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Modding and creating a new campaign

Hello, folks! I've gotten a number of questions about modding since starting this campaign; in this post, I'll introduce you to a bit of it.

There are a lot of different aspects to modding in Telepath Tactics: from using the map editor to scripting dialog and cut scenes to creating new tilesets, character sprites and animations, there are so many different aspects that I could never hope to cover them all in a single post!

Rather than write a novel here, I decided to create a video going through the first steps of creating a new single player campaign. In the process, it provides a basic intro to modding as it now stands in the Telepath Tactics alpha. (Though please keep in mind that this video covers only a fraction of the stuff you can do!)

Join me as I create a new single player campaign, "Awesomesauce," starring Billy Zane, a novice Spearmaster 5000! (I strongly suggest watching this in fullscreen mode, in HD, so you can read along as I go.)

Again, this video just scratches the surface of what's possible in Telepath Tactics. I didn't discuss editing tilesets, character sprites and other graphics; editing skills and attacks; adding in custom weather, lighting, or battle conditions; or creating cut scenes. I also left out most aspects of dialog scripting, didn't touch on randomizing character names, etc. etc. This was a bare-bones preview, in other words.

I'm in the process of documenting how to mod each aspect of the game; right now, the game manual has a pretty comprehensive guide to modding in new tilesets, as well as new skills and attacks. Go give it a look if you're curious to learn more about modding in Telepath Tactics.


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    1. Craig Stern 5-time creator on December 3, 2012

      I should also add that I plan to eventually extend the map editor with support for things like dialog editing, so you won't need to spend much time mucking around in the .xml files themselves.