaining bottles of Partridgeberry Wine. Oh, it's amazing stuff!

We'll have two recipes for it in the book: one for actual partridgeberries, and one that approximates it with two other berries.  I'll be honest - side by side, it's very, very difficult to tell the difference. 

The "Faux" version is a lot cheaper and easier to come by, so it's a handy recipe to have - Partidgeberries can be really hard to come by at all, never mind in an unpreserved form, suitable for wine making.  I'll get into all of the details in the book, no worries!

3. State of the Campaign

So, a bit of bad news. My little "adventure" this week just completely killed the trajectory on this project.  3 days of no promoting = 1 backer the whole time I was in the hospital = no longer a "popular" campaign. Too bad, too - the little line graph was getting really impressive there, right up until Wednesday!

I'm working on getting some new promotions in place, but could definitely use some help. Please consider sharing the link - - far and wide!

As you know, we've already reached the minimum level of funding, and now we're working on stretch goals. This is important, because I have MANY more recipes that I want to add to this book! I've been looking forward to doing this project for a long time, and want to put out the most complete book possible.

Thank you in advance!



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