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Marie Porter takes a smart, scientific, and creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
Marie Porter takes a smart, scientific, and creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
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    1. Marie Porter 6-time creator on

      The way I'm developing the recipes, I won't really be able to post one for another month or so.

      Right now, they're lists of ingredients and quick notes - not full recipes. It's not til I'm done developing, that I'll start doing them up as complete recipes.

      It just makes it a lot easier when it comes to editing, formatting, etc. If I write up all the recipes together, there are less issues about consistency, etc. "Sugar" is referred to the same way, formatting is all consistent, etc.

      It'll make my life easier, and let me put out the book faster than if I write up all of the complete recipes as I go, then have to go back and make sure everything's stylistically consistent.

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      Ruth Parvin on

      Sure wish you would leak us an EASY to make yummy recipe to whet our appetites, so to speak.

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      Garrett Durst on

      If these photos are "quick ones" I honestly have no idea what to expect from the final ones. These look fantastic. I bought this for a friend who is gluten free (I'm not) but looking at that fried chicken pic I think I picked the perfect book for her.

      On a side note; I'm glad to know that you are doing a dessert section in this book too. When I pledged, I got the two book deal with your other non gluten free book and I was going to give them both to her (her husband isn't gluten free either and loves sweets more than her) but I'm glad she'll be able to have something too!

    4. Allen Campbell on

      It sounds like you've been incredibly busy! And I'm thrilled to know things are going as planned. :-)
      I'm (not so) patiently waiting for the book to be finished! I mean, fried chicken? Perogies? Honest to goodness COOKIES???? (Okay, I don't need the cookies, but that's beside the point.)

      Best of luck to you, and continued success!
      (And if you miss an update, don't stress - recipes like these MORE than makes up for a missed update or three!)

    5. Dawn McCormack on

      Now I wish I'd gotten two so I could gift one

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Invictus - Gardener of Valoria

      I didn't know what to expect when I backed this. I mostly wanted to support a gf cookbook and thought it would be a fair deal if I got a few decent recipes. Looking at these pictures has got me totally excited to try everything in the book! Great work.