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Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
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Craig answers your questions!

Posted by Craig Stern (Creator)

Hey guys!

First, we have an exciting tidbit of campaign news: we've hit our third stretch goal! This means that procedural level generation is going to be supported in the game, which is pretty darn exciting. I'm not planning to use this too much in the main campaign (I want the main campaign to be a tightly focused, hand-crafted experience), but there should definitely be some room to use it for optional side missions. (Plus, I just know that modders are going to make some really awesome stuff with it once I have it in-game!)

Second, we have another piece of exciting campaign news: we're roughly $3,000 away from the "branching campaign" stretch goal! If we hit this one, I'll be adding a significant decision to the campaign that branches it in two directions, each with its own unique missions. We still have 62 hours to hit this one. We can definitely make it!

And now, on to the meat of the update. I got a really enthusiastic response from that last update where I talked about the Lissit (it turns out that people care about little things like "lore" and "world-building." Who knew?!) So last night, I took all of your questions from below that update and made a brand new video answering them all.

Two things to note before you watch:

(1) I used my webcam, which apparently ignores my high quality mic in favor of the lousy one built in to the webcam. Sorry for that! I did try to spice it up a bit by adding in some art.

(2) When I made this video, we still hadn't hit our third stretch goal. (We then went on to hit it, of course, which is pretty awesome.)

All right, enough disclaimers. Here's the video!

And there you are! Your questions about the game's lore, answered. There's actually a lot more to say about this world than I was able to cram into this video. Telepath is a place with some history. Want to dig in further? There's actually a fan-run Wiki just full of this stuff. Check it out!

That's it for this update, folks. As always, thank you for supporting the game!

Yours in tactics,



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    1. Robert Vionny on

      Craig, thank you for the answers about the AI !
      Now I guess I have to get ready to start tomorrow ;)

      I hope I will be able to provide a good campaign for everyone to enjoy !

    2. S.D. on

      Craig: Ok, fair enough! Not sure what you mean, in regards to Unity 3D. If follow-through means wondering whether or not they will support Linux, well... they do already. I own half a dozen natively ported Unity games already (Rochard, Spectraball, One Late Night, SWIFT☆STITCH, and a couple of others, not to mention the dozens of KS games built on it, which I've backed, and have produced playable demos for us backers). If you mean something like "ongoing support"... well, that's a fair point, and one that I'm pretty worried about. Not so much worried about Unity Technologies specifically, but about everything in general (same fears about Valve, about the studios I've helped Kickstart, etc). Linux gaming is starting to do *so* *well* now, that I'm honestly a tad bit irrationally paranoid that the sky is going to fall ^_^

    3. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Hey S.D.! Yes, the map editor will be delivered in the same way as the game itself, so it should be useable on all platforms.

      My thinking on the AIR platform is this: Windows 8 is basically a slow-motion train wreck right now, and Linux is on the rise (particularly with Valve throwing its weight behind the platform). My hope is that Adobe rethinks its decision to leave Linux out in the cold. If that doesn't happen and Unity follows through on its promise of future Linux support, there's an excellent chance that I'll be switching over to the latter. We'll have to see how things play out.

    4. S.D. on

      Haha, thanks for the shout-out, Craig :-)
      Actually, I somehow wasn't aware of the other games! I didn't notice the couple of mentions of Servants of God in the first campaign, and neglected to read the tiers at *all* in the relaunch. Also, looking back at the modding & map editor videos, it appears the the editor is also delivered as an Air app (with a standalone EXE launcher for Windows, alongside the SWF), so it should be just as usable in Linux as your other stuff! It would be great to get confirmation of that, nonetheless.
      About Air... I'm sure you know, quite well, the bind that us Linux users are in. We have something that works today, but Adobe has dropped us like a lead balloon! Features of the newer Air versions will not be compatible with the final Linux Air runtime, and that puts a burden on the developer to ensure compatibility.
      So, I rarely support/buy Air software projects. However, after learning about your earlier games, I note that you've had Linux instructions for quite some time, perhaps even before Adobe dropped us!
      To me, this means a couple of things. Firstly, there are games in the Telepath setting which contribute to the lore you've concocted, which you also support for Linux. Secondly, you have believed in us Linux users for a while, even when Adobe chose not to.
      This is important stuff! I wish I could follow that with a Notch-sized pledge to really drive the point home, but I'm Digitally All-In instead :-)
      Please consider other game development technologies in the future, so that you can have improved portability. It would mean a great deal to our community to see devs keeping an eye on the future like that, and I like to think of my contribution being more than a pre-order for some nifty games; I like to think I'm Kickstarting a studio, a Dev with a dream, and future of cool titles to play.

    5. Missing avatar

      deepkinder on

      Another question, sorry if this has already been asked before: Will there be weapon crafting and/or armour crafting? If yes, how deep is it gonna be? Because what I liked about later Fire Emblems is the ability to let your blacksmith forge a weapon for you that you can name and customize (its color, its material) for money. Its very simple but I loved it.
      Like give my hero a real personal weapon for him/her to defeat enemies.

    6. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Thanks, guys!

      Daire: sorry about that! I had made the video already before you posted your question. For more info about the shadowlings, here's a good place to look:

    7. Helena on

      Very informative video, thanks! I was wondering about a lot of those things as well, so it's good to hear more about the lore and gameplay.

    8. Daire on

      :( Forgot my question.

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Jaskolski on

      If you can make it onto Steam, the steam workshop is an option. (Don't plan for that unless you can make it on, of course)

      I know Dungeons of Dredmor has both Steam Workshop, and mods listed on their forums. Torchlight II as well.

    10. The Old Farmer on

      Thanks for all the background on the races and their place in your world. Definitely looking forward to playing through the campaign.

      Keep up the good work!

    11. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Yup! What Joseph said. :)

      deepkind: That's the plan! In the worst case scenario, I'll make a dedicated subforum on the Sinister Design forums for people to share their campaigns; in the best case scenario, I will make a dedicated website just for hosting, voting on and downloading campaigns. I just have to figure out how expensive / difficult it'll be to do the latter.

    12. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      @Joseph, @Craig, yes, I saw the video by now, and indeed, if we can mod that in that would be nice. it would be good if Craig can do it, but if we can mod it ourselves that's great too!
      Thanks :)

    13. Joseph Hocking on

      @godewijn If the game doesn't ship with a rogue-like game mode then hopefully the mod tools will allow someone (eg. me) to make a mod for that.

    14. Missing avatar

      deepkinder on

      The tidbits about mods and player created maps sound really cool, but will there be a way to share these maps with eachother? like a telepath tactics nexus, where people upload their creations so that others can download them and play?

    15. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Hey Godewijn! That's definitely a possibility--it'll be supported in the game, just not in the main campaign. (If that makes sense.)

    16. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Nice, thank you!

      Just a question, you say that procedural level generation won't be used much, but wasn't the idea to have a separate game mode where you can play procedural levels after each other, sort of like a roguelike? I thought this was the case... If not, it should be :p :D
      Please consider something like this, even if it's just 1 level where you can set the difficulty or choose your troops and the opponents. An unending series of levels with progressiong through the procedural levels would definitely be best of course.

    17. Level Zero Games on

      Woo woo! Looking forward to your finale blitz!!!