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$171 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Robert Connor
$171 pledged of $10,000 goal


Introduction to the Text Morphing Project:Most people are familiar with "image morphing" -- a visual effect in which a first image gradually changes into a second image. For example, it can gradually morph one face into another face. In the middle of the process, it can create a new face that blends together characteristics of both original faces. Image morphing has been around for nearly two decades.

Now -- can you imagine applying the principles of image morphing to prose morphing? Can you imagine being able to automatically and gradually blend together the style and content of two different portions of prose in order to create original prose that combines characteristics of both?  The "Text Morphing" project will be the first to pioneer application of morphing principles to prose, instead of images.

The "Text Morphing" project will create a website with a user interface that lets people gradually morph one portion of prose into another portion of prose. Analogous to image morphing, in the middle of the process, "Text Morphing" creates new prose that blends together characteristics of both originals. To the best of our knowledge, nothing like this has been done before.

Why Text Morphing?One could just as well ask -- Why image morphing? Well, it can be fun. It can spark creativity. What happens when you morph a passage by Edgar Allan Poe together with a passage from a software manual? Will it look like a software manual written by Edgar Allan Poe... or will it look like a haunting story written by a technical writer? With "Text Morphing," you will have a tool to investigate these... and zillions of other... conjectures. Who knows what avenues of research and creative applications might be opened up by "Text Morphing"?

What are the Details of How "Text Morphing" Will Work?OK.  This project is pretty ambitious.  How will "Text Morphing" work?  If you are interested in the nerdy details, here are some links.   This project will be the first to use the morphing technologies in Holovisions' U.S. patent applications 20110184726 ("Morphing Text by Splicing End-Compatible Segments") and 20110184725 ("Multi-Stage Text Morphing").

What Will the User Interface Look Like?We plan to make the user interface simple, intuitive, and engaging.  The product of the Kickstarter "Text Morphing" project will be an operating Beta website (goes live in September, 2012) that enables users to morph together two portions of prose. Only people who contribute via Kickstarter ($20) will have access to the site three months before the site launches to the public. We plan the interface to look similar to that of an automated language translation website.

What is Our Budget?
We are seeking to raise $10,000 to pay for website programming (probably Ruby or Node), graphic design, phrase synonym database expansion, and hosting.

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