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Dwarf Fortress Inspired Space Station Sim
Dwarf Fortress Inspired Space Station Sim
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Stretch Goals and Public Demo

Posted by Ominux Games (Creator)

Thanks to all of you backers, we're now 120% funded!


Stretch Goals

Creating a game takes time. We're not going to pretend that extra money will simply make Starmancer releasable and amazing. There's not some magic machine that we can put money into and make a game. 

The only way that Starmancer will be released sooner is if we can expand our team. We'll need (at least) an extra $30,000 to add another programmer. This person would (among other things) help us integrate modding in the game.

First, though, we want to raise extra funds for music and sound effects. This is actually quite a bit more expensive than you might think (between $10,000 and $20,000).

Our primary focus is funding the game, so our first stretch goal will be to pay for music (we can probably pay less than $20,000 for music, but we're being on the safe side).

We will not have any outlandish stretch goals.

We're going to finish and publicly release the core game. We will then work on adding new content to Starmancer. Additional money will guarantee that we are able to continue adding new content after release.

We've outlined our ideas for future content on our Kickstarter page. 

We have final say on the order of content expansions, but we'll use your feedback to help us decide (should we release robots or aliens first, for example).



We've removed all old versions of the demo (so the previous links won't work anymore).

You can download the demo at the top of the Kickstarter page.

We're not providing any links here, because Kickstarter doesn't allow creators to edit updates, so the links here could become outdated

We fixed some minor bugs in this demo version.


1.) You can no longer delete a ship in a hangar (simply delete the entire hangar to get rid of the ship).

2.) Improved performance of placing many floors.

3.) Rugs can now be placed under objects (except walls). You can now place rugs under beds or tables.

4.) Removed the external and foundation wall, because they're both the exact same (use the foundation tool to build foundation walls).


Seriously, thank you all so much

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    1. Commandant - Quentin.T on

      Hi the team! I am really proud to follow you; and follow this wonderful game as you develop us! I can not wait to see your advanced! Just: your demo is just amazing! Fluid; with virtually no bug! You are super ! I continue to advertise around me, and about the gaming communities I know! Continue, we are with you! With my friendship.
      Quentin - French Support

    2. Missing avatar

      Leon on

      Congratulations on making the goal!

      I'd just like to say that I really respect how you guys are staying committed to your vision of the game, and that you're adding extras and more superfluous stuff post release.

      It will continue to breathe life into the game after it's out, and you won't fall into the trap that so many others do, where your project is entombed in indefinite pre-release development because of all the stuff being stapled onto it.

    3. Zeph Grey on

      I dig that you're not doing the stretch goal thing. It always bugs me when it feels like devs are holding out, or ransoming content and features for more money. Just focus on making the best game you can, and the money will come!

    4. Ominux Games Creator on

      Oh ya. Press R to rotate objects now (for those of you without a middle mouse)