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Sesame replaces your keys with your phone in seconds. It also fits on your lock in seconds, without removing or swapping anything.
Sesame replaces your keys with your phone. It fits on your lock in seconds - no need to remove or swap anything. Questions? Email
Sesame replaces your keys with your phone. It fits on your lock in seconds - no need to remove or swap anything. Questions? Email
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    1. Missing avatar

      about 2 hours ago

      You thinking that that was 50 feet, it now makes more sense why none of these products work

    2. Missing avatar

      about 2 hours ago

      The video I sent you is with the wifi AP at 11 feet from the Sesame... I’ve also tried it with the door open which puts it at less than 5 feet 😕

    3. Missing avatar

      A A about 7 hours ago

      I haven't received my WI-Fi access point yet!! What the hell!!

    4. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator about 16 hours ago

      Let us reproduce the problem and fix it for you. Hold on~~

    5. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator about 16 hours ago

      hmmm, okay.
      But the video you sent us showing it's around 50ft tho...

    6. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator about 16 hours ago

      @Paul Coroneos
      Nice! Enjoy your WiFi Access Point :)

    7. Missing avatar

      about 16 hours ago

      It’s not to far. Stop with your whoops bullshit. I’ve tried it from less than 5 feet away. Now from trying to make my Wi-Fi AP work it has caused my Sesame to stop working all together. I SPENT THREE HOURS LOCKED OUT OF MY HOUSE LAST NIGHT BECAUSE OF YOUR SORRY EXCUSE FOR A PRODUCT!!! This company is a SCAM!!!

    8. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator about 17 hours ago

      @Tommy Chi Tat Wu
      Soon soon !!!

    9. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator about 17 hours ago

      @Surathees Suntharalingam
      Manager can't see the setting portal of WiFi Access Point for now, but manager can actually remotely access and control Sesame.

    10. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator about 17 hours ago

      Nice to hear that you are using Pin Genie Pro lock. How's it not perfect ?
      I believe it is not connected to the internet by the way.

    11. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator about 17 hours ago

      Ooops, sorry to hear that, the distance between your WiFi and Sesame is just too far for current version, would you mind getting the new version after April ? Thank you.


    12. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Who wants to road trip to San Jose and throw their non working Sesame and Wi-Fi AP in the faces of these pathetic excuses for human beings?

    13. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      This company is a complete joke and so is their product! After sending me a non-operational Wi-Fi access point, saying I didn’t know how to set it up correctly the Sesame has now completely bricked itself and will not operate at all. I’m currently locked out of my house in the rain waiting for my brother to get in town to bring me a spare key. These people are so incompetent and have wasted hours, going on days of my time. 😠😡🤬

    14. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Received my covers, batteries & APs. But of course, no power for the APs. Pretty much defeats the purpose... you want me to plug it into my laptops USB port? I've written to you many times, mentioned it numerous times on here. Without a power adapter these things are useless. Most people don't have USB outlets in their walls. And it's not like we have extra USB power adapters laying around... and even the 2 I do have are different specs than listed on the AP.

      Sesame, you have given us an app that doesn't do much, NO KNOCK function as promised and you've stated will never be because some idiot put the idea in your head it was a security problem, covers that don't fit and have to be shaved down so the lock can even turn when activated, and a WIFI ap with no power.

      Your lock is never mentioned in articles about home IOT. security, automation, etc. So how are you going to maintain the app, servers, etc?

      You abandoned kickstarter a long time, probably because you got sick and tired of reading about how awful a company you are and all the problems with the lock.

      The ONLY functions that were must haves for me were WiFi & knock (secret knock on door, not a fucking phone. I shouldn't be forced to buy and then carry a cell phone when your product promised working without one.) Oh, and along with the knock, there's no way for outside people to open it since you force the downloading of your app. The knock would have solved that.

      If you finally get us the power adapters for the WiFi, I'll give it a try. But as of now I'm using Pin Genie Pro lock, which isn't perfect either, but functions a hell of a lock better than this POS.

    15. Missing avatar

      Surathees Suntharalingam 3 days ago

      I have my WiFi adapter connected and working. Why can’t a manager access the lock from WiFi? My wife has manager access but can only access the lock using Bluetooth.

    16. Tommy Chi Tat Wu 4 days ago

      Not yet receive the WiFi

    17. Paul Coroneos 4 days ago

      Received my WiFi and cover. No batteries. I live in the US. Sesame?

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Thro 5 days ago

      The wifi is working well but the auto unlock still needs to connect the bluetooth it seems. It would be great if there was some way to get the unlock to work with wifi and location. More than usual the door unlocks right when i get to the door but not always and if i am in the car when someone else is getting to the door it wont unlock until i get out. If im sitting outside in my car 15 feet away i still only see autounlock ready. Im sure there are security concerns but it would be appreciated if there was some improvement.

    19. Bret Caprilla 5 days ago

      Almost 3 YEARS behind schedule and STILL no wifi access point!! TERRIBLE!!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      Received my Wi-Fi point and have wasted well over an hour trying to set it up. Emailed sesame about my issue and was told to send three separate videos of the access point not working. Did that and now they are ignoring me. What a stand up group we are dealing with here.

    21. Missing avatar

      on March 15

      @creator how do I know if my wifi module has been shipped or not? Should I be expecting an email?

    22. Urvaksh Karkaria on March 12

      good to see the critics and unbelievers change their tune as product gets delivered.

    23. Matt Romero on March 12

      Received my entire order. Works better than expected especially with IFTTT. Thanks candyhouse!

    24. Missing avatar

      Thomas Thro on March 11

      Wifi module was recieved yesterday. No instructions so i had to find the steps on the community page. A little annoying but got it working. Now we just need the ability to update the firmware on android so i can add managers. Cant wait to try the auto unlock now that i have wifi. Please provide a timeline when we can update firmware having an iphone is not an option.Also i was dissapointed in the additional cover. The two tone looks terrible with is unfortunate because i really the the cover color. Thank you for continuing to deliver though.

    25. Paul Coroneos on March 9

      WiFi module just shipped.

    26. Missing avatar

      Micheal Archer on March 7


      Thanks for mentioning where in the app the auto-unlock setting was located. I expected it to be in the same spot as auto-lock (which is in the "status" area of the lock interface) and had basically given up on trying to find it since other events in my life took precedence. I'll give this a go and see how it works. I assume that auto-unlock will still trigger auto-lock after the delay I've selected, so I might have to play with that to make it work better. I'm also hoping that auto-unlock doesn't override access to the lock for all of the other authorized users (as in, I hope it doesn't stay always connected to the lock when only one user can be connected at a time).

      As for the backers complaining about the different colours of the central part and the outer cover...for some reason I knew that that would be the case and so I selected my second cover colour based on what I wanted it to look like (first colour was white, second was silver so it would match the white/silver Switchmate light switches I had backed after this project and received before we got to pick colours). Some combinations will look black and white, silver and white, black and silver, and maybe some of the others. But, the point of this comment is that I knew the centre would not be interchangeable when I picked my first and second choice colours, and that's not because I contacted CandyHouse directly. The information was available through the Campaign writeup, Updates, Comments, or within the survey itself.

    27. Missing avatar

      David Fritz on March 6

      In case anyone else has the same problem as me: somehow cellular data had been turned off specifically for the Sesame app. After enabling it, I am able to connect over LTE. The Sesame and WiFi module are now working as expected. My apologies to Candy House.

    28. Urvaksh Karkaria on March 6

      @david fritz am able to connect to Sesame via LTE remotely. also you can adjust the distance from home to unlock the Sesame. go to the gear icon in settings. you have to be somewhat near your main door.

    29. Missing avatar

      Caleb on March 6

      I bought two sesame + wifi access points and only received one sesame only!

    30. Missing avatar

      Caleb on March 6

      Is their a reason why I only ever received one of the two Sesame? I bought? Are we STILL?! Waiting for the colour options to come in or are you so disorganized and immoral that you don’t care if your backers get what they paid for?

    31. Missing avatar

      David Fritz on March 5

      It looks like the Sesame app doesn’t consider LTE to be connected to the internet, so you can’t connect to the Sesame’s WiFi module unless you’re actually connected to a WiFi network.

      I can connect to the lock from work if I’m on my work’s WiFi, but if I’m 10 yards away from my house on LTE I can’t connect. Which is hilarious, because I’d love to have the Sesame unlocked by the time I walk up to my door.

    32. J. McKeever on March 4


      The 2 color Option is a non starter. Don’t cheap your product. These products were schedule for a 2015 delivery. This group has stuck with the project. If you want folks to advertise for you don’t mistreat us.

    33. Usman Ul Haque on March 3

      Backer number 53
      Shipping address sent in email
      Phone number sent in email

      In lieu of the extra batteries, can you please send me extra adhesive?

    34. Urvaksh Karkaria on March 3

      @nick that is a fine idea. my WiFi thingy is plugged into an iPhone wall plug

    35. Urvaksh Karkaria on March 3

      @nathan congrats on the Tesla!

    36. Missing avatar

      Graham Campbell on March 2

      Can Candy House please respond to the questions about the additional covers not including a matching rotating section, therefore giving backers/buyers an ugly 2 tone Sesame.

    37. Nathan Howell on March 2

      I actually did end up getting the WiFi unit just a few weeks before Tesla model 3. On the positive side it seems to be working well. Set up was easy. Now to see how it functions over time.

    38. Ken Trajanowski on March 2

      Finally received notice of my wifi dongle shipment. However, I found that August Smart Lock 2 is on sale for $99US on Amazon. Anyone want to buy my Sesame w/wifi?

    39. Nick Augeri on March 2

      What can I plug the WiFi Adapter into for power? Can I use an iPhone Power Wall Adapter (Output 5V) or is that not a good idea?

    40. Missing avatar

      Carlos Armas on March 1

      After answering the email about "Update Address" even though mine hasn't changed I received the WiFi, cover and 2 extra batteries today. Haven't been able to test the WiFI yet. I am backer #4555 located in Seattle, WA. USA.

    41. Missing avatar

      David Fritz on March 1

      The extra cover that we all waited 3 years for is pointless since it doesn't match the color of the rotating lock portion. Looks hideous, what a waste: the extra cover is going right in the garbage.

      The Wi-Fi access point doesn't even work for me despite setting it up exactly according to their video tutorial. After setting it up, my wife's iPhone is able to connects over LTE but *my* iPhone (same model) refuses to connect, no matter what I do. I've already had to email their support to explain the problem and who knows when I'll hear back.

      Everything about this project has been a complete disappointment. Sesame constantly over-promises and under-delivers.

    42. Missing avatar

      Derrick on February 28

      I got my WiFi and it's working great. I'm in Canada. Neat thing is my Phone says Open Sesame as it Auto-Unlocks. This lock is awesome!

    43. Missing avatar

      WEN CHENG on February 26

      什麼時候才會寄出WiFi adaptor.?

    44. Casualt on February 25

      The email was to be sent the WiFi adaptor.

    45. Casualt on February 25

      I sent email with my address like requested but received no confirmation email. How do I know you received it??

    46. Missing avatar

      Roy on February 24

      can control by raspberry pi?

    47. Missing avatar

      Ron Miller on February 21

      Can you please send me my WiFi access point ASAP. Would love to get it up and running!


    48. Missing avatar

      danielle brodeur on February 21

      iOS knock and Auto Unlock have never worked! Now another of your promises won’t be happening only part of the extra cover will be sent so if we want to change the colour the this will look uglier than it does now because it will be 2 colours.
      This whole project shows no, none, zero forethought.

    49. Missing avatar

      Justin Fox on February 21

      I'm I android where the hell is the knock knock feature?

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