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Sesame replaces your keys with your phone in seconds. It also fits on your lock in seconds, without removing or swapping anything.
Sesame replaces your keys with your phone. It fits on your lock in seconds - no need to remove or swap anything. Questions? Email
Sesame replaces your keys with your phone. It fits on your lock in seconds - no need to remove or swap anything. Questions? Email
7,493 backers pledged $1,428,519 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Yamada 6 days ago

      By the way, Alexa always says the status of the lock is locked even though it isn’t.

    2. Richard rusling on

      Any news on when I will get mine? This is far beyond a joke

    3. Tomas on

      That's just awful business practice. The warranty should of course start from the date the complete unit was delivered and not just one part of it. Keep bugging them about this, because this is far from acceptable.

    4. Missing avatar

      David McLaughlin on

      I've had my lock for over a year and apart from the fact that the Android app sucks (you have to stand at your door whilst it tries to connect, disconnects and tries again) I am happy enough with it. I just read a few of the replies below and I saw that some are being hit with customs charges for the WiFi access point. I sincerely hope that Candy House only puts the original pledge value of the WiFi access point itself on the shipping documents and not the full price of the pledge as I do not wish to pay duty AGAIN for this. In fact, if it does arrive and they want duty based on the full price I am going to refuse and dump the WiFi. Waited long enough that I can live without it.

    5. Shannon Young on

      Received tracking info for the shipment of the wifi access point a month ago but it’s not been updated as actually shipped since. I’m now moving so the sooner I get this the better. This company is honestly useless. Read all the shitty comments and you can understand everyone’s frustration when you can obviously buy this off of amazon today and likely get it shipped quicker than an honest Kickstarter backer that paid money over 3 years ago. Pathetic to say the least.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jasdeep Madan on


      My backer number is 7,555 and I am still waiting for the WiFi Access....can you let me know when I would get that?

    7. Missing avatar

      danielle brodeur on

      I thought the extra cover was supposed to be free? So why would you put the full amount of the pledge on the package??? I already paid $60 in customs for my sesame. Not you want me to pay that again to receive my “free gift” what BS. Everything with this company is BS! They’ve been selling stuff on Amazon for a year but yet the backers haven’t even got what they paid for!

    8. Tommy Chi Tat Wu on

      Where is my My wifi access point???

    9. Jesse Abernethy

      Just as I thought, I got my wifi dongle finally and the system doesn't work because the motor is faulty and they will not replace it as they say my 1 year warranty is past. That's bullcrap! I new really used the thing because it never worked right and was incomplete. Now I finally have what I paid for but they won't fix it since they took so long to send it all to me. They did offer me a great solution though.... Just buy a new one! No... I will not be supporting your company anymore when you pull this kind of stuff. You would think a company would take care of its original backers to keep them happy to be returning customers making a more sustainable business built on earning trust and loyalty. Instead, they just put out junk, then put out another project to scam more suckers in. Pretty sad Candy House...

    10. Murray Ellis on

      oh, and the battery lasts foreeeever! I've never had to replace it, and its at 49% currently.

    11. Murray Ellis on

      I just wanted to let everyone know that I've now lived in two locations with my Sesame, and the Wifi thing. I absolutely love this device. I've been able to let my friends, family, and workers get access while I'm not available to open the door. Unlock, then text "come on in!". I was just checking if my door was locked from work. Although many have concerns that should be heard from the creator, I thought I'd add a little positivity that this is a great, reliable product that was very easy to uninstall, and reinstall at my new place.

      I would like HomeKit support of course! and maybe an Apple Watch app? Thanks!

    12. Tommy Chi Tat Wu on

      Where is my My wifi access point???

    13. Firdaush Bhadha on

      I would also like to add that the dongle range is a rediculous requirement. I surveyed 10 of my friends home and not one of them had an outlet anywhere near the door.

      The cost saving measures by using single SKU USB plug actually cost you because you pissed off your customers.

      I am not sure who your product marketing person is or what they were thinking. My only guess is that they were pressured into finding a cost saving implementation of the wifi dongle. Ergo, a low range USB product requiring customers to do work. No product manager EVER would choose that option. And if they did. You need to rethink your strategy.

    14. Firdaush Bhadha on

      @Candy House

      My apologies for the terrrrrrible grammar.

      TL;DR of what I wrote.

      I had a Android phone when I originally backed the campaign then bought a iPhone between then and receiving the product.

      I would want it to work with HomeKit with my iPhone. I can only imagine it working better than it does currently. The wifi functionality is spotty at best.

      I would very much like this to work but as I said it simply isn't worth the time. The product itself is designed very adhoc: there is a wifi dongle (not built in), the door mechanism rarely automatically unlocks the door (I have to pull my iPhone out of my pocket to actual unlock it, which defeats the purpose. The use case for the feature is if your hands are full....)

      Buying a lock like the August is better because it was thought out, integrates with known and popular home automation systems I.e. Homekit. And is more reliable. It connects all the time every time.

      All in all this is novelty implementation of a very useful concept. One that probably requires rethinking and a new version. No amount of firmware fixing is going to fix furtherance fundamental hardware issues.

      I don't mean to be rude. I just respect you guys enough to tell you the hard truth. Lesser campaigns would have abandoned or created a new version. So thank you for sticking out.

    15. on

      I received a email for wifi dongle last night but my sesame was stop working about a year and of course I requested for help but never got back lol

    16. Missing avatar

      jayrayuf on

      I'm having the same issue as Brittany and using Alexa to lock the door is so delayed that it's not even worth it. Pretty bummed that I waited this long for the wifi without complaint, only to have something that doesn't do anything different than bluetooth.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Can you add one more button "Unlock all" above "Lock all"? Thank you!

    18. Brittany Wayne on

      Hi I just received and set up my WiFi module but I’m only able to connect to my sesame when I’m also on the WiFi network... I expected to be able to unlock the door remotely. Is that not possible? I’m not sure what the point of the WiFi is otherwise... just an alternative to Bluetooth? I’m confused... and disappointed.

    19. Tommy Chi Tat Wu on

      where is my wifi module????

    20. Lee Ann Rucker on

      Sounds to me like Firdaush Bhadha had an Android way back in the depths of time when this all started, and now has an iPhone.

      I've always had an iPhone, and always wanted HomeKit. Now that I've got the Wifi to complete the set, it's eBay time.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dustin S on

      I lost my email from the original extras offer. I just received my Wifi and Extra cover. Was there not supposed to be extra batteries included as well?

    22. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Firdaush Bhadha
      Are you saying that you want to use HomeKit with your Android phone?

    23. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      @Firdaush Bhadha
      How is your August lock ?

    24. Firdaush Bhadha on

      I was one of the lucky ones who received everything that was promised. The only missing component is the promise of seamless door entry and lock.

      Honestly don't waste your time with this. Just buy a Smart Lock from August and be done with it. You won't get a refund and our time is worth more to us then it theirs is to them. Why put all this work into an over promised and under delivered product god only knows.

      The knock on the phone doesn't really work, especially with iOS. This was my mistake for having a Android phone when buying this and expecting Apple to have similar background functionality. The auto lock-unlock is useless because the lock itself and Connectivity is unrealible. You may also get locked out of your own home. You will never truly trust it to work either opting to lock to test the door. Then one day you may come home to find the door never locked.

      The biggest issue....lack of trust. I don't trust their product to do it's only job. I use it once in a while if I am walking down my hallway with my phone out but other then that the key is faster in every other regard.

      Buy something else. A homekit enabled lock is infinitely better than this.

      Overselling a campaign is always the issue with these early era projects.

    25. Kit Farman on

      My wifi access point is also sitting at the post office, except I haven't even gotten any notice about it. It's been there over a week now.

    26. CANDY HOUSE Inc. Creator on

      John L.
      We care

    27. Jesse Abernethy

      My WiFi access point is sitting at the post office, they want me to pay them more money again for customs. My main unit isn't even working properly. And the response I received about the issues was if it's within a year they would cover it. Despite me contacting them before about issues, and not even having the whole unit I backed. What garbage. They should have sent us all the newer version to replace the crap we got as original backers since they hadn't even sent everything out until after V2 is out.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kevin Lee on

      You guys sure know how to make things useless. Sending a "USB" WiFi access point, which needs to be within 15ft from the main door, without a power adapter... Really? Are you expecting people to have an extra power charge laying around? Now I have to waste extra money to buy a USB power adapter just to use that damn thing. I've been putting up with your sluggish product up until now just to make my money worth it, but yeah, no thanks. No more.

    29. John L. on

      Well I am happy you're moving forward with your Alexa integration, I have yet to receive any of my Wi-Fi modules, the covers, or any portion of the reminder my order. Why not take a moment and actually fulfill the orders of the ones who supported you? Why not fulfill your commitment to us? I know you will not respond. I know you really don't care. It's obvious in how you've treated us thus far.

    30. Missing avatar

      joe pasquarello on

      I also backed this project years ago and still nothing received... What do I have to do to get my product.

    31. Axel Talmet on

      I backed this in 2015 and still have not received my product. Now they are simply ignoring my emails.

    32. Tommy Chi Tat Wu on

      Where is my WiFi spot???

    33. Missing avatar

      Joe D on

      Did y’all know they are now selling a version 2.0, with, “a built-in adjustable gripper and stronger motor.”?

    34. Terry Ward on

      I have two locks and a Wifi AP if anyone wants it. $200 for all three. Comes with 2 sets of new batteries extra cover and adhesive strips. All in original packages. To find out that this company still owes people a products and just raised another 2M with IDG is sad. I refuse to support an unethical company. Email me at, I’ll take payment through Cash App or Venmo.

    35. Missing avatar

      Pablo Mendoza

      AT LAST!!!!

      3 years after the promised date!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Rajesh Chandra on

      Please update on Wi-Fi Access Point.
      Backer # 2,495


    37. Tommy Chi Tat Wu on

      I still haven't received the wifi module

    38. Missing avatar

      Chatchawan Kumnumlarp on

      I sent my address update couple weeks ago about my wifi and I did not hear anything from candy house, yet. I just want to make sure Candy house got my email.

    39. Neil Patel on

      got my wifi module much quicker than I expected. had some difficulty setting it up but what worked for me was removing the sesame lock from my account after I had added the wifi module and readding it again. connection works fairly well but I expect some hiccups with the android app continually being optimized (haven't gotten wifi to work on my wife's phone yet buy it may just be something I need to tinker with).

      overall I'm happy with my kickstarter backing as after being locked out of home before I never will have to worry about that ever and i can let friends and family access my place without the need of a spare key. I know it's been a rough journey for all but I there's great potential here. I hope everyone eventually ends up satisfied with what they received.

      looking forward to seeing the lock features to be worked on and even new features to be added.

    40. Missing avatar

      Cara Scanlon on

      I received my wifi access point kit today - thanks.
      I am having trouble setting it up during and getting an error message.
      I plugged it in w/in 15 ft of the Sesame and the router and bt + wifi are enabled on my phone.
      I clicked on the plus sign (both) and see my Wi-Fi Access Point listed - good strong bars too - but - when I select it I get this error message ERROR_OPEN_API_20001 and can't go any further. Can you help?

      5. Click the big plus sign to search for Wi-Fi Access Points that are in range and available.

      6. Click on your Wi-Fi Access Point to connect. Once you’ve connected, give your Wi-Fi Access Point a name.

    41. Neil Patel on

      thank you for your quick response! Got a detailed response and I'm impressed with the order status/shipping webpage.

    42. Missing avatar

      Vincent Mackewicz on

      Finally received my wifi module about a month ago. Has been working great and I am really happy with my sesame now (remote access has come in super handy!) It's been a long road but overall I must say I am happy with the product.

    43. Missing avatar

      Trevor Adams on

      Still waiting for my wifi module. This is getting past a joke. Does anyone know when the wifi modules are being sent?

    44. Daniel on

      Finally Sesame is sending me the whole set of the Sesame Lock + the WiFi module. Now DHL just called and say I need to pay custom fees of abt USD50 and I need to apply Sirim license (for the WiFi unit) now to get it approved before I received the entire package. I’m not sure if I need to pay anything extra for the Sirim license yet. Any Malaysian gone thru this stage with custom and dealing it with DHL?

      The cost now for this solution is going higher and higher now. :(

    45. Neil Patel on

      Hi! I emailed candyhouse regarding the status of my wifi module a few weeks ago. I didn't want to spam the inbox with another email so I figured I try here just in case. Hope to hear back soon and everything is well with you all.

    46. Brad Bao on

      it's been three years since I backed this project, at the highest level, and i still HAVEN'T received the wifi module. what's going on?

    47. Jae Kim on

      Waiting for my WIFI adapter as well, any ETA?
      Also waiting for my extra cover and batteries, had to buy new batteries recently too =(

    48. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Officer on

      After update, wi-fi module is working! Thanks candyhouse!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Officer on

      Shipped WiFi module does not work

    50. Missing avatar

      305INTERNET on

      Still anxiously waiting for my Wifi adapter and Apple's Homekit support. Any new updates?

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