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Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
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14 days out and all's well!

Posted by Craig Stern (Creator)

Hello, gentle backers! I'm posting this to keep you "in the loop," as the kids say.

It has now been 14 days since the Telepath Tactics Kickstarter campaign ended, and Amazon Payments has at long last made the Kickstarter funding available to me.

After accounting for Amazon's cut, Kickstarter's cut, and pledges that didn't go through, we're left with $37,161.75, which is about what I expected. According to Amazon, it'll be 5-7 business days before this money lands in my bank account and I can actually use it, but the important thing is that it's now finalized and being transferred over.

Now that that's done being collected, Kickstarter has given me a final list of backers that I can sort by reward and export email lists for. What this means: it's time to send out the first batch of backer rewards! The Early Access reward is top priority--I'm planning to send those out later this evening. (The forum badges and map editor rewards will come next after that.)

And just so you don't think I've been sitting on my butt these past couple of weeks, here's a rundown of my latest progress on the game. I've been hard at work getting the Telepath Tactics engine ready for you all in anticipation of sending out the early access builds. In particular, I added in a couple of last-minute features I figured you might want: namely, support for equipment and item requirements. (Click those links to read more about those features on the forums.)

Meanwhile, I've retained several artists to get cracking on item graphics, expanded tilesets / destructible objects, and more character animations. We already have the first shipment of new "Castle" tiles in, including tapestries, sunlit windows, and lovely 2-tile stained glass windows. Check it out!

Nice, eh? Those tiles will be in the build I send out later today. If you're a $25+ backer, keep an eye on your email inbox!



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    1. jorlinn on Linux on

      Hmm, I can't get the demo to work on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bits here) thanks to the abomination that calls itself Adobe Air. I sincerely hope that the end product will have a solid wrapper to ensure that it does indeed work.

    2. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Thanks Craig. I absolutely love the game, but I don't think that the right click is very intuitive to quit. Anyway, it is a pleasure to see the game evolve regularly.

    3. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Noted. By the way, for everyone else who reads this: the game just auto-saves right now. Individualized save slots will be coming in the future!

    4. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Third post to say it would be useful to have the number of the version appear on the menu screen.

    5. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Sorry, I just found the manual in the directory.

    6. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Greater than the demo. Excuse me to ask it again, but how do you save?

    7. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Yup, that was the bug. It's fixed now--just redownload and hit Replace when the installer gives you the option. :)

    8. James Yee on


      I don't know if I have the latest I didn't download until 8PM MST or so, so maybe I got it? Anywho I did find a bug right off the bat that even said, "Players aren't supposed to see this dialogue." I laughed since that's a good debug function. :)

      Basically I backstabed the training partner and beat her in one hit which seemed to cause the sprites to go all funky and everything. Funny stuff. I'll redownload and see if I can do it again. :)

    9. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Hey guys, just an FYI: I received a report of a really nasty bug shortly after I uploaded the alpha. I hunted it down and summarily fixed it, then updated the installer files. If you were really quick on the draw and you downloaded the game already (prior to 9:45 PM CST or so), you'll want to download the updated installers and Replace the old install. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    10. Faux Shizzle on

      Alpha build received!

    11. Kyle Schleich

      woot! cant wait!

    12. jorlinn on Linux on

      The stained glass windows look great, but the lighting looks a bit odd with parallel lighting for the stained glass windows combined with angular beams of light for the side windows.

    13. Roq on

      Just think this is going to be a cool game and liked your article: I think even if a strategy game doesn't do all these things, they have to understand the concepts and why they don't apply in particular situations. Good stuff!

    14. Helena on

      Looking forward to the early-access build!