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Hollywood justice for the caped crusader! I'm making a documentary about the campaign to finally get Adam West a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
Hollywood justice for the caped crusader! I'm making a documentary about the campaign to finally get Adam West a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
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Holy TV Premier!!!


I'm thrilled to announce that tomorrow morning (Saturday) the Starz Encore network will be premiering "Starring Adam West" at 9:40am.

For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to see the film at one of the festivals, tomorrow is your chance! But don't worry, if you miss it, there are more TV dates coming. I will be posting about DVD and VOD availability soon as well. Again, thanks so much for your continued interest and support! 

Best Regards & Enjoy OUR film...


Napa Valley Film Fest

Hi Supporters!

Just want to let everyone know that "Starring Adam West" will be screening at the Napa Valley Film Festival in mid-November. If you're in the area we'd love to see you there. It's a great festival and should be a ton of fun! Information on the fest is available on their website:

By now all Kablam, Kapow, and Boom supporters should have received their copies of the DVD. If you're in one of those groups and haven't received your DVD please send me a message. Many of you have asked about purchasing a DVD. We will sell DVDs as soon as possible. Currently we're trying to negotiate a TV deal and as soon as that is done we should be able to sell DVDs and VOD. Thanks for your patience & I'll keep you posted. 

Hope you all get to see the film & please let me know your thoughts when you do. 

Thanks so much!


Sun Valley Film Festival!

I'm very happy to announce that our documentary has been accepted into the Sun Valley Film Festival which takes place in Idaho from 3/14 to 3/17. There will be more screenings in the future but this is the official world premier! For more info see the link below:

If you're in the KAPOW or KABLAM group and you'd still like to submit your 5 second video for the credits, please get in touch with me ASAP as next Monday 2/18 will be the final deadline. 

DVD's will go out in late March or early April for all of you in and above the BOOM category. I'll be sending out a Kickstarter survey as we get closer to that date to get your mailing information. 

Thanks again to all our supporters! We can't wait to share the film with everyone!

12/17/12 Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that the rough cut of the film is done! I know it's taken a long time and I really appreciate everyone's patience. We're now working on the fine cut and next comes color correction and mix in January and February. Licensing some of the clips has proven to be difficult but we hope to have the film completed early in 2013. I'm really happy with it and I hope you guys all love it as much as I do. Thanks again for your support!

REMINDER - Anyone in the Kapow! or Kablam! groups - if you haven't already done so, please send me your 5 second videos asap as I want to make sure they get into the end credits. If you missed the instructions, leave me a comment here and I'll email you directly. 

Finally, if you missed Adam on Ultimate Surprises, check out the link below. Adam surprised a fan and spent the day with him at his firehouse:

Happy holidays and a wonderful 2013!

8/30/12 Update!

Supporters, Fans, Friends & Family,

As many of you were able to witness, Adam finally got his star in March of this year! We know you're anxious to see the documentary which we hope to have completed before the end of the year. We've been busy editing together three years worth of footage and it's taking some time but it's looking great! We're almost done filming but we've got a few final scenes left. I want to interview a couple of SUPER fans in the SoCal area who were supporters of the project. If you are (or you know of) a huge fan who supported this kickstarter campaign (located in or near LA) please send me a message here so we can discuss. Otherwise, hope to see you all at Stan Lee's Comikaze event on 9/15, where Adam will be making an appearance. 

Finally, if you were a KAPOW!! or KABLAM!! supporter and you have a short video to add during the credits, please message me here so I can give you instructions on sending that clip to me. 

Thanks & Best!!

James T.

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