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Think Hops are just for beer? Think again! This fun cookbook will show you all KINDS of tasty food & beverages you can make with hops.
Order your copy at!
Think Hops are just for beer? Think again! This fun cookbook will show you all KINDS of tasty food & beverages you can make with hops. Order your copy at!
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Big Photography / Development update!

Posted by Marie Porter (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Well, a couple months of really hard work has paid off - the bulk of the recipes have been developed and photographed!

We have one more recipe to shoot tomorrow (Was supposed to be tonight, but 2 flat tires and a UPS delay have thwarted those plans!), and a couple photos to take of harvesting the hops this weekend... and then we're pretty much done until spring!

We have 6 recipes to shoot in the spring - have to wait for the hop shoots to start coming up again!  In addition, we'll have a few other things to shoot, mostly surrounding planting (a root ball, etc)

Right now, we've developed and shot about 55 recipes, if I recall correctly. A couple of those need very minor tweaks (seasoning, adjusting hop levels), but nothing that would change the final appearance of the dish.  We're super happy with the results - this is a cookbook with a huge range of recipes, and the photos turned out great - lots of colour, texture, etc.

There's also a wide range of hoppiness to the recipes. All are very balanced recipes, with a few leaning a bit more towards the hophead end of the spectrum.

For many of the recipes, most people would never even be able to tell there's hops in them! You can tell there's SOMETHING there, it just doesn't scream "hops".  A more complex flavour, something you can't put your finger on.

Take this cheesecake, for example:

It doesn't taste like any cheesecake you've ever had, but it doesn't specifically taste like hops.  We used a popular citrussy hop, which definitely gave it a citrus flavour.. but not like orange or lemon, exactly.  It doesn't taste like lemon juice or zest, or even extract. Very slightly vegetal, it tastes more "fancy" and "elegant" than any specific flavour you could put your finger on - almost as if it was flavoured with some rare, exotic citrus fruit you'd never tried before.  INSANELY delicious.  

I didn't think I'd ever top my Southern Comfort and peach cheesecake, but this is at LEAST tied with it. At least!

When used well, hops not only bring flavour to the dish, but really act as a balancing measure.  For some recipes, adding a slight bit of acid, or a little bit of salt is all you need to do to really elevate it - and hops work in the same way.

So, that's where we're at right now.  Friday afternoon is when we'll be harvesting our hops, and we'll be focused on preserving those for future brewing and cooking.

Then I have several months to work on writing and formatting everything we have so far, just waiting for those sprouts to come up.

Depending on the timing for weather and growing conditions next year, there's a chance this book will actually be shipped to you backers earlier than planned - though I'll keep the same release date for non-backers.


In closing, here are a few photos from recent shoots:

Hopped Honey-Roasted Cashews.
Hopped Honey-Roasted Cashews.
Hopped Sour Mix. Was impressed with my retained ability to make a lemon peel rose!
Hopped Sour Mix. Was impressed with my retained ability to make a lemon peel rose!
Hopped Jerk Chicken. Damn.
Hopped Jerk Chicken. Damn.


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    1. Marie Porter 6-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      It'll be a while before I can share recipes, just because there's going to be a whole chapter on selecting and using hops that hasn't been written yet, and some of that info is pertinent to any recipe in the book. No one recipe is going to need a whole chapter of info to use (Just a few sentences, for the most part), but we're not at that point yet, and it would be really inefficient to just piecemeal create the sentences outside of that chapter.

      For instance, the cheesecake uses a hop extract, and - while that's an easy thing to make - I just don't have the directions done up yet (slightly different directions based on whether using fresh, dried, or pellet hops).

      Nathaniel: It might sound cold, but I'm not really going to be looking for feedback on the recipes. We develop and test them all in house. They're developed and written in a matter consistent with all of my other cookbooks, both in style and taste.

      I've been doing this for a long time, and really don't want to open myself up to a "too many cooks in the kitchen" sort of situation - especially without knowing the tastes and experience of those offering feedback.

      There are always ways to tweak recipes to personal taste, and many times I'll even publish variation suggestions - but the base, published recipe is exactly how I want it. The recipes make it into the book when we're proud of them, and that has served us well across all 4 of our previous cookbooks.

    2. Nathaniel Senff on

      I'm with Eden, I'd love to try some of these recipes earlier... (even if only to provide feedback)

    3. Invictus - Gardener of Valoria

      Thanks for the great update! The "hops" cheesecake sounds amazing!

      Is there any chance you could share the recipe for it here as a "backers-only" update? I'd love to try making it soon. I wouldn't want to create a bunch more work for you, but perhaps you could just dump the text for the recipe into a simple post?