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$11,357 pledged of $30,000 goal
$11,357 pledged of $30,000 goal

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    1. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 28

      Thanks Erik! I appreciate the support. :)

    2. Erik The Big "E" on March 28

      While I am usually opposed to cancellations of campaigns(especially ones I am very enthusiastic about, like this one!)
      In this particular case, it makes a lot of sense to cancel, pause, and relaunch under the new goal.
      Your being upfront and honest and forthright about the reasons help.
      I'd rather see a new campaign with a lower goal as a result of finding new manufacturer quotes, then the total money raised will be more be to go to potential SG's and add-ons then the risk of not funding at the current goal.

      Look to hear and see more in the near future.

      Communication and lots of it is key!

    3. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 28

      Hey Chiky! The problem is, we can't have a new funding goal during a live campaign in the first place. I'm not allowed to change the funding goal from $30,000, and Kickstarter won't collect any of the money unless we hit that $30,000 funding goal, so unlocking stretch goals at lower amounts won't really make a difference. The only way for me to change the funding goal is to start a new campaign.

    4. Chiky Scares You
      on March 28

      what a bout instead of cancelling this, start unlocking the stretch goals as we pass the new funding goal?

    5. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 25

      Hey META! What country are you in? I can probably just add it to the existing reward tiers!

    6. METADNA
      on March 24

      I suppose that for the size of your structure it is difficult to deliver many countries, but your project is interesting, i think if you offer such a possibility, well formulated, it could be an opening for your KS campaign to new backers and make your game known.

    7. METADNA
      on March 24

      @Craig Stern: You only deliver to certain countries, mine not being elligible the only way is to have a PnP, either as a dedicated pledge or offered to all your backers ($1 backers included)

    8. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 23

      Thanks Joachim!

      META, let me clarify: are you asking for a new reward tier with a full-art PNP edition?

    9. METADNA
      on March 23

      Hello, any news about a PnP ?

    10. Joachim Heise
      on March 21

      Screw it, I'm in. Despite the high shipping, I simply MUST have this. It's worth some frugal living.

    11. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 19

      Thanks for the suggestion, Paul! I'll go through and tweak them all for improved readability once we get funded. :)

    12. Paul Blakey on March 19

      @Craig Stern - Loving its back on for a second time, backed instantly as I am super intrigued by the game concept.

      One thing as a UX consultant I would like to mention would be to change the line-height of the text on cards. Currently everything is too close together and because you are using a non standard font its making it difficult to read.

      No issues if you dont care but I thought I'd offer a suggestion anyway!

    13. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 19

      Thanks Jason, good catch! I've updated it now.

      @Nick and @Blackguard: yeah, sorry about that. International shipping and handling costs for a board game are just high right now (and for reasons I don't understand, they've risen pretty dramatically in the past year or two). I've been investigating other options, but so far, the quotes I've received from fulfillment houses located in the EU have not been meaningfully cheaper for a low-volume project like ours. I'll keep looking, though!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason Ahrens on March 19

      I just noticed, your page for True Messiah has not been updated to indicate the KickStarter is in progress. The news feed lists the kickstarter, but anyone watching the Games page still sees a "sign up to our mailing list".

    15. Nick D. on March 17

      Similar position here. $25 to Canada is brutal but it looks worth it. As long as duty and customs type stuff really is already factored in.

    16. Missing avatar

      on March 17

      27$ Shipping to the EU is not really EU friendly but I backed nevertheless.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason Ahrens on March 17

      Here's a question: If I were to get permission to put up a poster on the boards of a few local game shops, do you have something pre-made I could print?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jason Ahrens on March 17

      Yep, I've done that, more than once in some cases already... Directly to friends, game groups, twitter, and even facebook which I haven't logged into my account for years. 😹

    19. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 17

      Hey Jason, that's a good question! I'm doing my utmost to get the word out, but if you'd like to help, there are loads of options! Do you know of any friends or family who enjoy games like this? Reaching out to them, letting them know you're excited about this Kickstarter campaign, and passing them a link can be really helpful! Know of any local board game groups in your community? That could be a great place to spread the word too!

    20. Missing avatar

      Jason Ahrens on March 16

      That was all of us who's been watching and waiting. Now that volume has slowed, how do we keep getting the word out to draw new converts to the cause? 🤣

    21. Chiky Scares You
      on March 14

      almost 1/3 of the goal in what? 3 days? that's amazinf

    22. Oz Locke on March 13

      Awesome news :)

      If it helps, these guys had the same problem and found a fix. They're small too

    23. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 13

      Update on European shipping: apparently SpainBox has no minimum volume requirement? I've reached out to them for a quote; maybe we can bring those shipping costs down after all!

    24. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 13

      Thanks Swarnava! That's a good idea; I think I'll do that. :)

    25. Swarnava Banerjee on March 13

      @Craig Stern Hi, so glad you are doing this again. Noticing a gulf between Priest and High Priest pledge levels. Would it be possible to package True Messiah with some of your digital games or a PNP edition? Might sweeten the deal for a lot of folks. Also HD wallpapers of this artwork would be incredible to have :)

    26. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 13

      Hey Oz! So here's the deal: I had Blackbox lined up far, far in advance to do exactly that, splitting shipping between US and UK warehouses in order to offer cheap EU fulfillment...and then, a few weeks ago, they abruptly imposed some new conditions that I couldn't meet, going back on their word to me and leaving me scrambling for a different fulfillment service.

      Bluntly, this really sucked. I don't have the board game customer base of a Jamey Stegmaier, unfortunately, and as such I have not been able to find a different fulfillment service with cheap international rates that is also available for the volume of product I'm likely to shift here. This, in turn, means that I have to price high on international shipping to protect myself from the possibility that (a) we don't get enough backers overall to score me those cheap international rates, but (b) we *do* get enough international backers to produce a financially ruinous multiplier on $15-a-pop international shipping.

      To be clear, I really don't like this. If I had my preference, I'd offer you all the cheapest volume-discounted international rates available to anyone. But the reality of doing a board game as a one-person indie developer is that if I commit to the same volume pricing as larger outfits do but don't actually end up moving that same volume of product, as a matter of math, I'll have effectively backed myself into a corner where I am legally obligated to bleed money until I go bankrupt. Which, y'know, I love you all and I want to offer you super-cheap rates, but I really can't risk that.

    27. Oz Locke on March 13

      Definitely also have a read through this (the whole site is a total bible for Kickstarters!)

    28. Oz Locke on March 13

      In for a dollar for now, as very interested, but can't validate that shipping cost.

      Most campaigns handle the issue by splitting the product and shipping it en-mass to major destinations, then shipping individually from there.

      I'd recommend you reach out to other Kickstarter organizers to see how they managed it because you should definitely be able to get that down to no more than $15.

    29. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 13

      Sorry about that, Dennis--international shipping for a 3-pound board game is simply really expensive! I'd eat the cost myself if it were just for you, but multiplied over dozens or hundreds of backers? That could ruin me. But hey, on the plus side: shipping covers all customs and duties up-front, so you won't need to worry about any further charges!

    30. Dennis Werfl
      on March 13

      Huh US shipping free germany 27$. Thats scaring me off tbh

    31. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 13

      Hey META! I have no plans for a print-and-play backer level at this time, but I'll consider it if there's sufficient demand.

    32. METADNA
      on March 13

      @Craig Stern The game and the Echoes of Muad'Dib lures me on the page, unfortunately I am not among the counterpart of expeditions, please can you at least plan a Pnp pledge !

    33. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 12

      Hey all! Sorry about that--the rulebook file should be back up now.

      As for the art, Andrew, there's no gratuitous female nudity/cleavage/boob armor/what-have-you here. The game's art is designed to be unsettling, not titillating. But you'll definitely get to see more of the game's art for yourself in coming updates, so stay tuned!

    34. Andrew Croftcheck on March 12

      Back for another round! Looking forward to seeing how things go.

      I second the request for an updated link to the rulebook, as it's a dead link for me as well.

      Will some of the updates be focused on the artwork of the cards? I'm rather hoping that they do; I'd like to put my fears (of yet another game/game's art treating women as objects) to ease.

    35. Missing avatar

      Justin B. on March 12

      Your link to the rulebook goes to a 404, can you please fix that?

    36. METADNA
      on March 12

      The game and the Echoes of Muad'Dib lures me on the page, unfortunately I am not among the counterpart of expeditions, please can you at least plan a Pnp pledge !

    37. Craig Stern 5-time creator on March 12

      Thanks guys; I'm glad to have you on board! :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Jason Ahrens on March 12

      I've been waiting for this since PAX last year. I'm in!

    39. Chiky Scares You
      on March 12

      We're back! :D