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pledged of $13,822 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $13,822 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. SEGERS Marcus less than a minute ago

      Just, in add-on, if you could create a dashboard with all profile, like for Terminator, with the Terminator game core set we will have what we need for skirmish game...

    2. SEGERS Marcus 3 minutes ago

      Maybe you could create profile same as the Terminator skirmish game to all miniature of this KS, with it profile, we could play and create our scenerio. It's will be easyer to develop a cross over (and help to support all your game)
      Time jump could be the same in the game as in the movie, with came back, and jump in post apo future world...

    3. Andy Marshall-Alton 7 minutes ago

      Highlander is one of my favourite films so I am really looking forward to entering "the game".
      Is there any plans for any Celt or Roman immortals..?

    4. River Horse 4-time creator about 1 hour ago

      @Wailslake, thank you! we love getting feedback and the wonderful thing about kickstarter is that you get a lot of the feedback at a stage where you are more able to apply solutions or great ideas!

    5. Wailslake about 1 hour ago

      Just want to say well done RH on this Kickstarter! It has been going at a nice pace and you seem very receptive to feedback re the campaign.

    6. River Horse 4-time creator about 3 hours ago

      @ SEGERS Marcus, there is not one planned at this stage but the miniatures do fit into the standard skirmish game scale (28mm heroic)

    7. River Horse 4-time creator about 3 hours ago

      @ Will B. We are thinking of adding Ramirez' famous hat to the "modern" Peacock.

      As for additional room, we are currently have several designs planned out for packaging so that everything will be stored away neatly and presented beautifully!

    8. SEGERS Marcus about 9 hours ago

      Does a skirmish game is expected to be in complement of the board game?

    9. Will B. about 11 hours ago

      Edit for my previous post: "sleeping cards" should be "sleeving cards".

      Long posts get cut off on the screen of the iPhone app and I'm unable to scroll. So I was typing blind and couldn't see the autocorrect mistake.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lorraine Quiroz Collaborator about 13 hours ago

      Will B hold tight! They creators will be back in the morning and will share what insight they can ✨

    11. Will B. about 13 hours ago

      Some additional comments:

      Though I'm not a fan of Ramirez's hairstyle in his Peacock attire, I think it works well in the ancient Egypt image. Any chance for his trademark hat at the very least when he's the "Spaniard"?

      Since the campaign is giving us many extra miniatures than originally planned for the base game, will the game box be designed to hold all of these components? If there's an insert, will the added size created by sleeping cards be taken into account?

      I think the picture on the main page isn't updated yet to show there are 30 additional new cards, not 25.

    12. River Horse 4-time creator about 19 hours ago

      @ScottW, All stretch goals will be available at retail, though likely not at the same price as in this Kickstarter campaign. Ramirez has a different image for his modern version (which has been posted on the RH Facebook page) and his ancient version, Ikhemu-Sek (which you can see as one of the current stretch goals).

    13. Missing avatar

      ScottW about 19 hours ago

      Is the Kickstarter version of the game the same as what we will find in retail down the road? Or are all the unlocks "exclusive" to the kickstarter campaign? Also, what imagery of Ramirez are going to see? The one posted on River Horse's Facebook page or the one here?

    14. Hellikin about 21 hours ago

      @Will B. - Good point, it's one of "The Rules" that Immortals can only duel 1v1 after all! Never fight on holy ground, and duels are 1v1. Unless you're a really evil Immortal that breaks the rules, but that should be part of their character ability as an exception to the game rules rather than allowing everyone to have multi-duels. :)


    15. Missing avatar

      Lorraine Quiroz Collaborator about 21 hours ago

      Gabriel, there are two rewards offered that you might be interested in: be in the game or a personalized set. Check the backing rewards for more info :)

    16. Gabriel Villagomez about 21 hours ago

      Also Wikipedia has Ramirez' Egyptian name as Tak-Ne also.

    17. Gabriel Villagomez about 21 hours ago

      Stretch goal idea: blank cards and a Generic immortal figure so that owners of the game can create their own character???

    18. River Horse 4-time creator about 21 hours ago

      @Pyro stick + Chris "soul sucker" Perz, we are always looking to improve and are hoping to exceed the quality of Labyrinth with this title! There will not be a stretch goal to increase the quality of the models as they are already of the maximum quality we can provide - please check out some of the spinning videos in the updates section for as these are production pre-samples and should be indicative of final quality.

    19. Missing avatar

      Leif Stensson
      about 22 hours ago

      @River Horse: OK, I understand the problem... Thanks!

    20. Chris "Soul Sucker" Perz
      about 22 hours ago

      @Pyro Stick: I own Jim Henson's Labyrinth from River Horse. I have to say that all of the components in that game, including the minis, are top notch. If the same attention to detail is followed in this game I don't think you will have anything to worry about at all.

    21. Pyro Stick about 22 hours ago

      Is there any chance for a stretch goal to increase the quality of the minis, and other game components? I'm worried what we will receive will not look anything like the renders.

    22. River Horse 4-time creator about 22 hours ago

      @Leif Stensson, We are only able to show approved materials, which almost always have to be completed aspects of the game. We will continue to share what we can about the game, and there's more video content from Beasts of War coming up on Youtube soon!

    23. Missing avatar

      Leif Stensson
      about 23 hours ago

      @River Horse: I realize you can't show the final version of the rules, but can't you show the current draft version, with a disclaimer that things may still change?

      As an example, they did that in the recent Chronicle X KS campaign, and that was appreciated by many backers, and produced interesting discussions and a lot of constructive feedback there.

    24. River Horse 4-time creator 1 day ago

      @Leif Stensson, I'm afraid we are unable to show the full rules of the game at the moment. Not only is this being worked on at the moment, but everything is subject to approval by our license partners.

    25. Kevin H 1 day ago

      +1 for will B gathering idea, like it

    26. Missing avatar

      Leif Stensson
      1 day ago

      @River Horse: Repeating an earlier question/request - would you consider making the rules for the game available while the campaign is still going on? As @Will B says, it's harder to offer constructive feedback based just on the gameplay videos, without having seen the actual rules.

    27. River Horse 4-time creator 1 day ago

      @Will B., very interesting! Thanks for the input =)

    28. Sam Savage Cash 1 day ago

      @Will B.
      Can definitely see where you're coming from, given how the movie and series represented the duels and how it is the climax of the game. Something I'll bear in mind if it's not already accounted for at game launch :)

      Thanks for the info on the HLBB and the proposed tweak/house rule, will look into HLBB now

    29. Will B. 1 day ago

      @Sam Savage Cash
      @River Horse

      The HLBB is (or was) the official Highlander Message Board. When it shut down not too long ago, one of the longtime members (and the director of one of the more famous Highlander fan films) resurrected it and is restoring it to how it had always been. Sign up if you are not already a member. http://www.highlander-community.com/forum/

      As for the house rule I'm considering, it is only tentative without reading the actual rule book but just based on what I saw in the Let's Play video. My idea is this:

      If more than 2 Immortals make it to The Gathering, instead of jumping into a free for all, I'd start by having the players roll their Influence and Cunning together (or perhaps just one, but it seems like this action would be involving both skills), following the normal rules of re-rolling and upgrading if they are willing to part with Quickening Tokens.

      -The player with the highest total gets to choose which two Immortals duel. This is to represent them influencing and manipulating the events to bring their choice of combatants together. They could also choose to be one of the participants if they so wish.

      -The two chosen Immortals are locked in a duel until one is beheaded. The other survivors wait on the sidelines for their time to come.

      -Repeat the above steps until only one Immortal remains.

      I want to keep the duels 1-on-1 as we see in the film (and more prominently in the series) and want to add a little more strategy into The Gathering. The winner of the first roll would have to decide what is best: putting him/herself at risk by trying to take out a weaker target in hopes of getting stronger with the Quickening to handle the strongest Immortal still standing or try to steer two others into combat to thin out the numbers and bank on the victor taking his/her share of bruises before it is time for the next face off.

      Again, it will all depend on what I read in the final rules and see by playing the vanilla game but I want the endgame to be something a bit *more* to represent just how important it is.

      Does that make sense?

    30. River Horse 4-time creator 1 day ago

      @Will B. We would love to hear any suggestions and comments - we have finished the main game design but there is always time for tweaking and refinement!

    31. Andy Marshall-Alton 1 day ago

      Any plans for to upgrade of the tokens to plastic..?

    32. Sam Savage Cash 1 day ago

      @Will B.
      What's HLBB, and what's your idea for the house rule? Might use it myself :)

    33. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Never mind, found it.

    34. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      What's HLBB?

    35. Will B. 2 days ago

      To repeat a topic that's going on at the HLBB, this looks like a fun, light board game aimed at the general public with very simple gaming mechanics. I'm really digging it but The Gathering phase seems a little anticlimactic with everyone just rolling dice in a frenzy to be on top. That doesn't seem to capture the feel of The Gathering.

      I already have an idea for a house rule to make it more exciting (in my opinion) and thematic but I'm wondering if you're still tweaking the rules for the final release? I can put up with the simple, random rolling of dice for the main game but I want to add a little more thrill and strategy into the climax.

    36. Missing avatar

      Leif Stensson
      2 days ago

      Looks like we reached the £24K stretch goal - five more cards. New up: Ikhemu-Sek mini at £26.2K.

    37. Hellikin 2 days ago

      Picked up an EB and backing this project! Time to win the Prize!

    38. Sam Savage Cash 2 days ago

      @Ralph Holland
      This is from the FAQ: "Highlander, The Board Game is based off the original Highlander movie and does not incorporate elements from the sequels, TV show, comics, or other media. There can be only one!"

      @River Horse
      Always happy to help, if I'm sure on the answer :D

    39. Missing avatar

      Ralph Holland 2 days ago

      Do you have the rights to the TV Series Characters as well e.g. Duncan, Mythos, Amanda etc?

    40. JEVR 2 days ago

      @River Horse: Thanks!
      I think it would be cool to start the game with the "Ancient" version of a Immortal and then replace him with the Modern one as the game progress. Just a thought.

    41. River Horse 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @Brian Payne, @Sam Savage Cash is correct, the game with stretch goals supports between 2-6 players. Thanks for catching that one Sam!

    42. Sam Savage Cash 2 days ago

      @Brian Payne
      Up to 6

    43. Missing avatar

      Brian Payne 2 days ago

      How many players will one core game with stretches Support at the same time?

    44. River Horse 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @JEVR, the Era deck is assembled with 'Ancient' cards on top and 'Modern' cards on the bottom, so the game progresses through the ages. Players draw cards from this deck and in some cases, multiple cards will be discarded to represent the passage of time.

    45. River Horse 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @Ricker, those sound like really cool ideas! We'll add them to our considerations =)

    46. JEVR 2 days ago

      @River Horse: is the Era deck completely random? I mean, can you have cards from very different periods in history active at the same time (other than swords) or does it follow an order?

    47. Francis Tommaso
      2 days ago

      It took me a second to get who Sek is. That's pretty great.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ricker 2 days ago

      How Cool would it be if one of the stretch goals Pewter Pieces? Or, a larger limited edition "RIVER HORSE" Highlander Challenge Coin? - Keep up the great work Team River Horse and again I am so happy to have gotten in very early!

    49. River Horse 4-time creator 2 days ago

      @John Little, estimated delivery is winter 2018.

    50. Missing avatar

      John Little 2 days ago

      I can’t find if this has been asked, or answered, but do we have an estimated delivery for this yet?

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