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Dwarf Fortress Inspired Space Station Sim
Dwarf Fortress Inspired Space Station Sim
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    1. Ominux Games Creator on

      hmmm, the deleting is probably causing the issues. Unity collects all of the deleted objects and then the garbage collector handles them at some later point.

      It could also just be the massive station and all of the rendering and animations playing at the same time

    2. minami26 on

      @ominuxgames like big big! super big!

      something like a 36x36 station and then separated into smaller ones outside of it.

      Maybe because of the size, I just let it flow because the 2x zoom-out distance is so nice to look at.

      I did a lot of Build Foundation ---> Delete floor/walls ---> vice versa many times.

    3. Ominux Games Creator on

      Maybe the development builds in unity do something weird with memory.

      How big of a station are you building before it crashes? Are you deleting a lot of objects too?

    4. minami26 on

      seems like the previous demo is much more stable, I keep crashing with the latest one something like heapstack error? and too many null reference pointers. I guess I'll stick with the previous demo to be able to finish my station for the contest :)