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Pakems are comfortable, lightweight and packable shoes that provide you with a solution at the exact moment you want to be comfortable
Pakems are comfortable, lightweight and packable shoes that provide you with a solution at the exact moment you want to be comfortable
Pakems are comfortable, lightweight and packable shoes that provide you with a solution at the exact moment you want to be comfortable
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    1. Lee Ashcroft
      2 days ago

      Can you just process my refund please back a number 612 fed up of waiting you've already spent our money on new stock you still continue to sell online you have not confirmed with the Kickstarter terms and conditions refund by the end of the month please

    2. Jordan Ullom on May 11

      Any chance for an update? At this point I've been out over $100 for almost a year and we are six months behind the expected ship date. I understand you lost the investor but I think more communication will help us not feel like our money went to a black hole.

    3. Daphne Ong on April 27

      Hi, it's been more than 1.5 months since the last update. Any developments on the situation? I'm really resisting the urge to request a refund as you explained the investor situation, but this has dragged on a long time and I have a number of doubts that I see that other backers have had too. An update would be great.

    4. Lynn Gracie-Rogers on March 30

      I am happy to report that Julie has answered my emails and is working to make me happy with the stock she has on hand...

    5. Missing avatar

      Brad Crosslin
      on March 9

      Thanks for the update. A lot of us are patient and willing to wait. Part of Kickstarter is understanding that the process doesn't always go smoothly. Good luck on finding the funding you are looking for. Maybe in future updates letting us know how close you are through pre-sales or other methods to getting the necessary funding. It might help us gauge progress.

    6. Pakems Creator on March 9

      Thanks for your patience for the arrival of the next-generation Pakems shoes. They are still at the factory ready to ship. I am continuing to look for a partner, investor or any other way I can think of to buy the shoes and get them shipped. In case you missed the last update, with the Kickstarter funds and an investor’s capital investment, we paid the deposit owed to get the shoes manufactured. This investor agreed to pay the remainder due, however they had some unforeseen financial challenges arise and can no longer afford to pay the factory. Again, I am very sorry for this unfortunate set of circumstances that have impacted my ability to get the shoes shipped. I am happy to report that I have had some very promising conversations, but unfortunately it’s a slow process.

      Based on the emails I’ve received, there is some confusion about the pre-sale I mentioned I was going to do on our website as a potential way to pay for all of the shoes at the factory. If I sell enough shoes, I can buy the entire inventory. There have been accusations that I have product and am selling that product on my website instead of shipping the shoes to you. I can assure you that’s not the case. On the website I make it clear it’s a pre-sale of backordered product that won’t ship until the future and I’m not charging credit cards until the shipment is on the way to our warehouse.

      Further, there also seems to be confusion about the shoes that are being sold on Amazon. These are the few shoes I have left in inventory from the shoes that were produced in 2014 and are not the new ones that are at the factory.

      Please understand I am trying to work through this situation as best I can with the bandwidth I have. I have chosen to devote my time to solving the issue at hand as opposed to defending myself, my decisions and my character. I believe this is in everyone’s best interest. Again, if you want to contact me, please do so at

      I am very hopeful my next communication will be that the shoes are on the way here! Thanks again for your continued support and again, my sincerest apologies for any frustration this may have caused you.


    7. Missing avatar

      Susan on March 6

      Still no product or a order status update!! Shame!

    8. Brian Slivka
      on February 26

      So is this campaign dead? That it?

    9. Keba Jackson
      on February 19

      Just sent Julie a private email. Does anyone know if she will respond or just ignore it?.

    10. Missing avatar

      Namtip Nirachrop on February 17

      Please refund my money.....

    11. Missing avatar

      Zachary Hitchcock on February 16

      Emailed back and forth with Julie. They are doing preorders for the Pakems, so she can get the funding needing on remaining balance for the Pakems 2.0.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark kelly
      on February 13

      Wanting to get an update on my product please.

    13. Missing avatar

      Benny S
      on February 12

      So after the apologies and thats all? We don't get our orders???

    14. Missing avatar

      Kourtney W. on February 10

      I'm extremely surprised that you guys are marketing an Olympic-inspired Pakem on your Instagram (posted yesterday) when your last update stated that you guys did not have enough funding to produce the Kickstarter pakems? What is going on? Can we have an update?

    15. Missing avatar

      Zachary Hitchcock on February 10

      Saw the new post on Instagram. Does this mean we will be receiving our orders soon?

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris on February 6

      I backed this project and am beyond angry. I've requested a refund to no avail. I went to their website, and see they are selling the pakem shoes online. ??? How can that be when the backers cannot get their shoes nor a refund? I for one am going to file a consumer complaint with and never again will I back anything on kickstarter.

    17. Missing avatar

      Susan on February 5




    18. Yang Li
      on February 3

      We should get a refund for this fiasco of a plan and lack of preparation. It’s ludicrous the creator didn’t find several factory options and underestimated the budget.

    19. Keba Jackson
      on February 1

      I've gotten one pair of shoes even I included the rolutte pair I haven't revived. Are they on backorder or did you never have them but thought you said you did to get more money from backers. Has any tried to get a refund yet?

    20. Missing avatar

      Caylan McMullan on January 30

      I'm curious, I'm backer 281. What backer number are you? and if you got them?
      As A friend of mine is a higher backer number and got their pledge fulfilled.

      How did they pick, who got them and who didn't?

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris on January 25

      I backed this project for two pairs of shoes. So far, nothing. I see lots of folks have gotten theirs, but I guess I'm out of luck. I requested a refund to no avail with the owner since I haven't heard from her. I'm super disappointed in this whole debacle. I plan to never back a Kickstarter project again. I believe I will never see the $115 I pledged nor the shoes.

    22. Annie
      on January 19

      Get on Shark Tank Julie! maybe someone there will be an investor!

    23. Lynn Gracie-Rogers on January 19

      Still waiting for a response! I guess I should feel lucky that I got ANYTHING, I just cant pull them on my feet!

    24. Shiver Carr on January 16

      The other campaigns I have seen get updates like this one have ended with me not getting the product. I would settle happily for five roulette pairs instead of version 2 now but I expect that my money is long gone now.

    25. Richard Sharpe on January 16

      56,000 dollars and money from an investor was only enough for a deposit on the shoes? Sound like bull crap to me.

    26. Richard Sharpe on January 16

      Surly you guys are just ripping us off? You shouldn’t have taken the money if you couldn’t deliver the product. If you haven’t paid for the shoes from the factory yet then send us our money back. Outrageous, it’s not even like you offered massive discounts either, I only got 5 dollars off the retail of my pledge. I should have waited and spent my money elsewhere.

    27. Lisa Driscoll on January 14

      296% funded on Kickstarter- I appreciate honesty- I’m however still confused. We aren’t going to be able to get the shoes that the factory made because the factory still needs payment and our Kickstarter run wasn’t enough to fund the 8000 pair minimum? The Kickstarter campaign was almost funded to 300% - of that wasn’t enough to complete a run then why didn’t that get worked into the campaign funding requirements? What on earth would have happened if it had only been funded 100%?

    28. Lynn Gracie-Rogers on January 14

      Sent a message to Julie! Hope someone answers!

    29. Missing avatar

      Daryl Lang
      on January 14

      Good luck on your journey, Julie... I’m praying that things will turn around for you ...

    30. Jasmine Schaeffer on January 12

      Would someone from this company please ANSWER ME??

    31. Martine Dubois on January 11

      Hello, I have not yet received my pair. was there a tracking number to be able to follow their travels?

    32. Keba Jackson
      on January 11

      Double post sorry. Thanks for the response Annie my main pair arrived as we were packing but the other pair is what I truly wanted. I've changed address on kickstarter and backerkit. Any ideas for trying to get my other pair? If someone has a women's size 11 roulette high boot I would love to be able to pay you for them.

    33. Keba Jackson
      on January 11

      I received my one pair but not the roulette ones. The shoes I received are a size 10 when I needed a size 11. It was hard to put them on but after tugging and pulling for over 10 minutes I finally got them one. I was REALLY looking forward to my roulette pair any word if or when we can expect a delivery or should I try to get the refund for the non delivered pair? A timely response would be greatly appreciated.

    34. Lynn Gracie-Rogers on January 10

      Still waiting to hear back! I have two short pairs, no roulette pair, no high pair, and the two I have dont fit!

    35. Missing avatar

      Derek Stearns
      on January 9

      I have received my roulette pair two rights :(, but they made it right and sent me a left :). Lol. Still waiting on my second gen models

    36. Jasmine Schaeffer on January 6

      I have received only the roulette Boots and they don’t have the advertised lining or pockets. If there’s anyone that has gotten their Boots, do yours have the attributes touted in the video?

    37. elti69 on January 5

      No news on shipping!!
      Please keep us posted.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jurgen Buschek
      on January 4

      I have done EVERYTHING I was asked to do (including sending them my money) — now it is up to them to act....and they don’t.....hmmmm....yet another Kickstarter scam?

    39. Lynn Gracie-Rogers on January 3

      I would also like a response. I now have TWO sets of black, low Women's size 8 Packems, and they don't fit over my heel. I can't wear them. I was expecting One low black Women's size 8, one Mid random Women's size 8, and one High grey Women's size 8. None of these will fit. What do I do now? Message also sent!

    40. Missing avatar

      Tan Sijie on January 2

      I would sincerely appreciate a response to my query. Im unable to complete the survey since due to insufficient info.
      This is the 3rd time I'm questioning.

    41. Shiver Carr on December 29

      Only got my roulette shoes. Very confusing.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jurgen Buschek
      on December 29

      ......only (suspicious) silence....... :-(

    43. Missing avatar

      Kourtney W. on December 28

      Hi, any updates on shipping?

    44. Annie
      on December 26

      @Keba go onto backerkit to change your address. Here is the link:

      However of it is locked, you might want to email Julie directly or click on the top right corner "need help". A backerkit personnel will help you out :)

    45. Keba Jackson
      on December 25

      Same as Jurgen is asking...WHERE ARE THE SHOES??? I am literally moving into new house tomorrow and since you said back in Nov they would be shipped I didn't change my address. Now I need to change my address so if they ever do come out I will get them. Anyone know where to go to change address???

    46. Missing avatar

      Jurgen Buschek
      on December 24

      Still waiting for the answer to my question: WHERE are my shoes.....?

    47. Lynn Gracie-Rogers on December 23

      I got my first pair (of two plus one roulette pair), a women’s low style, size 8, and I cant pull them on my feet. What do I do now?

    48. Missing avatar

      Jurgen Buschek
      on December 23

      Any news regarding my rewards (Mexico)?

    49. Lisa Driscoll on December 21

      Update - actually what I received was the roulette pair. Pleased with the pattern - still waiting on the two other pair from the order. �

    50. Lisa Driscoll on December 21

      I also got one pair - still waiting on the second pair and the roulette pair. I like the pair that arrived and they seem to fit.

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