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Marie Porter returns with more of her smart, scientific, & creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
Marie Porter returns with more of her smart, scientific, & creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
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Innovation Inspired by ...Deadpool.

Posted by Marie Porter (Creator)

Leading up to the premiere of Deadpool a week and a half ago - a BIG event in my social circle - there was, of course, a lot of references to chimichangas. I'd even arranged for a group of friends to get together for chimichangas at a local restaurant before the movie.

... Of course, chimichangas are made from flour tortillas. Not so much a problem if you’ve got a copy of my first “Beyond Flour” book - and are making them at home - but I digress.

All this thought of flour vs corn tortillas got me thinking:

I prefer the texture of flour tortillas over corn tortillas, by a significant amount... but I prefer the TASTE of corn tortillas - especially when freshly made. Flour ones taste fine, but I just love the taste of corn.

... what if I developed a hybrid tortilla, that had the texture of and behaved like a flour tortilla, but tasted like a corn tortilla?

I polled my Facebook friends, and found that a lot of people were on the same page as me. Prefer the taste of corn tortillas, but find the texture unpleasant - especially once it’s gotten a little wet... “Like soggy nachos”. Comments about ripping and cracking abound!

I also found out that my brilliant idea already existed, so.. Boo. Apparently Trader Joes sells a version that’s OK, and many people in Mexico add a little flour to their corn tortillas as well.

.. But no gluten free ones.

So I decided: I wanted a tortilla that looked and behaved like a flour tortilla. Something I could use warm or cold, that wouldn’t get weird when wet toppings are added, that wouldn’t crack, that didn’t need to be heated or steamed to be workable.

Oh, and I wanted it to taste at LEAST as much like corn, as actual corn tortillas. You know, not a tall order or anything !

So, yesterday... I did it. Hybrid flour/corn tortillas that work up quickly and easily. That get that bit of roasty charring like a flour tortilla (flavour!). That taste great warm or cold. That drape and roll like a flour tortilla, that hold up to a wet slaw like a flour tortilla...

... that taste MORE like corn than actual corn tortillas. Fresh off the heat, they tasted just like freshly roasted sweet corn!

I cannot wait to share my secret ingredient in the book, it’s *brilliant*. Not something normally used in making tortillas of any kind, but relatively easy to come by and only adds about 30 seconds of work to the whole thing.

My non-gf husband likes them better than both regular flour AND corn tortillas.

Let me share a crappy cell phone photo, as my photographer is at his day job and cannot supply me with spur-of-the-moment photos:

Here is how I rolled one of them just now, the next morning.
Here is how I rolled one of them just now, the next morning.

I’d let them cool fully, wrapped them in plastic and put them in the cupboard overnight. I pulled one out and rolled it just now - no heating, no steaming. Nothing. Just a fantastic roll at room temperature, no cracking!

Oh, and yeah - you could totally make chimichangas with this dough. There will be instructions in the book!

So... that’s where I’m at. Really thrilled with the progress on this book, and having a lot of fun developing it!

Anyway, hope all is fantastic with you guys! Once again, thank you so very much for your support!


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Sneak peek from the shoot this weekend.
Sneak peek from the shoot this weekend.
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