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A family card game set in the world of Loka, inspired by medieval tarot, illustrated by Ralph Horsley and designed by Alessio Cavatore.
A family card game set in the world of Loka, inspired by medieval tarot, illustrated by Ralph Horsley and designed by Alessio Cavatore.
368 backers pledged £12,791 to help bring this project to life.


It's done!!!
It's done!!!

Hi, Alessio here:

Phew, and another Kickstarter is over! 

I have to admit that after we funded on Wednesday my nerves calmed down a bit, but still the last couple of days have been a total roller-coaster of emotions: many pledges, many cancellations, big surprises on Saturday, big ups then big downs...

The one thing that has become abundantly clear is that we picked quite likely the worst week-end in the year to finish a campaign... just before Xmas! The amount of cancellations at the last minute was staggering and absorbed the nice growth of the last couple of days... you see, we naively thought that people would give the Tarot of Loka as a Xmas present... but then realised that we were deluding ourselves - of course people prefer to have their 2013 Xmas gifts a bit more solid and NOW rather than 'Estimated delivery: September 2014'! Lesson learnt!

Pretty much all of the people that answered our requests for feedback for cancellations have given us a similar answer: 'I love the product, but I'm out of cash because of Xmas'... and we had quite a few very moving messages, like people that lost their job just before Xmas... really nasty stuff...  
And to add to that gloom, some of you contacted us expressing disappointment that we have gone again under the limit for the first stretch-goal, as you were looking forward to Ralph's sketchbook... well, no need to worry, we have decided to sprinkle a little bit of Xmas spirit and cheer, so...

We are going to consider the first stretch goal achieved anyway, and send the digital sketchbook to all of the backers with pledges above £5!!!        

Ho ho ho, Merry Xmas from the River Horse hippo!


Look - it's Santa Hippo!   ;-)
Look - it's Santa Hippo! ;-)

But silliness aside, thanks so much for supporting us to the end (and not cancelling your pledge even under the pressure of Xmas budgeting!)! We shall take a few days rest now and then send the surveys out... and go looking for a heavy set of chains to bind Ralph to the drawing board!

You know, when you explain Kickstarter to people that don't know about it, like it happened to me in a few occasions recently, they cannot believe that there can exist such trust that people give you money in advance of you producing a product, particularly in the current economic climate! And it is a special kind of trust you express when backing a project like ours - it is really appreciated, thanks!


The end. For now.
The end. For now.
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    1. Tris Moran on

      Congratulations, glad we got funded :-) Roll on 2014, what is next in the Loka Universe?

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter Spencer on

      Dear Sir,

      I know not what this problem with Xmas cash is for. When one gets yelled at for spending "more money on gaming stuff" rather than presents one simply feigns ignorance, as forgiveness is easier to ask than permission. Having said that though it is genuinely pleasing to see this one get up as it deserved to. I am very much looking forward to seeing the final product. Thank you for your efforts.

    3. Christian Schlumpberger on

      Congratulations Alessio, well deserved! :-)