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I'm ready record my debut album. But I need YOUR support. Don't let this fizzle out.. Help keep me carbonated.
I'm ready record my debut album. But I need YOUR support. Don't let this fizzle out.. Help keep me carbonated.
57 backers pledged $4,852 to help bring this project to life.

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First Single up on Youtube

Hey Guys!

The first song of the upcoming EP is up on youtube! I will have the online download available to  Kickstarter backers only next week. In the meantime, enjoy the music video at this link:

Happy Holidays!


It Always Seems Impossible...


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Do you know someone who wants to help, but hasn't yet? Please remind them that TOMORROW is the last day to support and order the album! The campaign officially ends at 7:23 California Time Tomorrow (Thursday). That's in 24 Hours!!


PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. I have reached my "goal amount" (YAYYY!!!) but recording is expensive, and so is duplicating the album. If I can raise more, I can put more songs on the album and maximize my opportunities.

Thank you to all my 41 backers thus far! You are all so amazing! I'm so excited to send you your CD, T-shirts, and rewards! We've officially hit the mark! Get up and Boogie!

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A new Song and Video to Elate the Senses!

I wrote a new song and put together a nifty video just for my Kickstarter Backers! 

Contest! -

  • Can you name the CARTOONS and/or SILENT FILMS in the Video?
  • Can you name the GIRL in the first clip?

If you can, I'll throw you some extra goodies in your reward package!

Welp, Here We Are!

We are officially on the final 7 Days of the race. 

The last leg of the tour. 3/4 of the way through. One week to go! Hoo Rah!

But, I'm still short of my goal. So what do I plan to do in my final week to up the ante? Well, three things.

  • I'll be dying my hair a reddish purple..the EXACT COLOR of a cherry coke can. (Calm down it's only semi-permanent.)
  • I am putting the date nights up on the Sale Shelf! The Pizza Date and The Cinco de mayo LUCHA VAVOOM Date are both available at new low pledge amounts! Well Worth your dime!


  • I'll be posting a super fly video of a fresh new original track. Stay tuned! If you have any requests for the video ( Like you'd like me to beat box or dress up like lady gaga?) Just become a backer (or maybe you already are one) and leave a comment! 

Also, I have bought the URL : to make it easier for you and everyone you know to find My Kickstarter site! Please pass it on!

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