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Hendo is introducing the world's first REAL hoverboard and hover developer kit. We are putting hover technology in YOUR hands.
Hendo is introducing the world's first REAL hoverboard and hover developer kit. We are putting hover technology in YOUR hands.
3,169 backers pledged $510,590 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Winson Chu on May 9

      BTW I'm in California, Backer 1937

    2. Winson Chu on May 9

      Still haven't gotten my Whitebox+ and no one is responding to my emails.

    3. Missing avatar

      on May 2

      Any news for my Whitebox+? Thanks!!

    4. Steven Brams on April 24

      I would like an update on the status of my whitebox+

    5. Missing avatar

      Johan ten Houten on April 21

      I have not received any information nor a package. you state that 93% has been delivered. When will you deliver the past percentages?

    6. Missing avatar

      cwiliam on March 27

      I have hppe they will deliver our orders

    7. Missing avatar

      Stasia on March 15

      I never received an email asking for more postage for my white box to be delivered (as I have read below that others have gotten). I would like to know what is going on.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stasia on March 15

      I am in Australia and still waiting for my white box developers kit. I am backer number 1,387. I have received no email since December 2016

    9. Missing avatar

      cwiliam on March 10

      Can you tell me what my status is ? Please

    10. Phil Huang on March 1

      Received my Whitebox this week in Australia. It was certainly a long long wait. I guessed the Li-Po battery cannot be sent easily due to its possible combustible nature. I downloaded the user manual on the hendo website and found what type of battery and charger I needed... Went on Hobby king and arrived 2 days later. Currently is programmed to switch off after 5 minutes but is still such a joy to witness.. Good job Hendo.. Keen to see what the next project is !!!

    11. Missing avatar

      cwiliam on February 8

      Can you tell me the status on my order?

    12. Eyal Zur on January 16

      I receive my Hendo white box however there wasn't any battery or charger in it and no indication of what voltage the battery sold be.
      I did not sing up and waited for 2 years and payed extra delivery and taxes for half a product I invested in.
      Please let me know your thoughts regarding this matter.
      Extremely disappointed investor

    13. Nige Steele on December 22

      I'm still waiting for a response. Send me my WB or refund.

      Dear Jill

      I expect you to honour your committments to me & all Australian Backers. An extra AUD$120+ or nothing is blackmail.
      Out of the dozen or so KS projects I have supported why is it that your company is the ONLY one that has been unethical?
      How much extra postage are you demanding from other non-American backers?
      Why don't you be up-front with ALL backers & address this on KS?

      And please let me know how you are going to proceed with my WB. I will be standing by Jill

      Backer 2,573

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrzej Wolak on December 21

      Canada it cost $115.55.

    15. Missing avatar

      bgn9000 on December 12

      Could you provide an estimation for each people still waiting?

    16. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Mett on December 12

      Quick update from me : Backer from Germany. I payed the extra 80$ and the normal in Germany Taxes of ~ 100€. I reseved my Wightbox today. Thanks @ Hendo and I will test it when I have some spare time =)

    17. Dubreq Ltd on December 12

      I believe that it IS ok for a project to ask for additional postage costs but ONLY if coupled to an offer of a full refund. I've been through this before and it is a hell of a leap of faith but you have to make the decision to risk everything to be faithful and honourable to your backers and they will almost always repay you with continued loyalty and support.

      You can't 'demand' additional payments in order to fulfill what people have already paid for. You can offer expidited shipping for an additional extra payment OR offer people the option of paying extra (because you miscalculated postage costs) or a full refund if they would rather have that. You cannot (I believe this has been tested legally in the US) demand additional payment and tell backers it's the only way you can get the product they have already paid for.

      The key ALWAYS is communication.... and there has been WAY too little of that... that's where the resentment and anger has come from. People don't really get angry about delays and problems in a project like this (believe me, I've been there) it's the lack of comms or being stand-offish and disrespectful and not being totally open, honest and presenting a genuine human face to the project that causes the problems.

      Tell people you screwed up and give some context as to what is going on, what you've been working on, where the money has gone.... that's what people want in order to stay on board with your journey.

      And for starters... tell the White Box + backers (who were the ones who gave you the MOST money) where their rewards are rather than refusing to answer their messages and comments.

      We are all getting increasingly frustrated by not being replied to and instead being bombarded with 'good news' about how the White Box backers who put less faith and less money into your idea are getting their rewards shipped.

      You can fix this... but you need to communicate. Now.

    18. Missing avatar

      Takao Nakajima on December 12

      I'm in Japan now.
      I understand (not fully though) the situation. I have a plan to go to U. S. next January. Is it possible that I get WB at the hotel I will stay so that you can save the cost and I can get the product? If possible, I hope the staff would contact me.

    19. Alan Devine on December 11

      I'm in New Zealand, never got any mail asking for more $$ for delivery.. but his has gone on so long Im now moving (to Europe/Ireland). I replied to the survey asking to change my response but its super vague if this is how to do it!

    20. Nige Steele on December 8

      Dear Jill

      I expect you to honour your committments to me & all Australian Backers. An extra AUD$120+ or nothing is blackmail.
      Out of the dozen or so KS projects I have supported why is it that your company is the ONLY one that has been unethical?
      How much extra postage are you demanding from other non-American backers?
      Why don't you be up-front with ALL backers & address this on KS?

      And please let me know how you are going to proceed with my WB. I will be standing by Jill

      Backer 2,573

    21. Nige Steele on December 8

      JUST HONOUR YOUR COMMITMENTS ... 131 Australian backers = USD$11,790 = BLACKMAIL
      Thu, 8 Dec 2016 15:09:46 -0800
      Your Whitebox

      Dear Nige,

      We are very, very sorry about disappointing you and the other Backers. We can fully understand the frustration--very sincerely. With that said, it's important for KS Backers to understand the KS platform, and that backing pre-funded technology start up companies will have a very different journey than most. It's far more complicated and the unknowns can be far greater. With your KS Backer experience, I'm certain you understand this better than most.

      What we've learned through this process of inventing a new technology, in tandem with building a viable company is that it isn't a straight line. There are natural hurdles, setbacks, false assumptions and things out of your control at every turn. Often it feels like two steps forward, two steps back. But in order to weather the inevitable storms that arise, we must stay the course even though it will be wrought with mistakes, criticism and negativity.

      We are a very small, pre-funded company who believe in big leaps of faith, the power of good people, and making a difference. We mean that. Yes, we have made some very painful mistakes with respect to timelines, delivery dates, and underestimating costs, and we are genuinely sorry for the this--please know that.

      We've learned developing a new technology and shipping out a prototype within 2 years is rare. Endeavors like these can take a minimum of 2+ years, and we now understand why.

      Please know that your Whitebox is much more valuable than what you originally paid during KS--it's closer to $2089. And please let me know how you would like to proceed with your WB. I will be standing by Nige.

      Thank you for the time. With sincerity,

      Jill Avery Henderson, Co-Founder |

      Build better for People, Property & Planet

    22. Nige Steele on December 8

      Why don't you post the extra postage amounts you are DEMANDING from not just Australia backers (USD$90 = ~AUD$120) but all non-American backer countries? And why do it through ARX PAX & not through here? Is this permitted under Kickstarter rules?

    23. Scott McAteer
      on December 7

      These scammers are now blackmailing for an additional $90, if you don't pony up an extra $90 you don't get what you already paid for. This is disgusting scammer behaviour and these scammers should be ashamed of themselves.

      I am utterly disgusted by these backers, over a year late and trying to extort more money.

    24. Nige Steele on December 6

      I live in Australia & just got this email asking for $90 before 16 December or I don't get anything!

      Dear Backers of Australia,

      Thank you for your patience--you’re up!

      As we begin our shipments this month for international shipments, we want to be transparent with you to help you understand the associated costs as you plan to receive your Whitebox™.

      Here’s what we’ve learned:

      Shipping - International shipping is a lot more expensive than we had planned. Being new to “shipping” during our Kickstarter campaign, we only collected $30 from you (International WB Backers). This was adequate for US shipments, but way off for international. We will need to collect an additional $90 to split the remaining costs. Here's the breakdown of these shipping costs:

      • $235 total shipping cost - UPS

      • Deduct the $30 from $235 (because you already paid his in your original purchase) which brings it to: $205

      • We will need you to pay $90 (out of the $205).

      Duties and Taxes - As the receiver of an imported item you may need to pay applicable duties and taxes upon receipt. To better understand these charges in advance, here’s the information you will need to calculate cost: 1) The dimensions of the box is 12x12x9, 2) Weight is approximately 9 lbs, and 3) We will define the customs value at only $300 to help keep your fees stay as low as possible.

      Required Action - In order to ship your Whitebox, please reply to this email to confirm your address: We will need a payment of $90.00 by December 16th.

      Payment Process - The most secure form of payment is PayPal. When using Paypal, please submit payment to

      Please note, we cannot offer refunds or cover additional costs. We've spent approximately twice the amount we’ve collected from the Kickstarter campaign on designing, building/manufacturing and delivering the Whiteboxes. While we genuinely appreciate all the support, but we have to remain fiscally prudent since we are a small pre-funded company.

      After you've confirmed your mailing address, you will receive a "Getting Prepared" email listing the required equipment along with some recommendations for safe Whitebox operation and maintenance. These items will include: LiPo battery, battery charger & checker, LiPo bag, and Allen key. Although optional, we believe it’s always good to wear a pair of safety goggles while operating your Whitebox. If you already wear glasses, those will do : )

      Today we sell the Whitebox for $2,089 so please keep in mind the overall value you are receiving. We understand that these additional costs may be cause you to not want to receive your Whitebox, but we hope not. If this is the case, please let us know and we will cancel your shipment.

      We need to hear from you by Friday, December 16, 2016 with your confirmed shipping address along with the $90 shipping PayPal payment in order to ship.

      Thank you for being an early adopter of this very special and powerful technology. We hope you choose to enjoy your Whitebox. Let the tinkering begin!

      With respect and gratitude,

      Team Hendo

    25. Missing avatar

      Juliana Iarossi on December 5

      Still no Whitebox+...even though the November announcement said that all domestic orders have been shipped. In addition, the company has not responded to several inquiries about my order. When you take on financial backers, you owe them at the very least transparency, honesty and timely information. I hope you will follow up with a more informative update to those of us who have put our trust in you and are still waiting for a product or answers. With kindest regards.

    26. Phil Huang on November 22, 2016

      I think If i knew this was going to be so far over the projected timeline i would have avoided putting money into it. Is there any rules implemented by Kickstarter that assigns a maximum date in which the project should be complete ? it would be worthwhile to at least add some punitive damages for the long delay

    27. Missing avatar

      Stasia on November 20, 2016

      NO mentions of when Australian orders are being shipped? (they stated international orders to start Sept/October 2016, and now they are shipping per country, Canada first) I paid for the white box+ developer kit over 2 years ago. I am getting royally ticked off, IF I dont get it by 2017 I want a refund, this is really pathetic. Mail them off already.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ernest Smith on November 19, 2016

      Maybe I missed an update but I am a US backer and still have not received my Whitebox +

    29. Dubreq Ltd on November 1, 2016

      Hi all... apart from the possible '3-4 more years' wait for everyone to get their Whitebox kits... there is STILL no word on those of us who paid even more to get the Whitebox+ developer kit? I'm a project creator as well as a backer so I know that things can go wrong and cause delays but I also know that the key to keep folks on-side is communication... I have had no update and no reply to my enquiries for half a year or more... when will the Whitebox+ packages be shipping? If I am not likely to get the Whitebox+ within the next 12 months then can I politely request a refund as the commercial project for which I wanted it has long since fallen by the wayside and I am concerned this may never show up at all for such a big investment.

    30. Phil Huang on November 1, 2016

      I'm a little confused.. That means 50 WB a month = 600 a year. So we could be waiting 5 years potentially ?

    31. Neil on October 15, 2016

      I have not received mine yet...lucky you guys!

    32. Duane Cash on September 28, 2016

      Trying to be respectful, so here are the facts:

      1) - I received my WhiteBox this week.
      2) - The WhiteBox has a battery.
      3) - There is NO charger for the battery.
      4) - I still have NOT received the conductive surface that was promised.
      5) - After my inquiry, Arx Pax is now asking that I send additional $40 ($25 + $15 s/h) for a replacement surface I never received in the first place.

      Conclusion: I am now realizing after two years of waiting, I am starting to think that I may now have a $299 paperweight.

      On the bright side: At least there is social media for sharing the experience.

    33. Missing avatar

      Darryl Starks on September 24, 2016

      Hello HENDO team, I hope you guys are well. OK, I received my white box (thank you), "BUT", I do not have a charger for the battery or specs for the box.

      You forgot. So what do I (you) do???


    34. Kevin Bohn on September 6, 2016

      Received my White Box today. Thanks!

    35. Missing avatar

      Celeste Mitchell on August 2, 2016

      Got mine today. No charger though, and the one they suggest is another $50... ouch.

    36. Missing avatar

      Scott McClure on July 30, 2016

      at 50 wb's a month, it's going to be a long time before most people get their shipments. you should be able to, though, provide your customers with an estimated date of delivery should you not? you do have delivery rates and a priority listing of your backers, so a spreadsheet with a straightforward macro would do the trick... can we expect this?

    37. Missing avatar

      Darryl Starks on July 19, 2016

      Hi Guys,

      Hope you are well. Everything looks good, but, I'm wondering when will you be shipping to the West Coast of the US???

      I am still waiting for my white box...



    38. Hendo Hover Creator on June 22, 2016

      Hey guys,

      Thank you for your comments. I will try to answer all of your questions. As we had communicated in the April post, we are shipping out 50 WB's per month. You will receive an email from us a couple of weeks prior to shipment to confirm your address if you are on the next 50. We cannot ship it unless you confirm your address.

      Zach, we did get a confirmation from you on your address on May 10th and to alert you that you would be receiving your WB at the end of the month.

      Regarding the hefty User Guide... We are so sorry that it's long and feels overwhelming with all the warnings, but it is a safety guide and required. Please remember the Whitebox is a prototype, NOT a commercial product. For those who donated to our campaign, your donation was in support of furthering the development of this never-been-done hover technology, Magnetic Field Architecture. With that comes a very unique experience--partaking in the pioneering of a new technology.

      Joel, regarding battery chargers... I'm so sorry for the extra expense. Battery chargers come with a completely developed consumer product, and we are not there yet. At this stage, we can only suggest what we have used during this early development.

      Really, really appreciate your continued interest. So valued.

      Thank you,
      Jill Henderson
      Arx Pax

    39. Missing avatar

      Shizuka Gu
      on June 17, 2016

      I know you are shipping WB now.
      When do you finish to ship all the WB???

    40. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on June 6, 2016

      I got mine today. Totally read that 10 page lawyer document. Made me want to put the thing back in the box and not touch it.

      I will go online now and read the real start up directions. I am a bit upset that no charger was included. My budget is not a loose as it was when I bought this thing and its gonna be a few weeks before I can get one. Really sucks to have this and not play with it.

    41. Zach Nelson on June 2, 2016

      Just got my whitebox today. It arrived with no warning so if you're waiting for yours just give it some time.

      When yours arrives, keep in mind there is a 10-page booklet that's basically a 10-page warning document. The actual instructions on how to set this thing up can be found on the Hendo site.

      Along those lines, I'm sure we would all appreciate some official "how-to" instructions when it comes to charging the battery and exactly which charging cable to buy. The cable link in the PDF actually points to the charger not the cable.

      Finally, I'm surprised at how warm the aluminum plate gets even after 5-10 seconds of use.

    42. jermaine on May 31, 2016

      I still havent seen my white box , whats up with that. You half to stay on top of these guy. How many of us are still in limbo# sound off.

    43. John Blenio on May 9, 2016

      Dubreq: Reread the Pledge Level description on the home page. It fully explains the difference between the Whitebox and Whitebox+.

    44. Dubreq Ltd on May 7, 2016

      Hi folks..... having paid a LOT more for the Whitebox+ early bird developer kit.... am I still getting anything more than the standard Whitebox or was the extra investment a waste? I know you've been shipping the standard Whitebox rewards but I haven't heard anything about the Whitebox+ backers? Can you confirm, after all the changes and production delays... what are we '+' backers getting for the extra $300 or so we spent to go for the higher level pledge?

    45. John Blenio on May 7, 2016

      Stephen Dlugolonski: You will receive it...undoubtedly. Patience my soon to be fellow Whitebox owner.

      I'm looking forward to Hendo creating a discussion forum now that people have Whiteboxes in their hands. It would be great to share ideas with each other, and ask each other questions. I'm sure there are plenty of you who purchased one, who are...perhaps, engineers or pretty technical people who know how to play with this technology. I'm fascinated by technology like this, and read about all different types of technologies often. But I'm no engineer. Gonna be fun to figure out what to do with it.

    46. Missing avatar

      Stephen dlugolonski on May 5, 2016

      I still never received anything! When can I expect to get it? Please email me. Or refund me. But I'd like to get what I paid for. Thank you.

    47. John Blenio on May 5, 2016

      There sure are a lot of whiners on here. I got my Whitebox and I am excited. Why am I excited? Because this is technology that previously could only be found at a large corporation that had the resources to build something like...say...a maglev train.

      Let me share my analogy. Receiving a Whitebox at home is like going back to the late 1970's when people brought home the first home computer. Computers had only been found at large corporations. Then someone figured out how to make one that people could use at home. Then you brought it home, and now what? You had never used a computer. You didn't know how they worked. You weren't a programmer. But you had this amazing tech and you had to figure out how to use it and what you could do with it. Look at computers now. Everybody has one.

      That's what this is. My dad and I are already discussing clever ways to try and use the Whitebox. We are even considering disassembling it to configure each hover engine (spinning magnet) in different ways that might apply to our product ideas.

      Stop whining and hating, and maybe become the next Steve Jobs. Remember how he turned computers into consumer products? Well...that's what this offers if you are an innovative enough thinker to come up with something cool.

      Don't whine! Innovate. We all have something pretty incredible in our hands right now.

      Lastly, if you have ever started a business, let alone created an entirely new technology, you have to understand that the product might not be perfected yet. The first home computer sure wasn't. Arx Pax hasn't created a market ready consumer product. They've created a prototype. A prototype that they have put in our hands. Figure it out. Get creative, improve upon it. That's the whole point. Each of us can discover new applications for the technology and improve upon the Whitebox in whatever way it can be improved.

      Who wants to be the next Steve Jobs and turn this amazing technology into a product millions of people might have in their homes someday. I sure do! This is a race. Bring your A Game, because I sure will.

      (Drops the mike...)

    48. Joel "Legend #16" McConnell on April 29, 2016

      Lucky son of a gun. Just curious what's you location?

    49. Jon Schendt on April 28, 2016


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