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TV Girl is touring these United States this summer and need cash for a van that won't catch on fire and burn them to death.
TV Girl is touring these United States this summer and need cash for a van that won't catch on fire and burn them to death.
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TV Girl Debut Album out now! Free Download.

Hello Kickstarter backers. Remember us? TV Girl? You gave us money awhile back in order to buy a tour van. Which we did. Coming back to you? Good.

Anyways, you may have heard about this through your various sewing circles, but we just released our debut record. It's called French Exit and everyone can download it for free over at our bandcamp:

It's also available on vinyl and there are t-shirts and screen printed posters. Thought you might like to know. 

Well, see you later. 

Oh wait! Remember that van you helped us buy? We will be putting it to good use in July when we tour through the Northwest with our good pal Brothertiger. Interested parties, please consult these tour dates:

July 9th - San Diego - The Tin Can Ale House 

July 10th - Los Angeles - Lot 1 

July 11th - Oakland - The Nightlight 

July 12th - Davis - Sophia’s Thai Kitchen 

July 13th - Sacramento - The Witchroom 

July 14th - Santa Cruz - Blue Lagoon 

July 17th - Seattle - Sunset Tavern 

July 18th - Olympia - The Northern 

July 19th - Tacoma - Bob’s Java Jive 

July 20th - Portland - Mississipi Studios 

July 22nd - Boise - The Crux 

July 23rd - Salt Lake City - Kilby Court 

July 24-27th - Denver - The Underground Music Showcase

Thanks again and we'll see you next time!

Free TV Girl EP for all Kickstarter backers

Hello friends and well-wishers who graciously donated to the kickstarter we put on a while back. You may or may not know that we just released a new EP today. It's called Lonely Women.

Since you supported us in our moment of need, we'd like to offer the new EP to all of you free of charge as a token of appreciation.

You can DL it here:

Thanks again. 

-Trung, Brad, and the whole TV Girl crew. 

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Kick Starter Prizes have Shipped!

Hello loyal backers. Just wanted to let you know that we are not in fact scam artists and that you will be receiving the gifts and rewards that you were promised. I know this because we just shipped them out. That's right, your T-Shirts/records/postcards/lyrics/yearbook pictures/mystery gifts are en route to your little corner of the world as we speak. Still not convinced? Then take a look at this photograph of the prizes, all addressed and packaged just moment before we shlepped it down to our friends at the local post office. And before we get a deluge of questions, no that adorable penguin is NOT the mystery prize. 

PS: Don't be afraid to let us know if your prize has not been received in a timely manner, and we will figure out what happened, together. 

Thanks again, and adios for now. 

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Blurry Girls. Exclusive kickstarter Mp3 pack


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Funded and it Feels so Good

Well, here we are, at the end of a successfully funded kickstarter. Thanks to your generous support, we are well on our way to living out everybody's childhood dream. I'm talking of course about owning a van. Seeing this kind of generosity and support is deeply encouraging and heartwarming so allow us to extend a sincere thank you to all of you good-looking donators. We have a lot to figure out, what with gathering addresses, t-shirt sizes, and so on. Expect some sort of e-mail regarding your prizes in the next few days while we figure out the best way to do this stuff. We literally leave for tour in two days (see attached dates) so we'll probably have to ship out physical goods when we get back in about a month. So sorry about that but stay tuned. Hope to see you at a show soon. And remember, if we're not coming through your city on this run, touring will be a lot easier now that we'll have a van, and we'll try our damnedest to get out to your town as soon as we can. 

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