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Fun and mysterious rock songs about household chores. Doing your dishes never kicked this much ass.


A few years ago, a young man with questionable motives started writing songs about household chores in his spare time. His name was (and remains) Paul. Why he did this is not particularly clear. What was clear, however, was that these songs were waiting to be written, not so much written as transcribed from the ethereal Zeitgeist, much as that Italian marble was waiting to be turned into that statue by that guy way back when. You know. The ninja turtle. 

This young man, getting progressively less young every day, teamed up with three other young-ish men to form the mighty rock and roll force known as The Small Dinosaurs. His simple songs went from being amusing demos into full fledged awesomenesses of ROCK. These band members are mysterious, and though they often go by many names, they will respond to the handles Charlie Keys, Jersey Dave, and Cozy Gazelle, as well as to the jingle and sparkle of shiny objects. Seriously, these guys are amazing musicians, and this album is going to rule, but we need your help to make it happen. 

We really want to take these songs into the studio and make them as great as we think they have the potential to be. This takes cash. We estimate that the costs of studio time, mixing, and mastering will cost at least $2,500 (but the more we have, the better we can make it!). Any additional donations will go toward publicity, tours, music videos, and (potentially) physical CDs. 

We feel we have something truly unique with this project. There are lots of rock bands out in the world, and even lots of very good ones. But we are, as far as we know, the only band in the world whose songs are exclusively dedicated to such a universally appreciable milieu: household chores. 


The studio album will feature the seasoned band at their finest. The original demos, recorded by Paul alone in his bedroom at the time they were written, may convey a glimmer of the full potential of the Household Songs. You can listen to them (and even purchase them at whatever donation you feel is appropriate) by CLICKING ON THIS TEXT RIGHT HERE.  You can also express your pleasure with us on the book of face

Thank you so much for helping to make this happen. 

Sincerely, The Small Dinosaurs


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