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WOW! We Hit Our Initial Funding Goal. THANK YOU!!!!

Posted by Trout Steak Revival (Creator)
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---The band is scattered all over the U.S. right now but they wanted to chime in and say thank you to everyone--


We are so excited to announce that we have hit the initial goal in our fundraising campaign!! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed and helped spread the word about the album. In the last week, we have raised the $21,800 necessary to cover our top five costs in making the album. We are so very appreciative.  Like you saw in our video, the funds we raised in the last week will be used for production, mixing, mastering, graphic design, and CD replication. As crazy as it sounds, though, there are so many more costs and expenses necessary to deliver this album to market the right way.


With twenty-four days to go, we are now launching the second phase of our Kickstarter campaign. Funds raised during this second phase will be used for specific budgets that we believe will set this album up for success. This is money that we otherwise would need to find elsewhere, whether through business loans or outside investment, which makes it important that we use this Kickstarter campaign to raise some or all of these funds. The same reward tiers will still be available, so if you are still interested in attending the pre-parties, purchasing the VIP or Backstage passes to the album release shows, or any of the other rewards, you still have a chance! We will also be adding new reward tiers in the coming days so stay tuned.


We know additional fundraising is no small feat, so we wanted to spell out what exactly the bulk of the funds from the second phase will go towards. We plan to work with Big Hassle Publicity (, a music publicity firm which hopes to expand our audience through national media coverage, including radio station performances, television appearances, and online and print publications. A radio publicity campaign targeting Folk and Americana nationwide is also in our sights if we can raise enough money. To better our publicity toolbox, we need high quality music videos. We’ve been working with video professionals like NoCoast (, Sarah Megyesy (, Mara Whitehead (,, Kyle Ussery of Flat Nine Design ( to craft music video concepts that will help present our music in a compelling manner. Finally, our original fundraising number envisioned producing enough vinyl for the fulfillment of the Kickstarter campaign and a few extras to sell at shows in the short-term. In reality, though, we’d love to produce enough vinyl so that we can potentially distribute it to online retailers and nationwide record stores. The breakdown of our Phase II fundraising goals is below:

Phase 2, Publicity: $,8250

Phase 2, Video Production Budget/Design: $15,000

Phase 2, Additional Replication/Distribution (Vinyl): $7000

Total Phase I: $21,800 - Funding Goal Achieved 9/25/2017 

Total Phase II: $30,250 - Contribution Deadline 10/19/2017

Total Kickstarter Effort: $52,050

As always, thank you for your continued support in helping us fulfill our dreams of being professional musicians and releasing original music to all of you. We couldn't do this without you.

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