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Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG with modding, custom campaigns, bridge-building, destructible battlefields, and hotseat multiplayer.
1,733 backers pledged $41,259 to help bring this project to life.

And now: stretch goals!

Guys! Something great happened last night: we hit our base funding goal 3 days into the campaign! Seriously, just look at this thing:

That is insanely fast! And just look at all that space we have left! In addition to ensuring that the game will have all of the basic art and music it requires, we still have 9/10 of the campaign's length to focus on stretch goals that will make Telepath Tactics even better.

I'll list the stretch goals in just a second. Before we do, though, in celebration of our achievement, I just want to share this totally awesome piece of fan art sent in by Peter Wartman:

Okay! Now that that's out of my system, here are the top stretch goals, as voted by you, the backers:

  • $22,000 - extra character classes with animated sprites. This was easily our most popular stretch goal, attracting 20.8% of the total votes. Reaching this goal means that we'll have more visually distinct class sprites around to use for stuff like unit promotions!
  • $28,000 - a dungeon tileset with traps, openable doors, scripted levers and buttons. This one came in second place with 16.2% of the votes. This is a really cool stretch goal because it not only means a bigger variety of tiles, it also means a wider variety of ways that characters can interact with the battlefield, which in turn means bigger mission variety.
  • $34,000 - randomized battlefield generation. This was third most popular with 14.5% of the total votes. Procedural level generation is really tricky to pull off well, but it adds a ton of replayability when it is!
  • $38,000 - an extra branch in the main campaign. This was the fourth most popular goal with 12.1% of the votes. Reaching the Extra Branch stretch goal means that I will present the player with a significant decision during the campaign that will affect which missions the player gets from that point forward.
  • $46,000 - mobile ports. This was our fifth most popular option, garnering 10.4% of the votes. Reaching this means I can afford to have the game's art redone to be easily tappable (and visible on super-high resolution displays like Retina) while porting the engine.

So there we have it, folks. We know what we want: now let's get cracking to make it happen!


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    1. BernieTime

      Saw on your previous attempt for funding you'd listed a possibility of an Android port. Take it to the next step and support the OUYA, the internal parts are pretty much an Android Tablet adapted for TV/Console gaming.

    2. Craig Stern 5-time creator on

      Hey Faux! Yhe interface is designed around the mouse, so touchscreen devices are a more natural fit. However, ports to consoles are something I might consider eventually. (I think the WiiU would be an especially good fit, since the separate screen would allow easy asymmetrical local multiplayer with fog of war.) We'll see how it goes.

    3. Faux Shizzle on

      Sorry if you've already addressed this, but why are you limiting yourself to so few platforms? Is it the online component? I would think this game would be amazing on something like the Wii U, and the OUYA seems like a natural fit, as well. Is there a possibility of those being added in an additional stretch goal?

    4. Ryan Saul on

      From what I've seen in the past, you end up getting more than you planned for if it gets funded right away, so this is great news! Now you can also breathe of sigh of relief.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sean B. Brown on

      Congrats, Craig, you deserve it.

    6. Helena on

      Congratulations! The branching campaign would have been top of my list, but I'd say you have a reasonable chance of hitting that goal based on how things have gone so far. It's just a question of keeping up the momentum.

    7. Missing avatar

      Joey Pearlman on

      It's happening!! Yay!!!!

    8. StromIV on

      @ Ian
      It is funny how sometimes asking for a lower amount makes more people pledge to it. That and all of the old backers coming back and re-pledging once it started again most likely helped out a lot in getting the goal so fast. Another game, Data Hacker, that I backed went well past its first asking fund amount on its second launch of a KS campaign.

    9. StromIV on

      Here is to hoping for $38,000, and wouldn't mind $46,000.

    10. ThaWulf on

      Awesome! I think having all the old backers from the previous kickstarter helped, but it's funny how sometimes lowering the initial goal can end up getting you more pledges...
      Now on to the stretch goals! I will be celebrating your success when I go celebrate my Irish heritage tonight

    11. Blackstaff on

      Great piece of art, I say :)

    12. Robert Hoole on

      Great job, i had noticed that you passed your goal a few hours ago, That's amazing dude!