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Marie Porter returns to craft the kind of Canadian cookbook that could only be written by a Canadian living “away”...
Marie Porter returns to craft the kind of Canadian cookbook that could only be written by a Canadian living “away”...
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Bizarre update, sorry.

Posted by Marie Porter (Creator)

Hey all.

Writing this from a hospital bed, hopped up on painkillers. Not sure it's the kind of update you're supposed to post, but I'm all about transparency, soooo.

Yesterday I got hit with some pretty serious pain while working on a recipe from the book. Ketchup aux fruits - SO GOOD, but something that involves simmering for two hours, then the whole canning process.  Why couldn't this have hit for a shorter recipe? I don't know. Murphy's law strikes again!

Anyway, I toughed it out, got it all properly canned, then eventually headed to the ER for a Loong night. Was admitted, had gallbladder surgery, and here we are!

So, the purpose of this update is threefold:

1. To let you guys know I may be slow on replying to emails, etc. Yesterday, today, the next few days. I've never had any kind of surgery before, so no idea what to expect.

2. To assure you that I'm way ahead of schedule with the book, and to let you know this will not affect the timeline at all.

3. If I may, to underscore my dedication. Or stupidity, whatever. I'm pretty proud of myself for getting that recipe cooked and canned properly!  

I think that's about it. I'm being distracted by Apple juice right now (let me tell you - drinking Apple juice after no food or drink for 24 hours is pretty much a religious experience!!).

I may be slow on the updates coming up. I'm not allowed to "work" for the next week or two, and apparently that includes recipe work in the kitchen.  So, I'll get caught up on cleaning up recipes already developed, starting work on the base hypothesis recipes for some I need to pick up source materials for, etc.  I'll probably take a couple days before even that, though... Kinda feel like I got run over by a truck.

Hope this was coherent enough,  just wanted to be sure I don't worry anyone by going quiet!

Thanks again for all of your support!


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    1. Rachel

      Hope you feel better soon! :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Anita Phagan on

      Poor you - but great job canning your stuff first (crazy you). Feel better and don't over-do it!

    3. Missing avatar

      Karen Heffernan on

      So sorry to hear this! I had gallbladder surgery two years ago, so if you have any questions, just ask - you can dm me on fb if you like. Take care of yourself (it was my first surgery ever too)

    4. Missing avatar

      Carole Hamm

      Good luck, Marie! Don't try to push too much, listen to them on recovery times. I speak from recent experience! Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery.

    5. Dafna E Bener on

      Feel better.. i am happy the pain and surgery is behind you. But you are priority. Feel better first projects come after.. sending you positive vibes.. take care of yourself...

    6. Nurseychic

      Uuugh! Feel better!!! Amazing that you made it thru with the cooking/canning process...then proceeded to the ER. :) But then again, women generally have quite the pain tolerance. Follow the medical staff's ditections, rest up and get well soon - from an ICU nurse! :)