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i-Brix brings REAL patent-pending wireless power to your LEGO® bricks. Unlike any other lighting system for LEGO®, it's truly amazing!
i-Brix brings REAL patent-pending wireless power to your LEGO® bricks. Unlike any other lighting system for LEGO®, it's truly amazing!
940 backers pledged $119,686 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Robert Ashman 1 day ago

      Very sorry, things came.up and I don't have the $ to pay my pledge at this time. I'll be there when it hits retail though!

    2. Missing avatar

      cawatts2 2 days ago

      @creator any word on when the surveys come out? to ask about colors and extra money i paid?

    3. Missing avatar

      Dean Holden 6 days ago

      Hi Dustin, I increased my pledge to be eligible for the 16x16 plate however the Kickstarter campaign did not reach the $150K mark to unlock this stretch goal. All funds have been debited from my account, how can I get a refund for the additional money that was pledged?

    4. Russell Burder 7 days ago

      Hi Dustin, sounds like a lot of Kickstarters would like to buy more myself included. Would be good if you can't add additional pledges post campaign finish if kickstarter backers got a coupon for a xx% discount through ordering on your website in the near further?

    5. Ken G.
      7 days ago

      Thrilled that this went through this time! I can't wit to see how these bricks will look in my little world.

    6. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 15

      @ Cheryl -

      I'm sorry to hear about the payment attempts... unfortunately we personally don't have anything to do with collecting the payments from our backers... it's all done through KickStarter first, then directed to us.

      I'd suggest trying to reach out to KickStarter to see if they can address your concerns.


    7. Cheryl Simon on August 15

      Greetings, For some reason I was billed twice and both charges are pending. Can you please look into this so that only one of them goes through. Thanks for your immediate attention regarding my concern. - Cheryl

    8. El Skutto on August 15

      Hopefully, we'll be able to add more starter sets at the early bird price during the pledge manager. I just sold some stuff online and plan on putting that money towards more kits if I can.

    9. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 14

      @ Laura

      I don't believe there's a simple way to increase or change your pledge once the campaign has ended. However, we will make add-ons available for purchase through the i-Brix website for those that may have missed the chance during the Kickstarter.

      We will keep you all updated with news and details related to our campaign and any possible add-ons we offer for sale.


    10. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 14

      @ Jordan

      We definitely plan on offering extra bricks as an add-on, and will likely offer these in bundles of certain color combinations (and possibly offer them as groups of a single color)!

      We haven't put these packages together as of yet, but when we make them available for sale we will put them on the i-Brix website.

      We will continue to post updates so that our backers can stay informed about our plans going forward.


    11. Jordan Perry on August 14

      Hi Dustin,

      Congrats on a successful project! I backed you guys last time as well and am excited to put these babies to work!

      I see that 3 days ago you said, "We do plan on offering additional brick packages beyond the Kickstarter. We will definitely keep everyone posted and updated on this as we get closer to introducing this add-on."

      Does this mean that additional bricks will be available as an add-on through KS, or as a retail product at some time down the road? The answer is not clear to me.

      I ask because I want to order a pack of yellow or orange lights (I build castles and need to replicate firelight) but it's not apparent how I might accomplish this.


    12. Missing avatar

      Laura Blachek on August 14

      Ack.. forgot this was ending right now! Is there a way to Add additional items now that the ks has ended?

    13. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 14

      @ Phil

      We will be collecting survey answers from all backers after the campaign ends...

      We will make sure we ask if you would like all white OR all colored bricks with your Kits!


    14. Missing avatar

      Phil Demos on August 14

      For selecting all white vs. multi-colored ones, how do we "...tell us whether you want the assorted colors or all white lights at the end of the campaign (within 5 days of the close of the project). "? Excited for this project!

    15. Enrique Durand on August 14

      Awesome! I'm upping my pledge now. :)

    16. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 14

      @ Enrique -

      I apologize as I didn't answer your second question - if you add the $25 for a 16x16, it's an additional plate, not a replacement to the baseplate included in one of the kits.


    17. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 14

      @ Enrique

      You're welcome to increase your pledge to account for additional sets if you'd like. Although KS won't let you add (2) systems to your "checkout", just increase your pledge to account for the extra sets you'd like to add.

      If there's a shipping fee on the kit, you can reduce the shipping cost by 1/2 on your second and any additional sets.

      Thank you


    18. Enrique Durand on August 14

      Also, does the $25 for the 16x16 baseplate gets you an upgrade in place of the 10x10, or an additional baseplate? Thanks again.

    19. Enrique Durand on August 14

      Hi - the XL kit is $159, and has two baseplates and forty lights. The full kit is $69 and has one plate and 20 lights. If I pledge $138 will I be able to order two full kits in the pledge manager? Thanks.

    20. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 14

      @ Jason Tang

      I apologize if I made that more confusing than it really is... to add (1) 16x16 baseplate it's $25. I simply was trying to provide an example if someone decided to add (2) 16x16 baseplates to their existing pledge it would be $50. If you were to want to add (4) 16x16 baseplates that would be an additional $100.

      Hopefully that helps clear things up!


    21. Missing avatar

      Jason Tang on August 14

      I thought it was going to be $25 to get an extra 16x16 plate? Is there a reason why it jumped to $50?

    22. Robert Ashman on August 12

      Question: will there be a way to up ones pledge after the KS ends? Like add a kit? I'd love a starter kit but pay days are wonky so I can only swing $15 at the Wednesday I can swing the 55 or maybe more....

    23. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 12

      @ Sarah Reed

      That's awesome! Thank you for backing the project and increasing your pledge. We only have a couple of days left before the campaign is over, but we are still hopeful we could see a large influx of backers to reach that $150k!


    24. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 12

      @ J

      We are working on incorporating anti-studs on the bottom of our baseplates. It's dependent upon the antenna design we end up using to provide the best results.

      We certainly see the benefits to including these along the base!


    25. Sarah Reed
      on August 12

      I just increased my pledge by $25 for the 16x16 plate. Really like the idea of different sized baseplates.

    26. Missing avatar

      J on August 12

      If you can't put anti-studs under the entire base would you consider putting anti-studs under the perimeter or even just one or a few under each corner. That way it can still be placed on a wall topped with tiles and a few studs on the corners much like the modular buildings are built.

    27. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 11

      @ Davin

      Awesome ideas! We've been working on some things behind the scenes, and think that your suggestions fall in line with some of the concepts we have.

      Another "cool" idea we have for future expansion upon our i-Brix idea - a projector brick! We are excited about the opportunities with i-Brix!

      Thank you, Davin


    28. Davin on August 11

      Idea for a future light brick. Use a highly directional LED housed inside an opaque brick, with either the top or the bottom of the brick open so that the light is focused out of the brick and it can more easily be used to illuminate a transparent LEGO piece. Bonus for making the inside og the brick around the LED reflective to get even more of the light out and focused in one direction.

      I love what you have so far and I look forward to future that hopefully has round bricks and 16X16 baseplates.

    29. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 11

      @ Mike

      We do plan on offering additional brick packages beyond the Kickstarter. We will definitely keep everyone posted and updated on this as we get closer to introducing this add-on.


    30. Mike 'Rudie' Howles on August 11

      Could you allow backers to add-on additional bricks? E.g. I've backed the super early bird and would like to buy 20 more bricks in a specific color.

    31. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 10

      @mavcdesign -

      I stand corrected - we are shipping to Japan, but not to China, Malaysia or Korea at this time.

      Please take note of this for future reference and for anyone else that's perhaps interested in backing the project.


    32. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 10

      @ H.T. & @ Engoduun

      We plan on shipping each system with the corresponding plug/adapter that's required based upon the ship-to address.

      If this changes for some reason or we have any update to share on this, we will make sure to let everyone know. However, as Engoduun pointed out, we will collect this information after the campaign ends and the surveys are sent out to our backers.

      Thank you!


    33. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 10

      @ mavcdesign

      Thank you for your interest in i-Brix! Unfortunately we are not setup to offer shipments to Japan, Korea or China during our campaign. Our intent in the future is to have the product available across multiple markets.

      Our suggestion would be to see if you may be able to arrange to order a system through a friend in a country we will ship to (ie, the EU, USA, etc) and have it forwarded from that point. I know that's not the most convenient way to order, but it is a potential solution if you're looking to purchase a system sooner than later.


    34. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 10

      @ kara campbell

      If you order multiple sets we will let you choose two different colors for your baseplates if you would like. We will collect these details at the end of the campaign when we send out our customer/backer surveys.


    35. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 10

      @ Guy McLimore

      Thank you for all of the kind words and positive feedback! We're definitely listening to backers and fans when it comes to their suggestions on possible future options (ie, the round 1x1x1).

      We would love to see hundreds (if not thousands) of LEGO displays filled with i-Brix in the future, and are confident that the i-Brix system is a great solution for many enthusiasts. With any new product there is always some sort of learning curve and we're hopeful that our approach to this will be beneficial to all of the backers on our Kickstarter campaign.

      We will make sure to continue to keep people updated on the campaign and status of the project as it moves past the funding stage on to the final work and manufacturing stages.

      Thank you,


    36. Missing avatar

      Engoduun on August 10

      Good question. A perfect solution would be if it either came with different adaptors/plugs, or if we could choose one in the PM.

    37. Missing avatar

      H. T. on August 9

      Do Backers from other countries need adapters or does the cable already has the right plug ?

    38. mavcdesign on August 8

      Hi Dustin

      I hope to back one of your perk but there is no my country name on the delivery list.
      Could you add S.Korea.(Actually I have seen Japan... and the post price will be same as Japan...)

    39. Missing avatar

      kara campbell on August 8

      YAY for reaching stretch goal!! Will XL backers be able to select 2 different colors of baseplates?

    40. Guy McLimore
      on August 4

      I've been pushing I-Brix pretty hard on my Twitter feed (@Couchguy) but it is only because this is the LEGO lighting system that EVERYONE has needed for so long! I am SO much looking forward to getting mine!

      The JANGBRICKS YouTube video should convince people if nothing else does. This long-time LEGO fan is -- like me-- really sold on what I-Brick can do! His suggestions for the future in the video are things I would definitely suggest y'all consider.

      (Me, I want to see 1x1 ROUND I-Brix! Yeah, I'm a dreamer. But wow, how useful THOSE would be. Bet an iBrix lightsaber would be a heck of a seller to all the Star Wars fans, too!)

      I plan to use i-Brix extensively in some LEGO Minecraft layouts. Can you envision i-Brix atop torches lighting a mine?

      Gang, this is going to be big. A year from now, LEGO exhibits & gatherings will be filled with incredible builds, all lit by i-Brix. (Can't wait to see what JANGBRICKS does with his city!)

      I hope to heck you can make these fast enough. A supply shortage is the only thing that I think can slow you down now that you have the tech worked out.

      Guy (@Couchguy) McLimore

    41. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 4

      @ allottc

      We appreciate your pledge and look forward to reaching our first stretch goal!

      We will be at the Bricks By The Bay event this weekend and hope the increased exposure for i-Brix helps to boost backer support even more.


    42. Missing avatar

      allottc on August 4

      I've tried for weeks to resist doubling my pledge, but in the end I just couldn't stop myself getting more :-)

      Hope you get to the $100K

    43. Missing avatar

      shashanka boyapati on August 3

      @el skutto, thanks. I did think about that, but that would involve some really careful peeling off and rebuilding, which i was trying to avoid

    44. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 2

      @ Jeremy

      Yes, you can take the cost of the additional kits and combine that to your pledge. When the campaign closes we will be going back through the backer report and will be following up with all of you at that time as well.


    45. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Porter on August 2

      I pledged for the early bird XL kit, I want a couple more baseplates, can I just add another $100 to get 2 x starter kits?

    46. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on July 31

      @ Richie

      Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. We are going to do our best to meet both of those requests, although I cannot guarantee it at this time.

      Our goal is to keep the baseplate 1-brick in thickness (essentially 3 plates thick), and to include anti studs on the bottom. The bottom of the base will depend upon the final antenna design for the transmitter. It's very important that we don't jeopardize the strength or support integrity of the baseplate.


    47. Richie Bartlett on July 28

      Hi Dustin,

      I understand that the design may change over the coming months. I would suggest that whatever height and width you decide on, that it be in multiples of plate sizes. In other words, if the height should exceed the height of one brick, then make it 1 brick and 1 plate tall. This way it lines up with expected LEGO conventions. Same for width, if it should exceed the 31 studs, make sure to expand the baseplate to 32 studs. I'm sure you have thought of this, but felt the need to see your feedback on this.

      Also, have you been able to decide if the base will have anti-studs?

    48. El Skutto on July 28

      @ shashanka: I'm planning on removing my modular buildings from their thin baseplates and transferring them directly onto the i-Brix baseplate to avoid this problem.

    49. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on July 28

      @ shashanka boyapati (second question)

      The majority of the electronics are located in a small plastic enclosure approx. 4.11 x 2.23 x 1.00 in. This could change slightly for the final design.

      The baseplate we supply is still going through final design work to determine if we can provide it with anti-studs on the bottom. Our goal is to keep the base at 1 brick in height.

      I hope this helped answer your recent questions.


    50. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on July 28

      @ shashanka boyapati

      Yes! I'm sorry for the confusion with this... Simply double your pledge for two kits, triple it for three kits, etc. I do know with some of the smaller kits and also shipments out of the US will have shipping costs associated with the kits as well. However, on the 2nd kit and any additional kits you can reduce the shipping by 1/2.

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