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i-Brix brings REAL patent-pending wireless power to your LEGO® bricks. Unlike any other lighting system for LEGO®, it's truly amazing!
i-Brix brings REAL patent-pending wireless power to your LEGO® bricks. Unlike any other lighting system for LEGO®, it's truly amazing!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Karl Crismond 2 days ago

      Mr. Colton,

      I understand this has been a long process I commented about my upcoming orders to Japan (I am military) and if I don’t receive my i-Brix before I transfer in December will you ship to an FPO AP address (it’s essentially a ‘US” address.) I never heard from you and I get your busy but would like to know so I can make arrangements if needed. Thanks

    2. Dustin Culton 4-time creator 3 days ago

      @ cawatts2 -

      We will be sending out the backer surveys soon which will collect shipping information from everyone.

      Thank you for the heads-up, though. It helps us plan ahead.


    3. Dustin Culton 4-time creator 3 days ago

      @Hanako -

      If we can ship when we'd like to, I'd estimate in the fall. We are starting to bring in inventory to the US for the brick and board assemblies. This also includes our power supplies.

      So we are making progress - it's not the progress our backers likely get too excited about, but these are big steps for us considering when this started.

      We really do appreciate everyone's patience when it comes to receiving their rewards!


    4. Missing avatar

      cawatts2 3 days ago

      @creator i've moved twice now. do we have to option to update our shipping address before you send? maybe a re-questionare?

    5. Missing avatar

      Hanako Raku
      4 days ago


      I am just asking for an estimate date as of today. I am not asking for exact date nor expecting you to keep that promise. I know delays happen.
      So, what is your current estimate ship date, if everything goes well.

    6. Missing avatar

      Hanako Raku
      6 days ago


      I am just asking for an estimate date as of today. I am not asking for exact date nor expecting you to keep that promise. I know delays happen.
      So, what is your current estimate ship date, if everything goes well.

    7. Missing avatar

      allottc on

      I think a reasonable question might then be "When do you plan to ask the backers what packs/colours they want?" as this is a precursor to shipping.

      Is there anything stopping that question going ot to backers out so that the orders are in place as soon as production starts?

    8. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on

      Hanako -

      We know you’d like a specific date provided, however we cannot give you a month and day based upon the current status we cannot give you a definitive date.

      If we say October 11th (just a hypothetical example) and we don’t ship by that date, we would have many upset backers - we would prefer to not have any, and at the same time we are trying to be as transparent as possible.

      Once we have all of the components finished and assembled then we will ship out i-Brix kits. Hopefully that comes up soon.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hanako Raku


      Just answer my simple question. When do you plan to ship the rewards?

    10. Missing avatar

      Hanako Raku


      Just answer my simple question. When do you plan to ship the rewards?

    11. Missing avatar

      Hanako Raku


      Just answer my simple question. When do you plan to ship the rewards?

    12. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on


      I appreciate your feedback and questions. We haven't run into any single "big" issues with getting the product wrapped up, but a few minor adjustments and changes that needed to be taken care of in order to move forward with manufacturing.

      I could go into a lot of detail and specifics, but the easiest way to put it was that we developed the product, demonstrated it with real prototypes and samples and once we were getting into the production side, there were some changes required to make the electronics fit better, function better and provide the results we ultimately wanted for our customers.

      Delays are a nuisance for sure, but I do want everyone to know there is no financial issues with having the products made - we just want to get it right the first time so our backers are happy.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hanako Raku

      You said "shipping this summer" before, now the latest update says "Our goal is to still ship i-Brix systems out this year". Why is it so vague all of sudden? Any big issue? I also sent you a private message, and have not got any reply.

    14. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on

      We are still working on finalizing the production process for the electronics and lighted bricks for the i-Brix system. I don't want to bore our backers with details, but it's important to follow up with all of you to let you know it's progressing... not as quickly as we'd like, but it is moving forward!

      We have another batch of sample units coming soon - hopefully within the next 2 weeks, that we will test.

      Thank you to all of you that have backed the project and for your patience. It's much appreciated while we work to get i-Brix sent out to all of you!

    15. Duccio Rosselli

      1 month is passed since last update... Any news about shipping?

    16. Missing avatar

      allottc on

      Not had any survey about what colour packs we want yet, so I think it'll be a while. I'm not holding out much hope for a lit up Winter Village this year.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nan on

      Any idea of when i-brix will be ready to ship?

    18. El Skutto

      So happy to hear this is moving forward. I have some big plans for my Lego town.

    19. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on

      i-Brix is moving ahead at "full steam", working on finalizing the manufacturing processes for the kits. We have passed our final FCC test (as mentioned in a previous update) and we are presently sourcing materials and components for the systems. Although we had plans in place in advance of where we would order parts, we had to wait until the finalization of the pcb and circuit design work (ie, passing FCC) before we could commit to all of the hardware.

      The majority of the delay in getting i-Brix into backer's hands has been wrapping up the design work for the board so we could comply with FCC. Our engineer has done an excellent job in getting this nailed down, and we're looking forward to shipping i-Brix systems this summer!

    20. Isaac on

      So where are we at on this?

    21. Christopher Belson on

      I realize that this is a tricky thing to do, but the original Kickstarter (that I backed, but didn't successfully meet its goal) had an expected delivery date of December of 2015.

      You guys had working prototypes 3 years ago, you've got FCC approval and a final design, things should be moving fast now, as you've had a lot of time to prepare for the production phase.

      I hope we get an update soon, guys.

    22. Ken G.

      Should be ready by the time the next TEchnic sets arrive in August?

    23. El Skutto

      Personally, I'm willing to wait to get the best quality product the creator can make. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to backing KS campaigns.

      Depending on what's available in the pledge manager, I'll probably add a few more baseplates and light bundles to my original order; my Lego town has grown quite a bit since this campaign first launched.

    24. Richie Bartlett on

      HI Dustin,

      It would be great if you could publish a tentative roadmap of progress and steps you need to achieve before we see our orders.

      So, what's next step?

    25. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Thorpe on

      Hey Dustin
      Have you considered integrating the lighting system into 1x1 round (cylinder) bricks? They would be useful to simulate light bulbs with a less blocky appearance. Not sure whether the dimensions of your circuitry would fit in a round brick. I’m interested in adding the 10 yellow bricks to my order, but don’t want to do so if you’ll come out with cylinder bricks later.

    26. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on

      @Jelle -

      I apologize for the issues with the add-on brick packs. We've tried to address that on multiple occasions.

      That's a good idea on the BrickLink option. Perhaps we will look into it as a possible solution.


    27. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on


      We are hopeful to have product to ship in late Spring, however that's being cautiously optimistic. We are working with some suppliers overseas and there have been a few delays with Chinese New Year and some other bumps that have come up.

      We also have more lab time scheduled at the end of next week for another FCC emissions prescan. Although we've passed the prescan before, there have been enough improvements to the circuitry design that we want to ensure we're still in compliance.

      I know the information everyone would love to see is a guaranteed ship by date, but we are just not at a point where we can provide that. Of course our plan is to post updates that we feel are important to our backers as we have them available.

      We feel the frustrations just like our backers, so we certainly empathize with all of you that are excited to receive your i-Brix kits. We can tell from replies and recent posts that it's difficult for some to stay patient while waiting this out. We hear ya, trust me!


    28. Missing avatar

      Jelle on

      Maybe you could sell them on bricklink with a bypass password for Kickstarter backers?

    29. Missing avatar

      Jelle on

      I can now see that the 10 yellow pieces perk can be shipped without any additional cost, but the other perks still don't work on indiegogo.

    30. Missing avatar

      Graham Corcoran on

      any update on delivery?

    31. Missing avatar

      EF Millis Woodworks

      Instead of putting Lego sets together, how about putting our orders together. Any updates as to when they are going to ship? Q1 ends in just 6 weeks. I'll bet you $100.00 that they will not go out until atleast Q2.

    32. Davin on

      Hello, I just wanted to say that as excited that I am to have my product in hand.
      I would much rather have the product work better, than arrive sooner.
      Thank you for taking your time to make sure that the product works as well as you are able.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jelle on

      Dear Dustin,

      I still am not able to order any extra set on indiegogo without having an extra $ 25 added for shipment.

    34. Missing avatar

      allottc on

      Apologies, I never received the KS update in my inbox and so thought FB was taking priority. I'm more than happy to wait for the best quality product and still excited to use the end product, but would just suggest that any posts to different media are done as much at the same time as possible to avoid confusion.

    35. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on

      Thank you to all of you that have shared your feelings and provided input on the comments page for our project. I also agree that regular updates should be included on KS to provide information and possibly provide answers to any questions that could come up.

      That is why on Jan 14th we posted an update here on our campaign. I apologize as there was no ill will intended by not providing an update on here first.

      We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience as we continue working on getting things finalized and are extremely excited to get i-Brix into everyone's hands.


    36. Missing avatar

      allottc on

      I too would have expected some sort of New Year update for the original backers. Poor show if you have time to put something on Facebook but can't be bothered to even do a cut 'n' paste job to here...

    37. Robert Dijkman Dulkes on

      Hey, project creator, an update is overdue! Please let us know of the progress.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Brumage on

      That's great and all, but where's an update for us, the original supporters? I don't use fakebook.

    39. Missing avatar

      zach constan on

      I'd like to second that - now that the holidays are (almost) passed, could we hear from Dustin on next steps?

    40. Richie Bartlett on

      Happy Holidays!

      Can we get an update on the progress of this project? Considering how we haven’t heard much recently, I must speculate that no one will receive anything before the year-end.

      Could you help set our expectations on when we shall receive our orders?

    41. Missing avatar

      allottc on

      I know that on his review Jangbicks said that he expected the timeframe to slip a little into early next year, so I was prepared for it. I'd rather have a good quality product that will last a long time than something shoddy that'll break within a few months.

    42. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on

      @Melissa Johnson Weise (and others) -

      We have posted an update on the campaign providing some news in regards to our anticipated shipping timeframe. Due to some additional design refinements and modifications, we are expecting to ship in the first quarter of 2018.

      Although delivering the i-Brix systems to our backers as soon as possible is important to us, we'd like to put emphasis on shipping a reliable product that our supporters enjoy. We realize receiving the kits before Christmas this year would be ideal for many, we don't want to sacrifice product quality to simply beat a date on the calendar.

      We appreciate all of the feedback and overwhelmingly positive support we've been receiving from backers in regards to the expected delivery timeframe and hope you appreciate and understand where we're coming from.


    43. Melissa Johnson Weise on

      Will this be delivered in time for Christmas?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jesse Adams on

      Well. Disappointed really. My whole Lego Christmas village is waiting for this. I ordered last spring was it? Prepping for the possible Christmas delivery.

    45. Missing avatar

      Larry Gilman

      GO I-Brix...I prefer quality to shipping just to be shipping something (in other words - crap). I will give my grand kids an IOU come Christmas.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jamie Connolly on

      Hi Dustin any updates for us ?

    47. Missing avatar

      Laurie on

      Please let us know what is happening with the product.

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