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Dwarf Fortress Inspired Space Station Sim
Dwarf Fortress Inspired Space Station Sim
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    1. Ominux Games Creator on

      @Maksim: Those are good ideas. We want some sort of unlock that allows you to "backup" your colonists in the event that they die. This would be researched and somewhat costly to do, so you couldn't backup all of your colonists.

      We also want a "genetic lab" where you can develop entirely new organic bodies for your colonists. These higher tier bodies would be much more durable (the drawback is that these colonists would be much harder to stop when they mutiny).

    2. Jonathan Bereza on

      I like the sound of both expansions, especially the infiltrators.

    3. Maksim Malygin on

      Speaking of cyborg limbs, while we grow people from biomass, we should be able to regrow people's limb in some medical lab. I see a nice idea, that can be made here: cyborg limb are fast and easy replasements, and bio limb is slow in implement, but it makes colonist look like they never lost a leg. So you can heal hight-class people with bio-limbs, and heal low-class colonists with fast and simple cyber-limbs.

      Also, Speaking of implants, how about memory-storage-implant? So i can rebuild body for really good colonist, and re-upload his into new body.
      You can make implants for very important people, and for others use periodic scanning to save backups.

      The idea of the difference between implants is taken from a series of books about Honor Harrington, the idea of a memory implant is taken from the book The Pandora's Star

    4. Ominux Games Creator on

      We're going to be sending out Discord invites once the campaign is over.

      Backers will have unique roles and channels.

    5. Missing avatar

      Cutter Hume on

      I am overly excited about robots (really anything robotic), I really want to see this happen! Also tiny question, when will backers be invited into the discord?