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$4,514 pledged of $10,800 goal
By Rasikananda
$4,514 pledged of $10,800 goal

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The Next Step to Success!!

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and inspiration!

As our time for this Kickstarter campaign is nearly complete, we've decided to continue our efforts along with you from our own site

We've devised a way to produce The Illustrated Guide to the Vedic Universe in phases, which combined will form the complete work as originally intended!

These smaller phase books will be more affordable and expedient to produce and will be fun and intriguing all on their own!

We'll be beginning with The Illustrated Guide to the Bhagavad-Gita, detailing the many characters throughout that great classic, many famous heros and saintly kings, and some most readers have known no more than by a passing name.

The pledges you've made on Kickstarter will not be charged, but if you would like to see this project happen, you can quickly and easily continue your support and receive your gifts by clicking here.

Thank you again for all the love and blessings you've given. We are deeply moved by this great opportunity to serve.

your servants

Rasikananda Das
Jagannatha Das

Book Sample: Arjuna Profile

Here is a sample section of the book, detailing the famous personality Arjuna from the Mahabharata and Bhagavad-Gita.

Click HERE to download the PDF (6.6mb)

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Vedic Artist: Drdha Vrata

Drdha Vrata is one of the most talented and sought-after Vedic iconographic artists. His vision and skill from an early age have matured into a prolific body of work, which is now poised to include this expansive project.

See him at work in this short video, and check out his website at to see more.


Drdha Vrata Gorrick was born in the US, and since the age of 7 has cultivated his strong and sincere appreciation for the arts.

At 15 he was invited to India as an apprentice with the "Glory of India Experience" at the ISKCON Delhi temple, and also studied in Vrindavan under the guidance of accomplished artists Ramdas Abhiram and his wife, Dhriti.

Drdha then enrolled in art college in the US for two years, after which he returned to India to study arts in the South Indian tradition in Mahabalipuram, a town in Chennai famous for its monolithic stone monuments and its enduring heritage of artists and teachers.

His first teacher was Mr. G. Thirugnanam, a retired lecturer at the College of Sculpture and Architecture, who taught Drdha the principles of traditional iconography, iconometry and painting according to Shilpa Shastras (ancient canons on arts and architecture).

He later learned from Mr. K.Rajendran, who taught him the techniques of sculpting deities as per the lost-wax method along with sculpting with clay, plaster and fiberglass.

He stayed for a total of 4 years, giving him the opportunity to experience the tutelage of various Masters and learning the skills of traditional drawing, painting, and sculpture.

He now lives in Mayapur, West Bengal, with his wife, Gandharvika, where he is working on designing a temple and deities and teaching the local children the techniques he learned in South India to practice what he has learned and present its value to others.

Things he is currently working on:
    •    Simantini Devi project involving design and supervising of deity of Parvati Devi made of marble in Jaipur, Deity of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu of Neem wood in Bankura and temple and terracotta artwork to be clad over the full temple.
    •    Large size drawing of 9 Narasimhas of Ahobhilam superimposed on a gopuram and jungle scenery background (first of its kind).
    •    Teaching 12-15 students the traditional techniques he acquired.
    •    Illustrations for book entitled ‘Illustrated guide to the Vedic Universe’.
    •    Paintings of 9 Vedic planets.
    •    and much more….

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