Telepath Tactics

by Craig Stern

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    1. Christian Walde on

      The predictive damage display is pretty nice, but could be more slick and useful at the same time: Instead of the number you could render the health bar of the unit, with the current health overlaid by a second bar displaying the predicted health after the attack. (It could also display status effects of the attack.)

    2. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Thanks, Christian! I was actually thinking of doing that. Consider it on The List.

    3. S.D. on

      There are so many awesome ideas for us to share with Craig... we've got to get him the money first, though! I have a feeling that The List is actually quite a daunting document... O_O

    4. Blackstaff on

      Branching dialogue and branching story in mah Telepath tactics ?
      Sweet, Sweet, Sweet !
      Mmmmm... I will follow this closely...

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Mckenna on

      I would love to up my pledge by $13, but having just purchased a home I am strapped. My $1 pledge is for solidarity. I want to see Telepath Tactics happen and I want you to know that I will buy it if it does happen... a year from now after I've rebuilt my sweet, sweet cash buffer.

    6. Ravachol on

      Well, thanks to mention Antharion again, backed that aswell.
      But even more luck to you, Craig, the pc gaming world need strategic rpgs! I was looking for games like this for ages - and there are (nearly) none! So you have my support no matter what.

    7. Missing avatar

      Johnny Crusher

      Well, I upped my pledge from $25 to $60. I want to see this happen. :)

    8. Levi Watts on

      Pledge from $10 to $25.