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Sesame replaces your keys with your phone. It fits on your lock in seconds - no need to remove or swap anything. Questions? Email
Sesame replaces your keys with your phone. It fits on your lock in seconds - no need to remove or swap anything. Questions? Email
7,493 backers pledged $1,428,519 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Doris Frost on

      Just wondering if anyone else has figured out that we all got scammed? It's already mid November and has anyone gotten even one? WHO are the first 500? Nobody know's not even the first 500! Kickstarter needs to address the backers with some hard facts! The backers deserve respect not the run-around. From the looks of your picture of products, for all we know it's 54 of something? NOT no 500 or 5000...

    2. Vicki Curtis ODonnell on

      i should have backed the goji! wtfrig. wheres my lock for gods sake. ps... there are no refunds on kickstarter. i know this because i got screwed once already

    3. Michael Hubbard on

      Will someone please give an update. It has been 4 more weeks with no further update!!!!! You guys are becoming a fraud.

    4. Ryan Grover on

      1 month no update... CandyHouse do you even give candy at Halloween? Because you've given us s**t

    5. Adriano Ciampoli on

      @Creator "Please stay tuned for an update in the next few days."
      11 Days later all I hear is crickets...
      Don't say you'll have an update in a few days and NOT deliver, you might aswell not say anything at all.....Sheer INCOMPETENCE!!!!

      You have ZERO customer service, what in the world would make other people buy your product? We have no choice, we invested our money in you so all we can do is wait and endure your "STELLAR" customer service. Honestly even if I get this product and even lets say it works, I would never recommend your product.

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter Capineri on

      This is a joke, right? A bad joke.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hamada on

      please help

    8. Missing avatar

      Wylan Werth on

      Has anyone been able to get in touch with these guys to request a refund? I've seen plenty of Kickstarter projects with problems and delays, but these guys are either incompetent, or flat out lying to us. If they didn't know the HomeKit requirements (which seems doubtful since I was aware there were special chip requirements, and I'm not a hardware developer) they shouldn't have listed the product as HomeKit compatible.

    9. Shon Dempsey on

      Time for an update folks. What's the latest?

    10. Chinmay Rout on

      Any Update on Shipping Dates?

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard M. on

      Still nothing. Should I consider this a lost cause?

    12. Hubert Guérard on

      Apart from the current concern of the lack of communication, another point that is bothering me in the battery replacement video above. Wouldn't be easier to take off the cover prior to replace the battery.... Something weird here. Have a look!

    13. Lim Ming Wei on

      We are all looking forward to the project that we supported. But it seems that we are getting another round of disappointment over and over again. On top of this, your company don’t seems to have staff for email correspond. Email send was not answer or reply. It really shaken the confident level of your company. Can we know where can we request for have a refund. The selling price for your project does not seems fair for backers.

    14. JB Christy on

      This is the most recent update, and it says "we are currently aiming to ship by the end of October." We're a week into November. Please post another update. Hopefully you can announce that you have actually shipped products; if not, by now you should be pretty certain when you'll be able to ship, so please tell us that.

    15. Damon R.

      This is not what I backed through my pledge.

    16. Missing avatar

      qoo on

      Can we cancel and refund it?
      Why? Is there any time limit on Kickstarter?

    17. Seth Rubenstein on

      It's now November. Have you started shipping this vaporware yet?

    18. Missing avatar

      Sandy on

      How can I get a refund? This is absurd.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mathew Huusko V on

      I really want to cancel my order/get a refund.

    20. Arnaldo Fogaça on

      Mar 4 2015 and have not received yet here in Japan?
      When I get it?

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter J Lennartsson on

      totally agree with @Maxime Plante , if a Windows Phone app version is not available when item ships you have been very misleading and the item is useless to me... also got similar message from you that a Windows Phone app would come when I still had a chance to cancel my pledge. It is as I mentioned before also in breach of Kickstarter's Terms of Use to give out misleading information about a project

    22. Missing avatar

      qoo on

      i would like to know how to cancel.
      I do really need it.

    23. Missing avatar

      Sagar on

      I just moved across the country and want to make sure that you guys have my current shipping address. How can I send it to you?

    24. Moises Bensadon on

      And wtf is wrong with Homekit. That's pure bs that Apple isn't giving odd details! I literally saw a developer page on how to sign up for manufacturing HomeKit products

    25. Moises Bensadon on

      Update??? Like honestly

    26. Paul Vecchione on

      Just checking on delivery date.Any definite date?

    27. Maxime Plante on

      I have an email from you guys before I actually backed the project, STATING the Windows Phone app would be available when the product would be shipped to us. Not having that app, will render the device useless to me, just as many users over here.
      I understand you want to focus on the mass, but this is misleading and you guys should respect your own terms and what you mentioned.

    28. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Everyone - There were some small delays in packaging - we've finalized the design, but we're waiting for the packaging company to deliver. This will only affect the first 500 orders and will not affect the delivery time of the subsequent batches as these are already being assembled at our manufacturing plant while we're waiting for the packaging. Please stay tuned for an update in the next few days.

      @Shane - The Android app will be released soon.

      @Santi - Yes, we are looking into special delivery to Asian regions directly from Taiwan.

    29. Missing avatar

      Shane Williams on

      What is the name of the application? I can't find it on Google play or the Candy House site....

    30. Randy Spoelstra on

      @creator, this is the appropriate time to update again on shipping expectations, even if it is in the comments. You mentioned you hoped to be shipping by the end of October, any word on that? Thanks!

    31. Santi Magno

      @Creator Since you mentioned that you will be shipping based on regions, will you have a special delivery plan for South East Asia, particularly, Singapore? It will be significantly cheaper for you to ship from Taiwan to Singapore. Kindly advise. Thanks!

    32. AlexMoore on

      @creator, still on track to ship out this week? What is the expected delivery time line for those in Canada? Downloaded the app and very excited to install my new lock!!!

    33. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Yu-Chen - Yes, we have special delivery plans for our Taiwanese backers :). We will send out emails to our Taiwanese backers when the shipment is ready.

    34. Missing avatar

      Tsai, Yu-Chen on

      @Creator Dear creator, long time ago, as a Taiwanese backer, can't we manage to get the product directly from the factory by either picking up personally or by local delivery service? that would save both time and custom money...(just felt kinda silly to see the product goes back to the states and back to taiwan through custom twice...)
      Also I've never lost my faith in this awsome as product as a loyal backer all the way from the start to the end, just hope you guys will be a little more considerate for us Taiwanese backers XD

    35. Missing avatar

      Jiyeon on

      How should I get an instruction for refund? I plan to rely a lot on wifi, but it seems like you cannot ship with the Sesame.

    36. Randy Spoelstra on

      Just want to say thanks for the increased responsiveness, its noted and appreciated. Also for those who don't check regularly, the are questions and answers in the comment section of the updates as well.

    37. Andrei on

      Can I cancel my order? I want a device that works with homekit, must come with wifi and I need it now, or more accurately 6 months ago!

      So can I cancel my order and go buy one from bestbuy?

    38. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Truxen - Initially, Sesame will only support 2 lock states (two rotating positions). However, we can always add a third lock state as an advanced option once our first version of the app is released.

      @Peter - Thank you for the feedback. I will make sure to forward your concern to the app team.

      @Trevor - We ship based on regions as it is more logistically efficient. The current price on our website is the same because we are still in the pre-order phase. Once we go retail, our price will increase.

    39. Trevor Austin on

      It get's worse, just checked your website and the list price is now exactly the same as my pledge price, so more misrepresentation:) my pledge clearly states the price will be $199 after the campaign finishes.

    40. Trevor Austin on

      Sorry, actually May, but makes little difference:)

    41. Trevor Austin on

      Wow, when I pledged this was shipping in April, it's now looking very likely it will be a year before I get anything in the UK. Surely shipping should be done in order of preferences, not which country you would like to ship to, and you actually don't even appear to have started the wifi manufacture.

      THis will be my first and last Kickstarter, a pretty awful experience, especially when the product will be so dramatically late and no reall price incentive either, please remind me of the benefits of funding your development, as it clearly looks like you started, other than TV adverts, AFTER you got all the kickstarter money and almost immediately started announcing product slippage. In the UK that would be called misrepresentation, How about the US? as I do not believe for a second you didn't know about the slippage before the campaign closed and you took the money.

    42. Missing avatar

      Peter J Lennartsson on

      Agree @Truxen . Without Windows Phone / Windows 10 mobile support it becomes useless to me ... you might as well not even bother to ship it to me if there is no proper support.

    43. Missing avatar

      Truxen on

      Please prioritize Windwos Mobile 10 / Windows Phone over Homekit!
      The product is useless for me without Windows Mobile support!

      And please give a wort on supporting all three lock-states!

    44. Missing avatar

      Euisung Lee on

      Homekit omission is a huge blow for me. Yes I may still use Siri but HK is not just about voice command. Now what you say sounds more like 'It could still happen, maybe, but honestly who really cares?' Well I do and sesame isn't the same without this initially promised feature.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sean Kennedy on

      Thank you. I look forward to hearing more details about HomeKit. I think it would be a great addition.

    46. Brett Parker on

      Thanks for the response!

    47. Amir on

      Given this last update I would like to ask (again) for a refund.

      As a non-US backer and with all due respect to efficiency – I think waiting for another 2-3 months till I actually have something in my hand is absurd.

      Also, without the Wi-Fi unit I don't think I'd even bother to install Sesame since I plan to relay heavily on remote management and monitoring features that will require Wi-Fi PLUS with the way things are going on so far – I expect it will take MUCH longer than advertised till this thing is ready and then again – having to wait till you send to the US backers first and rest of the world later… Sorry – that doesn't work for me.

    48. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Brett - Only the backers who pledged for the Wi-Fi AP will be receiving the newer version of the AP.

    49. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Sean - We're currently trying to work with Apple to discuss the possibilities of enabling HomeKit, but we can't disclose any details due to NDA. What we can say is that HomeKit is definitely still in our plans. As for the exchange program, we are working on this and will go into more detail in our next update.

      As for your question regarding granting access, yes, you can limit guest access based on days of the week and/or hours of the day.