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Marie Porter returns with more of her smart, scientific, & creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
Marie Porter returns with more of her smart, scientific, & creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
Marie Porter returns with more of her smart, scientific, & creative approach to creating ridiculously delicious gluten-free recipes.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Baker-Lubin

      I still haven't received my book. I'd love an update.


    2. Marie Porter 5-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      KS doesn't actually send me updates when someone comments - if you need to get in contact with me for your order, please send me a message directly!

    3. Timothy C. Wright

      So, on the 9th I received in the mail an empty plastic sleeve....
      The tracking number is; 9549 0158 7989 6307 0371 69 (so you can start the claim process.)
      I can send you an image of the label which shows a sticker from the post office stating the package was damaged and empty (looks like it was run through a wood chipper.)
      Can I get replacements please? (I ordered books #1 & 2.)

      Really looking forward to trying some new recipes out!

      Timothy C. Wright

    4. Missing avatar

      stephen on

      Hi Marie
      I got my box of books today in singapore. I've started teasing my sister with recipes already.
      Both books look fantastic. I'll let you know what the celiacs in the family think after they get some "real" baking done and shared.
      Cheers & thanks so much

    5. Missing avatar

      Janice Esser on

      Marie, my "Beyond Flour" first book arrived damaged. The back cover and the second half of the pages are deeply creased/accordioned (is that a word?) How do I get a replacement? Thanks, Janice Esser (Beyond Flour II arrived in fine condition.)

    6. Unicornmaiden

      This book is great! Going to try a few recipes this weekend! Thank you, Marie!

    7. Ryan Bouley on

      Got my book today, in Kansas.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jody Carlson on

      Marie -- I just submitted the survey and gave my shipping address. I'll be at WeeM, so if you'd rather bring the book & give it to me there, that's fine too. Whatever is easiest for you is OK for me.

    9. Marie Porter 5-time creator on

      Charles: The surveys won't be going out until several months from now, right before the books ship.

    10. Charles White on

      Did surveys go out yet? Just wanted to make sure that I didn't miss it. I get some much email that sometimes things get lost. :-)

    11. Rees Maxwell on

      Marie, how's your awesome cookbook coming along?

    12. Missing avatar

      Pankaj Gupta

      So a while back I got a Forneau bread oven and have tried to make GF Italian and French bread without success. Could really use a recipe for both! I hope you have found the way to make the perfect crisp and soft gf bread. Mmmmm makes my mouth water just imagining. Thank you for all your hard work.

    13. James Sander-Cederlof

      My father has Celiac, and I have gluten intolerance. He already has a pantry full of different flours and such. I'm looking forward to sharing these recipes with him.

    14. Rees Maxwell on

      Woohoo: you've got 250 backers!

    15. Michelle Schlies on

      Loved the first book. My husband is GF but I just come along for the ride. It's so nice to have truly tasty substitutes for the 'real' things. Now I don't feel like I'm missing out on all the amazing foods I want.

      Can't wait for this one! I think I've made nearly everything in the first book and it was all great. I expect nothing less from the sequel.

    16. Dafna E Bener on

      I am so looking forward for this book. I have the first and i love it. It is my favourite cookbook for sure..
      Good luck.. You are so talented.....

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    18. Gregory Wright on

      Thrilled to have another book to share with my gluten-free and non gluten free friends who were are so happy with the first volume. It made many of their lives so much easier, to have a way to make food for their family that everyone could enjoy. In regards to a comment made about corn and oat flour not being truly gluten free, I can say that all of my friends with serious celiac disease, as well as those with a major gluten sensitivity have never had any problems using any form of corn flour, and those that have an issue with the oat four, already knew how to substitute that ingredient. Of course everyone's sensitivity is different, but I've yet to hear anything but grateful praise from my numerous friends who need a book like this.

    19. Marie Porter 5-time creator on

      Actually, a few things:

      1. Very few recipes contain oat flour. The mention of it in the campaign was to illustrate that other flours do have benefits over wheat flour, in general.

      2. Many people with celiac can and do eat oat flour. Many people don't have a reaction to certified gf oat flour.

      3. The very few recipes with oat flour do have substitutions for it.

      4. Corn starch is the easiest gf ingredient to successfully substitute out, and this is covered in the book.

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    21. Jason Heppler on

      Love the first book, can't wait for the second. Ordered two copies one for my family and one for Mom. Thank you!

    22. Rees Maxwell on

      Just upped mine from one copy to two. My mother is gonna love this cookbook as much as I will. Thanks again!

    23. Missing avatar

      Katie Serrano on

      I bought the first Beyond Flour cookbook for a GF friend. But when it arrived, I couldn't help paging through it and falling in love with it. So I had to buy a second copy to give away to the friend. Since then, three more GF friends have seen the cookbook and ended up buying ebook versions or a print copies. The five of us are so excited to see a second Beyond Flour in the works. Great job, and good luck!

    24. Missing avatar

      Brendan Clougherty on

      I'm so happy to see this project get rolling! The first book had a big impact on my cooking - I can't wait for more excellent recipes. I'd love to see you tackle soft pretzels!

    25. Sterling Treadwell

      The newest update recipe sounds awesome. Something fun to consider for a funky pledge level... open up a limited amount of slots (say only available to 5 backers) and have them suggest or submit to you a kick butt favorite recipe that could (hopefully) be tweaked to make it just as awesome gluten free, and name the dish after them in the book. I'd love to see you get some off-the-radar family recipe's snuck in de-glutened so we all get to enjoy them and at the same time they get a bit of fame and fun out of the deal. Plus it'd likely draw in fair money to the cause. Just a thought!

      Great to see the campaign going strong and I wish the best momentum for the rest of it! I backed book 1 and tried to back book 2 before it cx'd so I am very psyched to see you back at it again!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew Huston on

      Hi Marie,

      Backed your first book and it truly changed how we cook and eat - it was a triumph. Really looking forward to the new volume!

      One request for you to look into - what about peanut butter cookies? They have a texture that is truly unique, and something that we really miss since going gluten free. We did try making a recipe that hybridized your chocolate chip cookie batter with another type of gf cookie online, with some success, but I'm sure you could come up with something a lot better. One thing that we DID find - using unsweetened, natural peanut butter made the cookie less cloyingly sweet than it otherwise would have been, and actually helped quite a bit with the texture.

      Food for thought - glad to be backing you!

    27. Rees Maxwell on

      A suggestion: people seem to be drawn to videos at the top of projects...but they can be hard to make. What about making a video slideshow of your various photos? Add a bit of text, end with that great photo of you and a "Thanks" and call it done? That might bring more folks in.
      Maybe not, just a suggestion. :D

    28. Rees Maxwell on

      Congrats Marie! Can't wait to try these new recipes out!