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Marie Porter returns with more of her smart, scientific, & creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
Marie Porter returns with more of her smart, scientific, & creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
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Checking in, Stretch Goals, and etc!

Posted by Marie Porter (Creator)


So, the bread experimentation is ongoing.  The grainy rye I developed last week... flopped. I have some ideas as to what went wrong, so ... back to the drawing board!

I've been taking a bit of a break from bread this week, to develop a few dessert recipes.  One problem with developing a cookbook is producing WAY more food than we can handle, and we end up throwing out a lot when we can't get to it in time.

Well, we're off to a convention this weekend, and a friend has graciously agreed to take a bunch of our overage and serve it at a room party.  Woot!

So, today was Snickerdoodles, Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies, and Buttertart bars.  The cookies are both fabulous!

The Buttertart Bar filling was *insane* while raw, but I'm right in the middle of the "wait for it to chill for a couple hours before cutting" agony.  It set up well, anyway :) 

Hopefully I'll have some bars left over for the room party.  I've been in one of those "I don't even want to admit what kind of depravity I would agree to for a buttertart, but I'm too lazy/busy with the cookbook to make a batch" kind of moods lately, so it may just be mine.

The whole tray... all Mine.  My own. My precioussss.

(Canadians living away from home totally get this, and the rest of you probably just think I'm weird now).



Last night we photographed the Shrimp Cakes recipe for the book. 

I went a bit for a bit of Asian flavour with it, drawing inspiration from gyoza.  So good. I'm pretty sure my husband would be happy to have me make them every night.  Good thing they're quick and easy to make!

Here's a pic...

Asian Inspired Shrimp Cakes
Asian Inspired Shrimp Cakes

... so good.  


Looks like the time has come to announce some stretch goals!  Here's what I've come up with:

If we reach  $15,000, I'll add 10 more recipes to the book. That's right, 20% more recipes!

If we reach $20,000,  I'll add 5 more recipes to the book (In addition to the 10 from the $15,000 stretch goal, of course!)

... and if we hit $20k, I'll have to figure out stretch goals beyond there, if/when that happens.

So, I think that's about it!  As always, thank you again for  your support of and interest in this project. 

Developing any cookbook is a marathon, and that goes double for doing it gluten-free!  This book couldn't happen without your support - both financial and promotional - and I appreciate every dollar pledged, and every link shared!

- Marie


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    1. Rees Maxwell on

      Your recipes are incredible, and those photos....WOW! This is going to be such a fantastic cookbook, we can't wait!
      And thank you for taking the time to detail your successes, and failures! Makes it all the more intriguing!

    2. Karine Charlebois on

      *makes grabby hands at the shrimp cakes and buttertarts*