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A fresh new tribute show that's sure to have audiences jumping and jiving...even those who've never heard of the Andrews Sisters!


It's difficult to write, produce and rehearse a show when the creatives come from three different continents!  Yes, that's right, we said continents!  However, these three lovely ladies have discovered a mutual love of performing the works of this truly inspiring musical group, and they want to share that passion and pleasure with audiences around the world. 

Born somewhere between Alaska and the Panama Canal, Swing It! Songs of the Andrews Sisters started as a quick, 20-minute, 7-song set on board the Norwegian Star cruise ship in late 2011 and turned out to be a smash hit!  It had audiences giddy with the giggles and "hot as peppers full of pep"!  Even the passengers and fellow crew members who had never heard of the Andrews Sisters were hooked.

Since then, the girls have communicated across oceans to complete a full 50-minute show featuring 16 Andrews Sisters hits.  Swing It! is a fresh and cheeky show filled with the timeless boogie woogie songs you love...or are about to fall in love with!  Whether you're an Andrews Sisters fan through-and-through or you just think these sailor girl photos are too darn cute ("Who are the Andrews Sisters??"), you're sure to fall in love.  Swing It! is perfect for cruise ships, casinos and corporate events.

Here's how you become part of our journey!

Our music charts are written, our schedules are clear for rehearsals, a seamstress has the needle threaded and ready to sew our costumes and the three of us are just itching to start harmonizing on the same continent!  We just need the funds that will bring it all together! 

The money raised from this Kickstarter will go toward:

  • materials and labor to have costumes made
  • paying our band arranger fees
  • travel for our rehearsal period (scheduled for mid-January in NYC)
  • and the rental fees for a rehearsal space.

Once we have a fully-finished product, we are 100% confident that we will book performances...and soon!  Swing It! Songs of the Andrews Sisters already has interest from several companies who are just waiting for the OK to ship us out!  Also, our amazing manager is in talks with contacts that will lead us to our ultimate performance destination...LAS VEGAS!


Erin Baltsar is our all-American girl from Allentown, PA.  Could that be any more appropriate?  Did we mention she's also our vocal arranger?

Erin Baltsar
Erin Baltsar

Phoebe Coupe is our doll from down under.  Full of sass and spunk, she keeps us 'In the Mood' with her brilliant choreography!

Phoebe Coupe
Phoebe Coupe

Rosie Glossop is our oh-so-well-spoken English Rose (and aptly named!). She hails from London, but her vocal tone and style could easily be mistaken for a long lost Andrews sister!

Rosie Glossop
Rosie Glossop

The idea of creating Swing It! Songs of the Andrews Sisters really stemmed from our mutual love of that classic 1940's sound.  We found that we had a common dream of performing these songs and a shared enthusiasm to conquer their complex harmonies.  As we discussed our hopes further, we discovered we also had similar ideas on how we wanted to put a show together.  It was clear to all of us that we needed a story with distinct and relatable characters, not simply a revue or medley of popular songs.  Our goal is not only to entertain folks who've lived through that era and know these songs by heart, but also to share this distinct sound with younger generations who perhaps have never heard it before.


As a backer, please don't feel like your journey with Swing It! will end here at Kickstarter.  Be sure to check out our incentives for donating.  On top of those fun little gifts, we'll add you to our mailing list to keep you in the loop!

You can always stay informed on what we're up to by becoming a fan on our Facebook page. 

If you're interested in booking Swing It! Songs of the Andrews Sisters for your corporate event, please contact our manager, Kim Jordan of Accent Entertainment.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Swing It! Songs of the Andrews Sisters!  The three of us are so grateful for your support!!!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Of course it is always a possibility that small setbacks will occur, however, the risk factor on this project is extremely low. The public and professional interest is there, as well as the drive and determination of three incredibly smart and talented ladies. Everything is in place now and we just need that final financial push to make "Swing It! Songs of the Andrews Sisters" come together. As we mentioned, we'd like to start ASAP with the most basic form of our show (girls, music, costumes) and continue to build "Swing It!" to the full-blown, Broadway-caliber production we know it can be!

With Kickstarter, this funding is ALL-OR-NOTHING. That means we must reach our goal of $6,000 by our deadline in order to make this dream a reality. If we are unable to reach our goal, your pledges are returned to you, so there's no risk for you as a backer, either! Thanks, Kickstarter, for looking out for everyone!

Your support will be appreciated more than any words can express.


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