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Noob Drummer - Easy drum simulation/recording/mixing; Help me help musicians of the interwebs

The Story - I have two passions - one is computer science (specifically programming), and the other is music. I've been playing guitar and programming for over 6 and 8 years now, respectively, and started writing my own music. I've been recently looking for a nice drum emulator and mixer software since i live in an apartment, but none exist that are reasonably priced. So, the only solution I can think of is to combine both of my passions and create a new drum mixer/emulator/recorder that will be better than the rest.

The ProjectNoobDrummer - an easy-to-use closed software drum mixer/emulator/recorder. It will work much like Audacity in the recording sense - I'm taking high-quality sound samples from my friend's home studio where he has a 22-piece drum kit and a congo set. I want to also add support for electronic drum kits either before or after release, depending on timing.

Hardware Requirements - I'm writing this in Java specifically so anyone with a mac or PC can use it. Afterwards I'm going to make a mobile version.


  • Emulator/Recorder - I will emulate the whole 22-piece kit. Then I will map an easy-to-use keyboard layout with corresponding sounds of the entire kit. Every sound can be changed by the user and saved as a keymap profile. Simpler drum profiles will also be included, however everything can be customizable.

  • Sounds - I will capture all 22 pieces of the kit individually. Then I will add varying pressures for each sound, and certain other techniques like rimshots, drum rolls, time-signature beats, preconfigured creative beats. All will be recorded with my high-quality condenser microphone and available for use within the program. The total number sounds will be at least around 100.

  • Mixer/Recorder - I will add in another tab, the ability to mix together your own drum beats with all available sounds, in preconfigured time signatures, BPMs, and your own customized settings.

With both your own recording in the emulator, and/or sounds produced in the mixer can all be exported as a MP3 with industry-standard bit rates between 8-320 kbps.


For screenshots, I have the preliminary UI for the emulator. Everything you see is experimental and will most likely vary in the final build.

More to come as time goes on! Expect more in the coming weeks.

Preliminary GUI inside of my IDE
Preliminary GUI inside of my IDE

Background Info and Reason for the Project

The whole point of me doing this project is because I cannot find an excellent, inexpensive drum tracking / emulation software, so I'm going to make one myself. I am currently a full-time computer science student at NJIT. I've been studying computer science for over six years. I plan to write the software in Java, then after this project, use the same source code and release a tablet and high-performing smartphone version. If it's successful I will create a website for the product and have a sample version of the emulator you can try online for free I have many friends who are aspiring musicians and I want to be able to take my love for computer science and music and mix them together, creating something for Myself, all my friends, and musicians on the internet.

Development Schedule

Considering the kickstarter is successful, I plan to have beta tests going on by July 2013, and plan to have the software 100% finished by November 2013 (Yes, this year)

Reddit discussion page:

Past work:

 Appbar (for Android OS), an application management system. Quick selection between currently open or recently open apps, and a task manager page to manage them.

Appbar Main Page
Appbar Main Page
Appbar Task Manager
Appbar Task Manager

Onenote: A quick-note management system for android phones. Record a note by typing or talking, and refer to it later and delete whenever you want.

OneNote main screen
OneNote main screen
Selected note screen
Selected note screen

Where is your money going?

  • Development time
  • Dedicated Server for the client to connect to
  • That server needs internet
  • Electronic Drum kit (if timing and funds permit)

What now?

After the campaign ends, i'll keep posting updates every week, and tweet progress as it happens.

I appreciate all your support, and will keep typing lines of code until my fingers fall off.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

If the campaign meets or exceeds the pledge goal, there should not be any production delays. I am a full-time student right now with classes three days a week; that leaves four days a week open for development.

The only real problem would occur if my development machine died; but that's highly unlikely

There are no other risks; I've been studying computer science and have been programming for over six years now; the type of code needed for the project is somewhat advanced based on how many features I want to encorporate; but nothing a little time can't fix.


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