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Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
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So! Yesterday, a Twitter notification showed up on my phone congratulating me. "For what?" I wondered. I immediately checked my email, and my heart stopped:

So it's now official: Telepath Tactics is coming to Steam! Break out the champagne! :D

I honestly cannot express how relieved I am not to have to worry about shepherding the game through Greenlight anymore; that takes off a lot of pressure I was feeling to market the game even when I wanted to focus purely on just making the thing.

Despite that pressure, things have continued to progress smoothly on development of the game. I've been posting my usual monthly updates on laying out the details on that: here they are for December, January and February.

You'll want to read those posts for an in-depth listing of what's changed, along with loads of awesome pictures and screenshots--but the short version is that I've been pouring a lot of work into fleshing out the cast of characters, polishing the game's visual presentation, and writing / designing the main campaign.

Perhaps the most striking recent change to Telepath Tactics revolves around the inclusion of some really nice new attack effects (which, like everything else in the game, are fully moddable). This video doesn't include all of the effects--you'll need to go read the monthly updates to see them all--but it does include quite a few:

(And before you ask--yes, that song is from the Telepath Tactics soundtrack!)

The game's interface is now a lot prettier (with a complete set of 106 custom attack buttons!); support for combat objectives; and a brand-new Bandit character class. I've been going through and systematically replacing all of the game's placeholder interface art, and the results are hard to argue with.

We've finished all of the alternate gender sprites for the game's 22 base character classes, and are well into the NPC sprites now. Once those are complete, we'll round things off by creating promoted versions of all the character sprites.

Things are looking rosy, folks! Thanks once again for all of your support, and for making this game possible. You guys are seriously the best.


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    1. Patrick M. Downey on March 8, 2014

      Congrats! I cannot wait to gift this!

    2. James Yee on March 6, 2014

      Well done Craig! Good to see it coming soon to Steam. I'm looking forward to it. :)

    3. theweirdn8 on March 6, 2014

      Good job buddy.

    4. Matt Lohkamp on March 6, 2014

      yup, looks rosy enough to me. keep up that good work!

    5. Praemus on March 6, 2014


      That's such great news, Craig!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lord baconus on March 5, 2014

      Congratulations. Now one of the indie rpgs I've been rooting for made it onto steam. Now if only Frayed Knights can get there.

    7. Craig Stern Creator on March 5, 2014

      Thanks a bunch, guys. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on March 5, 2014

      That is really great news! Congrats! :)

    9. Helena on March 5, 2014

      Awesome! I've been following the updates and downloading the preview build every now and then to try out the new features. It's good to see that everything's progressing on schedule, and I'm pleased to hear about Steam Greenlight even though I don't use Steam. :-)

    10. Craig Stern Creator on March 5, 2014

      Thank you! And yes, getting onto Steam definitely means we're looking at a much better launch. It also means a broader player base--and consequently, more people to create (and play) custom campaigns. This is good news for everyone, whether they use Steam or not. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Sean B. Brown on March 5, 2014

      Fantastic news, dude. Congrats. Pretty much guarantees better sales figures for the game. Very cool.

    12. Craig Stern Creator on March 5, 2014

      Thanks! :)

    13. Kyle Schleich
      on March 5, 2014

      Very good news indeed! Congratulations!!!!!!