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i-Brix brings REAL patent-pending wireless power to your LEGO® bricks. Unlike any other lighting system for LEGO®, it's truly amazing!
i-Brix brings REAL patent-pending wireless power to your LEGO® bricks. Unlike any other lighting system for LEGO®, it's truly amazing!
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    1. Missing avatar

      EF Millis Woodworks
      5 days ago

      Instead of putting Lego sets together, how about putting our orders together. Any updates as to when they are going to ship? Q1 ends in just 6 weeks. I'll bet you $100.00 that they will not go out until atleast Q2.

    2. Davin on February 13

      Hello, I just wanted to say that as excited that I am to have my product in hand.
      I would much rather have the product work better, than arrive sooner.
      Thank you for taking your time to make sure that the product works as well as you are able.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jelle on February 3

      Dear Dustin,

      I still am not able to order any extra set on indiegogo without having an extra $ 25 added for shipment.

    4. Missing avatar

      allottc on January 23

      Apologies, I never received the KS update in my inbox and so thought FB was taking priority. I'm more than happy to wait for the best quality product and still excited to use the end product, but would just suggest that any posts to different media are done as much at the same time as possible to avoid confusion.

    5. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on January 22

      Thank you to all of you that have shared your feelings and provided input on the comments page for our project. I also agree that regular updates should be included on KS to provide information and possibly provide answers to any questions that could come up.

      That is why on Jan 14th we posted an update here on our campaign. I apologize as there was no ill will intended by not providing an update on here first.

      We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience as we continue working on getting things finalized and are extremely excited to get i-Brix into everyone's hands.


    6. Missing avatar

      allottc on January 22

      I too would have expected some sort of New Year update for the original backers. Poor show if you have time to put something on Facebook but can't be bothered to even do a cut 'n' paste job to here...

    7. Robert Dijkman Dulkes on January 14

      Hey, project creator, an update is overdue! Please let us know of the progress.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Brumage on January 13

      That's great and all, but where's an update for us, the original supporters? I don't use fakebook.

    9. Missing avatar

      zach constan on December 31

      I'd like to second that - now that the holidays are (almost) passed, could we hear from Dustin on next steps?

    10. Richie Bartlett on December 14

      Happy Holidays!

      Can we get an update on the progress of this project? Considering how we haven’t heard much recently, I must speculate that no one will receive anything before the year-end.

      Could you help set our expectations on when we shall receive our orders?

    11. Missing avatar

      allottc on November 27

      I know that on his review Jangbicks said that he expected the timeframe to slip a little into early next year, so I was prepared for it. I'd rather have a good quality product that will last a long time than something shoddy that'll break within a few months.

    12. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on November 26

      @Melissa Johnson Weise (and others) -

      We have posted an update on the campaign providing some news in regards to our anticipated shipping timeframe. Due to some additional design refinements and modifications, we are expecting to ship in the first quarter of 2018.

      Although delivering the i-Brix systems to our backers as soon as possible is important to us, we'd like to put emphasis on shipping a reliable product that our supporters enjoy. We realize receiving the kits before Christmas this year would be ideal for many, we don't want to sacrifice product quality to simply beat a date on the calendar.

      We appreciate all of the feedback and overwhelmingly positive support we've been receiving from backers in regards to the expected delivery timeframe and hope you appreciate and understand where we're coming from.


    13. Melissa Johnson Weise on November 26

      Will this be delivered in time for Christmas?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jesse Adams on November 17

      Well. Disappointed really. My whole Lego Christmas village is waiting for this. I ordered last spring was it? Prepping for the possible Christmas delivery.

    15. Missing avatar

      Larry Gilman
      on November 16

      GO I-Brix...I prefer quality to shipping just to be shipping something (in other words - crap). I will give my grand kids an IOU come Christmas.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jamie Connolly on November 16

      Hi Dustin any updates for us ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Laurie on November 16

      Please let us know what is happening with the product.

    18. Missing avatar

      alexander z.
      on November 13

      update please!!!

    19. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on October 16

      @ Zach Constan

      We have not sent the backer survey as of yet - trust me, we are AS excited about i-Brix as you!

      We will definitely keep you updated on this!


    20. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on October 16

      @ Ken G

      I would estimate that i-Brix systems appear in retail stores during the second half of 2018.


    21. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on October 12

      @ Jaap & @Jelle

      I’ll check into the links and see how they’re working, and apologize for any difficulties they may be causing.

      I will follow up with an update soon.


    22. Missing avatar

      Jelle on October 12

      @Vyath Thanks, and no problem! and @Jaap
      Yes, I too tried the secret links without shipping costless succes. I believe that somewhere I read that the shipping would be combined for Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jaap on October 8

      @Vyath and Jelle
      I asked the same question before but did not get a reply. I tried the links in the mail, but still get the shipping charge.
      If it the orders from Indiegogo are indeed a different shipment then I understand and it's all good. But if the Kickstarter and Indiegogo shipment are combined then paying the full shipment twice does not makes sense.

    24. Missing avatar

      Engoduun on October 6

      @Vyath: I thought it was funny.
      Kickstarter deffo needs an edit function for their comment section.

    25. Vyath on October 5

      *add on! Sorry, that was a bad typo.

    26. Vyath on October 5

      @jelle I believe in order to ass on additional bricks through Indiegogo without an additional shipping cost you need to click on a secret link sent to Kickstarter backers in an email.

    27. Ken G.
      on October 4

      So after the base perks get delivered, how long until we see them in retail? I refuse to give indiegogo a penny, would rather pay full retail.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jelle on October 1


      Dear Dustin,
      On Indiegogo, I would like to add an i-Brix starter kit to my Kickstarter kit, but then I get another $ 25 shipment. Should it be possible to add it without additional shipment costs, as for the separate bricks?

    29. Missing avatar

      zach constan on September 17

      Just making sure I didn't miss it - a Backerkit email hasn't gone out, right? It's not time to pick our colors and indicate what we pledged extra money for? Obviously, I'm looking forward to it!

    30. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on September 16

      @ SME

      Our plan at this time is to tentatively ship to our KS backers sometime in December of this year. We would definitely LOVE to get the kits delivered in time for Christmas (due to the importance of the holidays). However, we simply cannot guarantee that will happen at this time. We would rather provide you with accurate & honest information rather than wing it by saying everyone will see their kits before Christmas.

      We will do our best to make this happen - at the same time, our priority is to deliver a high quality and reliable product, not rush shipments out the door.

    31. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on September 16

      @ Jelle -

      The assorted colors will likely be made up of (2) each of white, green, red, blue and yellow. However, that's not 100% defined at this time. We have decided to go the route of using colored bricks with lights inside rather than using all clear bricks with colored LEDs inside. We are going this route as it will provide the most consistency in our products, and allow all colors to essentially perform the same (ie, work at the same distance).

      We do have additional (10) packs available for pre-order on Indiegogo for those of you that would like to plan ahead and have specific qty's of each color.

    32. Missing avatar

      on September 16

      I'd like an update about shipping expectations

    33. Missing avatar

      Jelle on September 5

      It may have been asked in one form or the order, but just to be clear: will we get to know what the colour assorted packs will be composed of exactly, and then be able to add additional coloured bricks? Since I have a specific wish list of colours and amounts I would like to have with my "i-Brix Super Early Bird Starter Kit" that I'm very much looking forward to. Thanks for all the effort so far!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jaap on September 2

      @creator Yes I am indeed referring to the complete kits. I want to add an i-brix XL kit, but I dont see the option to avoid the $25 shipping costs to ship to my country.

    35. Ken G.
      on August 28

      I was onboard with the add ins until we went to indiegogo. I have never had anything work on there and have been ripped off several times.I wish you lij, but will wait till they go retail for the expansions.

    36. Missing avatar

      Engoduun on August 28

      Thanks, @Dustin!

    37. Missing avatar

      cawatts2 on August 28

      @creator Sorry but i am confused. I have not been in a campaign that linked with Indiegogo. My question is If i paid extra on kickstarter (to get extra packages/colors) do i need to go to Indiegogo and also select or buy something there, OR just keep waiting for the surveys from kickstarter?

    38. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 28

      @ Engoduun

      We will definitely do so! Working on getting a dedicated reward on Indiegogo now for only yellow bricks.


    39. Missing avatar

      Engoduun on August 28

      Can you make an official update once we CAN actually choose "yellow" brix from the dropdown menu? That would be very helpful :-)

    40. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 27

      @ Bryan Stratton

      We plan on placing some white i-Brix bricks in the color assortment.


    41. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 27

      @ Jaap

      We are still working on putting an option together for additional bases - and I certainly understand your logic in regards to the breakdown of the package. The benefit of ordering the "kits" instead of the items all a la carte is to provide some savings. The standard base (32x32 studs), will likely be about $30 to buy separately.

      As far as the other perks, are you referring to the complete i-Brix kits?

    42. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 27

      @ Craig Bernard

      The Indiegogo project has certain limitations when it comes to the number of options we can provide for a reward. Regardless of the type of option (in our case, colors) we can only list 5.

      We will need to create a dedicated reward just for yellow in order to give you the ability to make that choice. Otherwise, you're welcome to share your choice (if it's yellow) through a message until that option is added.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jaap on August 27

      I and I think many others are planning to bring light to their modular buildings. Lego made 12 modular buildings. So for these I would like to have 12 base plates. There now is an option to buy extra light(s), but what I am really missing is an option to buy just the base plates. Will this be added later?
      A base plate + 10 lights costs $50. Just 10 lights cost $35. Just a base plate should be around $15

      Other question:
      Only at the "secret" perk it's stated that shipping is 'free' (not really free, but already paid for) for Kickstarter backers, but what about the other perks? Is shipping free for Kickstarter backers too?

    44. Missing avatar

      Craig Bernard on August 27

      Update 20 states that there will be six colors available to choose from for either single or ten piece add-on packs of I-Brix on the Indiegogo site. However of the three options available, only one lists the six colors (white, red, blue, green, orange & yellow) while the other two only list five colors, omitting yellow. Additionally, yellow does not seem to be an option for any of the three add-on I-Brix packs. Is yellow a color that will be available to choose and if so, can things be edited to state this and allow it to be chosen?

    45. Bryan Stratton on August 25, 2017

      Just to be perfectly clear, does the "i-Brix Full Kit" reward tier include 20 assorted color i-Brix *including* white/clear i-Brix, or are they only red, blue, green, etc. and no white/clear i-Brix?

    46. Missing avatar

      Engoduun on August 25, 2017

      Well, 16x16 would have been better in my book, due to space issues. I'm planning on using it for a shelf display, and 32x32 is too wide for that. 16x16 would've been an ideal solution.
      Maybe you can rethink and wait, or make it a tad more expensive if enough people want one, like me?

    47. Dustin Culton 4-time creator on August 24, 2017

      @ Dean & @ Matt

      Since we didn't reach the $150k for stretch goal #2 to produce the 16x16 plates, we are instead providing another 32x32 baseplate. Therefore you'll actually receive a better upgrade!

    48. Missing avatar

      Matt W on August 24, 2017

      I have the same question as Dean Holden below: We were told if $150k was not achieved, then the extra pledge we submitted for 16x16 plate would be refunded at the end of the campaign. Full amount was charged to my account. What will the refund process be?

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